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Perfect World

Anniversary Packs Are Back!

By sparkiesoft | Tue 02 Sep 2014 11:00:00 PM PDT

anniversary packs, pwi

Find items at awesome discounted prices starting this week! Items such as the Anniversary Packs, Dragon Fire Packs, and much more are waiting for you in the PW Boutique Shop!


Sale Start Date: Wednesday September, 3rd, 2014 @ 1:00 AM Server Time

Sale End Date: Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 @ 1:00 AM Server Time



Full Sales List:

(60% Off)

Anniversary Pack*

(50% Off)

Dragon's Fire Pack*

Dragon's Luck Envelope*

Guardian Scroll*






*Leaves the PW Boutique on 9/24/14

*Leaves the PW Boutique on 9/17/14

  Anniversary Pack


Similarly to some of our other packs, such as the Tiger Pack and Lucky Coral, the Anniversary Pack brings the opportunity to win great prizes including gems, charms, and rare mounts!  

Even the lowest prize, Perfect Tokens of Luck, can be redeemed at the PW Boutique Agent for tons of useful items such as Gems, Wines, Hyper EXP Stones, and Guardian Scrolls! And if great luck does happen to be on your side while opening the pack, you could end up with a rare item that can be sold for millions of coins!   As for rare mounts, this pack gives you the chance of getting:      


 Grand Lobster


lobster, pwi




Brilliant Plumes

brilliant plumes, pwi




Flame Drill


flame drill, pwi




Galactic Beetle


 galactic beetle




Razor Sting


razor sting, pwi



Full list of possible contents: 

  • Perfect·Token of Luck - 15  
  • Perfect·Token of Best Luck 
  • Lunar Glade Insignia·Weapon  
  • Platinum Guardian Charm 
  • Warsong Marshal Badge 
  • Heavenrage Boots  
  • Primeval Stone 
  • Badge of Bravery  
  • Helm of Holy Punishment 
  • Grand Lobster  
  • Platinum Spirit Charm 
  • Stone of the Savant 
  • Fancy Feathers 
  • Garnet Gem  
  • Lunar Glade Insignia·Ornament 
  • Citrine Gem  
  • Wings of Cloudcharger 
  • Sapphire Gem  
  • Wing Trophy·Lunar Glade 
  • Wing Trophy  
  • Aero Delight 
  • Diamond of Tiger 
  • Diamond of Dragon 
  • Frostcovered Sign·Force 
  • Scroll of Tome 

Dragon Fire Pack Dragon’s Fire Packs


What do you do when you finally obtain that piece of gear that you've been pining for? Why, you upgrade it of course! And we've got you covered with this week's sale!


1-Star Dragon Orbs, when used along with Mirage Celestones, will guarantee a successful refine from 0 to +1, and they can also be combined with each other to create even more powerful Dragon Orbs!


Each higher level Dragon Orb will guarantee one increase in refinement, up to that level. So that shiny 5-Star Dragon Orb will take your new dagger from +4 to +5, no problem!


Each Dragon's Fire Pack opened will have the chance of containing one of the following:


  • Two (2!!) 1-Star Dragon Orbs
  • One 2-Star Dragon Orb
  • One 3-Star Dragon Orb
  • One 4-Star Dragon Orb
  • One 5-Star Dragon Orb
  • One Dragon Orb Flame (+12)!!


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