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Remnant: From the Ashes

HOTFIX: 249276

By SoFech | Wed 26 Aug 2020 12:55:00 PM PDT

We've released a hotfix to the Subject 2923 update for all platforms (Steam, Epic, Xbox, and PlayStation 4) with performance improvements (including the final boss in Subject 2923), miscellaneous bug fixes, and rebalances Flop modifiers.


PC Build: 249276

Console Build: 249159





Multiple performance improvements (major hitch should be fixed).


Fusion Rifle will only be given on the first attempt.


Long gun no longer switches during the phase transition after the first attempt.


Fixed a bug that caused certain projectiles to deal increased damage.


Adjusted timing and size of some attacks in the final phase.





A multitude of various minor bug fixes.


Fixed issue with Root Rift interaction point being at the floor vs the expected center point.


Fixed issue where the player becomes unresponsive after Black Cat Band blocks lethal damage from a quick time event. Black Cat Band will no longer block damage from or stop the player from dying to damage from quick time events.


Improvements to achievement flagging.


Smoother cutscene experience after Guardian Siege in multiplayer.


Modified cinematics to show visuals for a weapon if the player already has it.


Cleaned up zones spawned by quests on Survival Mode death.


Disabled VOIP in Steam if you’re playing from Epic.





Fixed miscalculation of damage on Fan of Knives mod while wearing Labyrinth Armor.


Flop is now its own type of damage. Removed Unarmed damage from Flop.


Ring of the Unclean now causes unarmed Melee attacks to deal x3 damage and Flops to deal x4 damage.


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