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Star Trek Online

"A Gathering of Engineers"

By Ambassador Kael | Mon 24 Apr 2017 11:00:00 AM PDT

“Welcome to Utopia Planitia,” Lieutenant Whetu said cheerfully as her two guests entered the small conference room. “I hope your journey here was an uneventful one.”

“It was remarkably dull,” replied Tum’era, the engineering representative from the Klingon Empire. “I was able to finalize my proposal and refresh myself with some of the Federation’s engineering standards, particularly regarding holo-technology.”

Whetu nodded in acknowledgement before turning to face the other new arrival. “And you, sir? You had quite a distance to travel, even when using the gateways!”

A faint smile crossed the face of James Hunt, the Borg Cooperative’s representative. “It was a rewarding journey in many ways, Lieutenant. Not only did I get to see a Dyson Sphere for the first time, but I have also returned to the Alpha Quadrant. It is the first time I have done so since my… assimilation. It is pleasant to see the Sol system again.”

“Ah, well! Welcome back,” Whetu said as she took a seat. “I hope you two won’t mind jumping right in on these simulations. Command’s waiting for our final evaluations and recommendations, after all.”

“Proceed,” said Tum’era. As Hunt nodded in silent agreement, Tum’era called up the first simulation for review. “Heh. The Ferengi entry - Nagus: 2411.”

Whetu frowned. “I’m going to vote nay on this one. I found the bias against females and non-Ferengi too strong in the final product.”

Tum’era grinned. “I don’t know… I am a Klingon female, and I did quite well in the simulation.”

“Really? What was your secret?”

“One word: Tribbles.”

“Tribbles? I thought Klingons hated Tribbles!”

“Most Klingons do. The rest of the galaxy does not seem to share that opinion. I made billions. I opened TribbleWorld theme parks throughout the Alliance. They even made a new Rule of Acquisition to honor my achievements – ‘Rule 312: Never underestimate the value of small, cute, furry things.’”

“While those results are interesting,” said Hunt. “I must vote with Lieutenant Whetu on this matter. I would also add that an economic simulation is peripheral to the skill sets this initiative seeks to teach and improve.”

“Very well,” said Tum’era, mild disappointment in her voice. “What is the next simulation?”

“The Excalbian entry – Trials of History,” Whetu responded. “I’m torn on this one. Fighting with historical figures was fun and educational, but I think it’s a bit abstract for our needs. A nay vote here.”

“Our non-Borg test groups fared poorly,” Hunt said, his tell-tale smile returning. “Despite the aid of Sigmund Freud, Socrates, and Billy the Kid, the teams were soundly defeated by a host of Borg drones. They fared even worse against Iconian forces. The Cooperative votes nay as well.”

“Your group probably did better than mine, James,” Whetu said. “Montgomery Scott, Zefram Cochrane, and Archimedes of Syracuse were great engineers, but they didn’t do so hot against George Patton, Hannibal, and Kahless the Unforgettable.”

“Our version was far too easy,” added Tum’era. “I fought with Kang, Kor, and Koloth, all in their prime. We did not suffer a single defeat. While glorious, I must vote against this sim.”

“Sounds like we should table that one, let the Excalbians work out the bugs, and re-submit,” Whetu said. “Here’s the next one – Binary Circuit.”

“The entry from Izar,” said Tum’era. “Ground operations focus… good marks from the Klingon evaluation team. The focus on problem-solving skills was particularly well-received. We vote aye.”

“Agreed,” Whetu said. “The Federation evaluation team wants to explore the use of the simulation’s mechanics in other environments – Tzenkethi in particular. An aye vote here as well.”

“The Cooperative team has some technical feedback to share with the design team regarding the authenticity of the Borg Cube environments,” added Hunt. “We do not see this as an impasse, however. Our vote is aye.”

“Excellent,” said Whetu. “Let’s move on to the next sim, then… the Gorn entry, Core Assault. I understand you worked with the design team on this effort, Tum’era… is that correct?”

“It is,” Tum’era replied tersely. “It will not affect my evaluation, however.”

“Well, our eval team gave it top marks. A fine balance of combat and non-combat skill usage, in a space environment. Training entire crews and multiple ships to fight as one team – well done. The Federation votes aye.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant,” Tum’era said. “And what is your evaluation, Hunt?”

“The Cooperative evaluation team report rated the simulation in the upper percentile, in all aspects. Our vote is aye.”

Whetu called up the remaining simulation to the display monitors. “Last but not least… the Reman entry, Twin Tribulations.”

Hunt spoke first this time. “Space environment, team structure, emphasis on problem solving and speed. Variable challenges to keep the crews on their toes. Another highly rated simulation; the Cooperative votes aye.”

“Space combat isn’t just about blowing things up,” added Tum’era with a smirk. “Development of other skill-sets can make the difference in high-threat situations, especially when facing the unknown. The Empire votes aye as well.”

“Alright, sounds like we have our three initial Competitive Wargames,” Whetu said with a smile. “Production on the test facilities should commence as soon as possible. Command wants to start teams through this initiative by the specified launch date. Will that be a problem for anyone?”

“Unlikely,” replied Tum’era. “Our production facilities on Qo’noS are well-versed in such matters.”

“The Cooperative can have a complete Cube built with the appropriate specifications by the launch date,” said Hunt. “Once the Izar design team has incorporated our feedback, of course.”

“I’ll be sure to send it along,” smiled Whetu. “Now then… who’s up for giving that Excalbian simulation a go with me? I want to take Tum’era’s Klingon dream team up against those Iconians that gave people so much trouble.”

Hunt gave his tell-tale smile and nodded in agreement as Tum’era stood, grinning wolfishly.

“The ayes have it,” said Whetu.


Paul Reed

Content Writer

Star Trek Online


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