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Star Trek Online

Get an Exclusive STO Pin at PAX West!

By Ambassador Kael
Fri 24 Aug 2018 05:11:00 PM PDT

We’re pleased to announce that we’re teaming up with Pinny Arcade to provide an STO themed pin to attendees of PAX West this year! If you’re heading to the convention, make sure to stop by the Perfect World booth, #1115! You’ll be able to sit in the Captain’s Chair that we debuted at STLV, and if you take a photo in the chair, play one of our games, and share your email with the PWE team, you’ll earn a Victory is Life themed pin! Take a look at the design:


You can see the design process that Lead Ship and UI Artist Thomas Marrone went through to arrive at the pin below. We can’t wait to see you at PAX West!


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