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Star Trek Online

Season 7 Dev Blog #10

By PWE_BranFlakes | Fri 26 Oct 2012 01:00:27 PM PDT

Reputation System Overview

Star Trek Online STO MMORPG F2P Sc-Fi MMO game

Spock worked with Romulans to attempt unification between the Romulans and Vulcans. Data, the Doctor and 7 of 9 were driven in their desires to develop their humanity. Sisko learned to embrace his role as Emissary and the culture of the Bajorans. Odo and Worf each had to rediscover their cultural roots and relearn what it meant to be a Changeling or a Klingon.

For as long as there has been Star Trek, there has been the concept of accepting and learning from the cultures and ways of other species. The Star Trek Online team has wanted to bring this experience to you, the players, in a way that was as rewarding as it is fun. The new Reputation System fulfills that desire while also giving players a way to differentiate their captain beyond class and skill point choices with an alternate means of progression that can impact how they play. The Reputation System will offer players the ability to increase their status with different factions. By doing so, players will earn new captain powers and the ability to get new or unique gear specific to the faction they’re assisting.

The first two Reputations that will be available to players are the Romulan Faction and the Task Force Omega. We released this dev blog earlier in the week discussing the Task Force Omega Reputation System and would like to now give you a more general overview of the system.

Before we get to individual reputation details, let’s talk about the system itself. Once players reach Vice Admiral or Lieutenant General they will unlock the ability to increase their reputation with specified factions through the Reputation System. The layout of the UI is similar to the Fleet System, but only usable by one player. Players will need to choose and complete projects that either earn Reputation XP for the system or unlock gear for the player. The inputs required to start a reputation project vary, but one key similarity is that they all require Marks specific to the reputation you’re working on. By playing select content that is themed to the reputation, players will earn a set of Marks that are key to progressing through a reputation type. For example, by running the new Azure Nebula Rescue queued event, one of the many new events being introduced in Season 7, players will earn Romulan Marks and those Marks are used for projects in the Romulan Faction.

There are five tiers of progression in the system and each tier offers new projects, new rewards, and a new captain power option. Players also unlock two powers to choose from at each tier, all culminating with a captain quality click or passive power for completing the fifth tier of the reputation. After completing the fifth tier of progression in any reputation, on top of all of the top tier gear rewards and powers, a new project unlocks that allows for the conversion of a set amount of Marks into Dilithium.

The Romulan Faction will enlist players to assist the Romulans and Remans in their goal of creating their new homeworld, New Romulus, in the Tau Dewa Sector – information about this sector can be found here. Players can progress by themselves or in groups via the New Romulus content, through the Vault queued missions, and in select Season 7 queued missions. Progressing through the system will unlock the ability to earn a variety of revamped and completely new gear sets, as well as opening up a new carrier pet, new consumables, unique space weapons, and new or unique Romulan ground weaponry. The unlocking of gear is only half the story with the Romulan Faction: There are the captain powers and special instances on New Romulus that are rewards for progression!

Star Trek Online STO MMORPG F2P Sc-Fi MMO game
*Subject to change

The Romulan captain powers focus on critical damage vs. damage boosts, and the final click power that boosts all of your science stats by 100 for 5 seconds, allowing players to really boost the damage or debuff ability of whatever aux-based powers they can get off in that time. Additionally, progressing through the system unlocks cutscenes and new solo (with away team) instances on New Romulus that will progress the story of that zone and give you better insight into the history and current events of New Romulus.

Task Force Omega reputation is how the players earn reputation with the Federation and Klingon anti-Borg alliance. Just as with Romulan Reputation, players must earn Omega Marks by playing through select content, such as the Special Task Force missions, the Defera Invasion Zone and the Borg Red Alerts. Increasing your Task Force Omega reputation will unlock access to set rewards and unique items, as well as stores that offer anti-Borg ground weapons – you can find more information about this here. The captain powers rewards are all Borg themed and culminate with an AoE ground heal that also acts as an AoE revive and adaptation removal. It’s a very exciting and potent power that will give players new options in any ground combat encounter.

Just like the revered members of Star Trek lore that worked to improve their relations with different species and cultures, now you too can engage with another faction in STO. The Reputation System provides a lot of flexibility to the player on their continued growth as a captain, and leaves a lot of room for additional reputations in future updates.

We hope you enjoy the journey, and the new rewards, through the new reputation tiers when the system launches with Season 7: New Romulus. We’ll see you in-game!

Steve "SalamiInferno" Ricossa, Jr.
Star Trek Online


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