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April Content Update: Patch Notes

By DreamDefender
Fri 18 Apr 2014 05:34:57 PM PDT

In case you didn't know, our newest content update is now live! In this update, you can find a large amount of bug fixes and overall improvements to the game. Read on to see the notes for this latest update.


PWI Patch Notes v783 - Released April 15th, 2014

*Sarokkan, the Dragon-Touched has come to the Primal World! This new world boss appears every Saturday night at 22:00.
*New title quests have been added for the Ancient Wall, Boundless Grasslands, Burning Heart and Etherblade.
*Added a new reward for reaching level 105. Talk to the PW Gift Exchanger in Archosaur or the City of a Thousand Streams to receive 300 Event Gold. Characters who reached level 105 prior to this patch are not eligible for this reward.
*Faction Mail has been added. Faction members with a rank of Marshal or higher can send mail to all members of their Faction for 500 coins. Money and items cannot be attached to Faction Mail.
*White-named players will no longer drop items when killed by monsters.

Major bug fixes
*Corrected a problem in which users with older installs were being prompted to reinstall the game when launching Arc.
*It is now possible to complete the quest Guard the Camp - Time for the Living.
*Auto-routing while on a ground mount no longer locks your character if it switches to your flyer.
*Venomancers can once again summon flying pets in midair.
*Completing the City of Abominations no longer spams the entire server with 200 messages about the winner.
*The coordinates assistant now allows you to auto-route to custom coordinates in the Place of Origination and Primal World.

*Secret Passage, Eden and Brimstone Pit have received updated maps.
*Additional Jackelman Slaves and Peachyard Treerats have been added to Abaddon.
*Hidden Dragons in Undercurrent Hall have had their HP reduced.

*The Puzzle Cube Patroller has arrived in northeastern Archosaur to upgrade your Puzzle Cube Badge.
*General Summer's longbow now glows blue, for consistency with other three-star weapons.
*Silvery Bracers can no longer be dyed.
*The crafting time for the Warsoul Tag in the City of Abominations has been reduced.

*The Last Leopard quest no longer has a level requirement higher than the level cap.
*Jolly Old Jones' Dragon Points quest has been removed.

*The Sage version of Strength of the Titans now consumes the correct amount of mana.

User Interface
*The Cash Shop purchase interface now defaults to a quantity of 1, rather than 0, and closes after buying an item.
*Bind on Equip crafted gear is now properly labeled as such when being sold in Consignment Shops.
*The character limit on Faction slogans has been increased from 50 to 80.
*Quests are now organized into seven categories in the quest log: Daily Quests, Cycle, Main Quests, Side Quests, Event, Faction and Battle.
*Added three new buttons to quests on the quest tracker:
**The first button will show you the quest objective on the map.
**The second button will send a message over Squad Chat with your quest progress. If you are not in a Squad, it will instead be sent to Normal Chat.
**The third button will remove the quest from the tracker.
*The quest tracker display has been updated to be easier to read.
*Completed quests will now automatically be placed at the top of the quest tracker.
*A new Mission Location Display button has been added to the world map. Clicking it will display the locations of all currently tracked quests.
*Quest icons above NPCs' heads are now color-coded to reflect the quest type.
*You may now right-click an item in your bag to sell it to a consignment shop, rather than dragging it into the window.
*The layout of the title window has been changed to more clearly display the stats from your currently-owned titles.
*The Refine Equipment interface has been streamlined.
*There is now an option to display dead and/or high-scoring players on the Nation Wars map.
*The Genie skill True Emptiness now uses the same icon for the skill list as the Learn Skill menu.
*Female Seeker character presets are no longer named "maleseeker."
*The Buy Gold button in the Bidding Hall will now properly open in the Arc overlay.
*Viewing another character's Player Info will now show how many times they have reawakened.
*Fixed a bug preventing you from exchanging more than one Undercurrent Coin at a time.
*You can now exchange Warsong Emblems for Wraith Officer's Badges in bulk at the Watcher of the Earth.

*Black and White Voodoo now display the proper Attack and Defense Level increases.
*Miscellaneous localization fixes.


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