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Star Trek Online

Ask Cryptic (October 27, 2008)

By admin | Mon 27 Oct 2008 03:02:16 PM PDT

Ask Cryptic returns with answers on ship controls, melee weapons and Craig’s goat. Thanks very much to our development team for taking time out of their busy schedules to answer these!

How will melee weapons be used in the game, if Klingons have them will the Federation have access to the same weapons or their own?

Klingons will be more melee-oriented, but both factions will have access to hand-to-hand attacks using either martial arts or weapons. Our plan is to allow all of the melee weapons to be available to both factions, but it may be more difficult for a Federation character to obtain a bat’leth or a Klingon Empire character to acquire a lirpa.

Your skills will determine how effective you are with melee weapons – a Federation character may be able to pick up a bat’leth and use it, but without training he or she will be less effective than a Klingon who has studied the use of the weapon. And certain martial arts may be limited by faction or race – not everyone can perform a Vulcan nerve pinch.

How will ship controls work? Will it be a point-and-click style, like EVE, or will you have full control of your ship?

Players will definitely be given full control. A large portion of starship combat in Star Trek Online is tactical – maneuvering your ship into position so you protect your vital systems as you attack your opponent's weakest side. You need to be “in control” of your ship in order for that to work well and be fun.

Mention has been made of Romulans and the Dominion as future player factions; will we still be encountering these empires before they are added as full player factions?

You will definitely make contact with those two empires. We’re developing content that involves races from throughout the Trek Universe, as well as encouraging players to explore and interact with new races. But how could we call the game “Star Trek Online” and not include the Romulans and the Dominion?

In the Game Informer article it gives a description of the custom species creation process. It says you can take an Andorian - remove his antennae, give him reptile eyes (from the Gorn?), a Bajoran nose and Klingon head ridges. This process seems to rely on taking physical attributes from the pre-made species and combining them for something new. Are there other physical attributes available to use like beaks, tendrils, fur?

You will both be able to “mix and match” the pieces of the “known” races as well as a vast library of other new pieces in order to come up with something truly unique. Fully expect us to stick to the Cryptic tradition of providing unmatched customizability and depth of variety in what you’ll see in the creator!

Can a Federation player choose to be a member of the other faction, like Worf?

Worf is Klingon, but he joined Starfleet at a time when the Federation and Klingon Empire were allies. Races at odds with the Federation, such as the Romulans, have historically not been allowed into Starfleet. Because of the political situation in 2409, it may not be possible for races from one faction to be a part of the opposing one. But with the species creator you will have access to a wide variety of racial pieces so you can create the character you want. How about a person of Klingon-Vulcan ancestry with some telepathic abilities?

Will a mention of Craig's Goat be in STO ether in a rare mob or random quest?

We’re still trying to get in touch with Snowflake to talk about likeness rights. Her agent has not been returning our phone calls.

Talk about this in the forums!


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