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Remnant: From the Ashes

Dynamic Generation & The World Stones in REMNANT

By SoFech | Tue 23 Jul 2019 08:55:00 AM PDT

We’re less than a month away from launch, so it’s time for another deep dive into more game-defining systems for REMNANT: From the Ashes! Previously we’ve covered how Moving, Attacking, & Dying work and what to expect from Upgrading, Crafting, & Firearms. This time we're sharing details about a couple broader, global features that will influence a major part of your play experience: dynamic generation and the World Stones.

Mike Maza, a Principal Designer at Gunfire Games, is back with more developer insight. Read on for the full details!

Dynamic Generation

From the first time you step foot onto the devastated streets of a post-apocalyptic Earth, all the way through your journey to otherworldly realms, every player will have an adventure entirely unique to them. Not only are the maps dynamically generated from a collection of unique tiles, but the quests, events, encounters, enemies, and even the loot found throughout the environments will change each time you roll a new world. You can explore dungeons unique to the worlds you create. You might encounter an event or participate in a challenging quest not found in your friend’s game. You may even encounter and defeat bosses and World Bosses that you or your buddies have never seen.

The point is, the moment you create a campaign, the entirety of your adventure is constructed for you from a large pool of possibilities. Restarting your campaign, re-rolling a world, or joining another players’ world will be entirely different than the last. Each player will experience completely different games as they work their way through REMNANT’s rich storyline. Though rest assured, the overarching plot of the campaign remain the same; eliminate the Root. Because of this, we encourage players to re-roll worlds and run through the campaign multiple times to experience all of the different permutations possible… and collect some of the most powerful items the game has to offer.

The World Stones

That big, red, glowing crystal is more than just a fashionable holiday ornament. World Stones serve as beacons of hope during your adventures through the dangerous worlds of REMNANT. Resting at a re-awakened World Stone will instantly regain all of your lost health, restock your ammunition stores, and replenish your Dragon Hearts. But be warned - Resting also repopulates all basic enemies into the world. Bask in its radiant glory and take a reprieve from the horrors of the post-apocalypse… if only for a moment.

Another invaluable characteristic is the ability to fast-travel to other World Stones you’ve discovered during your journey. They can transport you to key locations including your home base at Ward 13, major points of interest, and even entirely new realms. Boss fight too tough? Teleport back to base to upgrade your gear! Think you missed a dungeon? Port back to the zone for further exploration! You will always rest before traveling to another World Stone, so you’ll be fit and ready for battle when you arrive.

Aside from the large World Stones you will also discover smaller World Shards. While shards possess the checkpoint and regenerative abilities of their larger counterparts, they won’t allow you to travel between worlds. They are limited to teleporting out of a dungeon or directly to Ward 13 and back. When you come across a World Shard there will likely be a fight ahead, so be sure to rest up and prepare for battle!

Finally, when you inevitably find yourself defeated at the hands of an otherworldly monster, feel free from fear as death is merely a setback for the travelers of the World Stones. Dying in REMNANT will simply return you to the last checkpoint (World Stone or World Shard) you crossed, full of life and ammunition to get that salty runback against the jerk that stands between you and glorious loot.

Remnant: From the Ashes releases on August 20, 2019. Pre-orders are available now for Steam, Xbox One, Playstation®4, and Arc. Stay tuned for more details, videos, exclusive reveals, and exciting content on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Be sure to join the conversation with devs and fans like you on our official Discord server. Until next time, Survivors!


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