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Star Trek Online

Ship Name Winners

By admin | Fri 08 Jan 2010 09:49:03 PM PST

Thank you all so much for your entries to this contest! We have, after much deliberation, decided on our winning names. Of course, some of these names had multiple entries, so...

The person who submitted each winning name first will receive a Digital Deluxe Edition of the game and a poster featuring the ship they named. Additionally, they, and everyone else who submitted the winning name for a particular Starship Class will receive the unique in-game title, "Utopia Planetia Staff." With that, everyone will know you had a part in designing one of our special Tier 5 Starships!

Finally, we can present to you the winning ships:

Emissary Class Star Cruisers are the most advanced Cruisers in Starfleet. Generally the largest, most resilient ships in Starfleet, they have massive warp cores, which generate surplus power for subsystems. And they have large crew complements, which improves repair rate and other crew abilities.

LENGTH: 724m | DRAFT: 90m | BEAM: 255m

Dervish Class Escorts are small, which means they don't have room for extensive engineering or science facilities. But, their weaponry, speed and maneuverability make them hard to hit threats in any engagement. The Dervish is arguably the toughest Escort in Starfleet.

LENGTH: 390m | DRAFT: 70m | BEAM: 306m

Science Vessels have the most advanced technology in Starfleet. Destiny Class vessels are larger than most Science Vessels. They can accommodate a larger crew and advanced engineering facilities to support the ship when on extended missions.

LENGTH: 554m | DRAFT: 98m | BEAM: 211m


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