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The Celestials Update is Live!

By Fero | Wed 16 Dec 2020 09:00:00 AM PST


 Content Update Boost!

x3 EXP & x2 Drops/Money

Start: 12/16/2020

End: maintenance on 1/5/2021


As part of the update, XTW has been reset too!

To celebrate the launch and thank everyone for taking part in Territory Wars, please enjoy the following code!


Code: gV0Swcpj

Expires after: January 16th, 2021

  • Code is redeemable 5 times per account.
  • All items received in codes are bound to account and cannot be traded or account stashed.
  • Please make sure you have enough space in your mailbox before redeeming your code.
  • Some items received through codes may be ticket items, which require at least one quest slot to auto redeem and at least 2 free bag spaces.
  • If you are unable to redeem a code right away, please try again in a few minutes as the volume of redeems might be high at that time.
  • Newly created characters or accounts may have issues redeeming codes, if this happens, wait a while and then try again.


Please be sure to have space before redeeming! Any special packs also take up additional spaces in your bag when redeemed – be sure you clear up enough space otherwise the quest will not complete and you will not receive the items in the packs.

Redeem this code to receive the following:

  • Ancient Gift x30
  • 100 Event Gold Ticket x1
  • Dark Jade Soulstone x1
  • War Front Warrior Supply Ticket x1
    • Contains:
      • Ginseng Tonic Rice Balls x100
      • Feastworthy Crab Dumplings x100
      • Mystical Pill x10
      • Teleacoustic x10
      • Teleport Incense x10
      • Teleport Stone x10
      • Angel of Wishes x10
      • Radiant Shard x5
      • Hyper EXP Stone x5
      • Silver Spirit Charm (30 Days) x1
      • Silver Guardian Charm (30 Days) x1
  • Good Luck Pack Ticket x1
    • Contains:
      • Ginseng Tonic Rice Balls x400
      • Feastworthy Crab Dumplings x400
      • Mystical Pill x40
      • Teleacoustic x40
      • Teleport Incense x40
      • Teleport Stone x40
      • Angel of Wishes x40
      • Radiant Shard x10
      • Hyper EXP Stone x10
      • Vitae Pill x10
      • Teleport Bell (7 Days) x1
      • Auto-Recovery Stone (7 Days) x1
      • Foxy Smiley Set Period (7 Days) x1
      • Holy Pill x10
      • Tiger Vendor Shop (7 Days) x1
      • Silver Spirit Charm (30 Days) x1
      • Silver Guardian Charm (30 Days) x1
      • Gold Guardian Charm (30 Days) x1
      • Gold Spirit Charm (30 Days) x1
      • Lovestruck Guppy Egg


Celestials Patch Notes


New Features:

Fashion Codex

In Perfect World International, you will have to chance to acquire dazzling fashion pieces, haughty flyers, adorable pets, and other functional or cosmetic items. They are the necessities in the game to help establish your identity and make your adventures exciting. To make it easier for you to collect, view, and manage all those assets, we have designed a "Codex" system. You can use "Collect" button to add them to your Codex, freeing up space in your bag while indexing all your belongings for easier access.

For Fashion enthusiasts, organizing your wardrobe could be a very tiresome chore. The new Fashion Codex feature can help make your life easier. You just need to put the Fashion items in your bag, open the Codex menu, and click "Collect" button to add them to your Codex. You should first add bound Fashion items acquired from events or quest rewards to lighten up the load in your Fashion Bag. As for those Fashion items you might share with others at any time, you can leave them out of the Codex for the time being. Those that are not collected in the Codex can be equipped or traded. You can even put on Fashion pieces in and out of the Codex at the same time.

Once added to the Codex, the Fashion items no long exist as items, but instead bound to you in the Codex. The game will keep the Fashion items' color and other properties the moment they are added. You can also try out, preview, equip, dye, or conduct other tasks to your Fashion pieces in the Codex. Each Fashion piece added to the Codex can have at most three colors. You can dye them to have three pieces of the same Fashion and of different colors.

You can view your Fashion collection progress in the Codex. When you reach certain thresholds, you will even win rewards, including titles and unique Fashion pieces, making you a master collector.

When you have collected a certain number of new items released each year, you will also win "Collector of the Year Box".

The fashion pieces in the Fashion Codex are categorized into different styles: Elegant, Exotic, Romantic, Trendy, Festival, and New. When a fashion piece is added to the Fashion Codex, it will be automatically collected in the corresponding category. You can view and try on the fashion pieces you own and don't own.

In the Fashion Codex menu, you can select the fashion pieces you want to equip. Click "Apply" to equip the fashion pieces you already own. You can mix fashion pieces in the Fashion Codex and those in your bag. If you are equipping fashion pieces in the Fashion Codex and those in your bag at the same time, the ones in the Fashion Codex will be displayed first. The ones in your bags will be displayed when you take off those in the Fashion Codex. If you don't have fashion pieces worn, the default appearance will be displayed.

The Fitting Room always displays the currently equipped fashion pieces. You can equip or unequip fashion pieces in your bag, but when you equip fashion pieces in your Fashion Codex, the action will be applies without being displayed.

The Fashion Codex has a search function. You can enter some keywords and the system will do a search. You can even filter by equip parts (All, Head, Torso, Legs, Feet, Wrist).

You can preview the color of fashion pieces you own and don't own in the Fashion Codex. For fashion pieces you already collected in the Fashion Codex, you can dye them directly in the Fashion Codex menu. First select the piece you want to dye, and then select a slot to save the color. You have to have enough pigment of the color or the action will fail. Each fashion piece can have three colors saved. Collected fashion pieces you are wearing cannot be dyed. When you use Random Pigment to dye fashion sets, you no longer cost twice the amount of pigment.


Flyer/Mount/Pet Codex

How to collect:

  • Put the items in your bag, and click "Collect"
  • The collected items will be bound to the character, and will no longer take up bag slots. The game will keep the items' properties such as flyer/mount speed and so on.
  • Items with the same model will be considered a same item in the Codex. When you have collected multiple copies of the same item, they will overwrite each other, and the copies with higher properties (such as speed) will be kept.
  • When collected, your mount will be upgraded to max movement speed, and will have full loyalty and hunger permanently.
  • Certain special items cannot be added to the Codex, such as sealed flyers, dyeable mounts, etc.


How to use:

  • For mounts and pets already collected in the Codex, you can click the "Deactivated" button to convert the pet currently in preview into an item in your Pet Bag, and then you can summon it from the "Codex Pet" tab in your Pet Bag.
  • For flyers already collected in the Codex, You can switch to "Flyer" tab in your Bag, and drag the item to your shortcut bar.
  • You can conduct certain tasks to the collected items in your Codex, such as Pet Rename, Flyer Enhancement, etc. However, Codex items that are currently in use can not be used in such tasks, nor can they be overwritten.


Codex Achievements:

  • Mounts, Flyers, and Pets all have their separate collection progress. When you have reached certain thresholds, you will win the corresponding collection rewards.
  • When you have collected a certain number of new items released each year, you will also win "Collector of the Year Box".


Celestial Infant

After having created the Perfect World, the Gods retreated into their Great Silence. The beings on Perfect World had since been waiting for their return. The Gods recuperated in their domains, recovering power and preparing.

In PW 578, a rumor started to spread that anyone who can kill a Divine Child will gain power to rival that of the gods.

A number of Divine Children were about to take their next trials during their growth. This worried the Gods. They decided to send the Divine Children to Perfect World to train. First, the mortals would not be able to realize that the Divine Children were in Perfect World. Second, they can start earlier to channel their divine powers to the mortal world. Besides, the Divine Children won't be actually harmed if they got killed in the mortal world, but would only fail the training instead. They sent 16 Divine Children to Perfect World, and they entered the Elysium.

After years of war, sixteen warlords dominated the Elysium. They battled each other unendingly, causing death and destruction to the world. The Gods decided to intervene to protect the Divine Children. They shattered a rock into seventeen pieces, and forged one into Dragonbreath Stone as the border mark between the warlords. They other sixteen pieces were forged into weapons and bestowed to each of the warlords.

A hundred years later, the Dragonbreath Stone was shattered, and war engulfed the world once again. The sixteen Divine Children completed their trainings and disappeared from the Elysium.

After thousands of years of training, many Divine Children were ready to start taking the next level of the challenge.

Ji Ye the Lord of Beasts is pure of heart, but obsessed with mortal affairs. Though he was still immature, he had exhibited great potential. Hauken the Lord of Dominance was dedicated in his solitary training for quite a long time, and deserved to be promoted. Zhuo Li the Lord of Ghosts had been traveling in the Elysium in spiritual form and had seen a lot. Sageon the Lord of Majesty was ambitious and volunteered to take the challenge. Xuan Zhen the Lord of Sorcery was somewhat mysteriously destined to become something great. Zur Sio the Lord of Devotion was always compassionate and merciful, and was awarded the chance of ascension.

As the Capital of the Light Empire and the Capital of the Dark Emperor reappeared in the world, the parental Gods decided to send the Divine Children yet again to Perfect World. There they would need to forfeit their old powers and start training again. With the help the adventurers in Perfect World, they were confident that the trials could be completed. Besides, they could also help the people of Perfect World with the rediscovery of the four great capitals in the process.

Their arrival in the Perfect World was detected by the Stargazer in Archosaur City, who was observing the cosmos while noticing six rainbow-colored meteors falling from the sky. He tried to notify the world of this phenomenon, but no one listened to him. He decided to set off and find the six falling stars to prove to the world.

Through extensive astrological study and divination, the Stargazer eventually revealed the mystery, and located the six Divine Children. He decided to help them complete their trials in Perfect World, and found out that their energy was scattered mostly in Elysium, while only a small portion was lost somewhere near Nicada in Western Continent. At the same time, the Genie patron Goddess took the Genie Greencko to train here. The Stargazer contacted them, asking them to help look for the Celestial Infant, and give the Celestial Infant to fated adventurers.


Advent of the Celestial Infant

  • Players above Reawakening II LV100 and Pious Sky I can talk to Stargazer in Archosaur City to take the quest to adopt a Celestial Infant.
  • After completing the tutorial quests, you can go to Nicada city in Western Continent and talk to the Celestial Matron to adopt a Celestial Infant. You can choose the Celestial Infant's gender and give it a nickname.
  • Celestial Infants of different genders can be awakened as different classes. Male Celestial Infants can be awakened randomly as
  • When a Celestial Infant has finished Awakening, you can adopt another to help it grow.


Celestial Infant Growth

  • When a Celestial Infant is adopted, you can open Cultivation -> Celestial Infant menu to view it. Click "Start New Day" to make some schedule for the Celestial Infant to grow. You can complete daily quests to win "Potential" up to 20 points per day, which can be used to refresh Cultivation Trait List, purchase "Cultivation Trait", and upgrade "Zenith Pool"
  • The higher the Zenith Pool is, the better the chance to get higher quality Cultivation Trait from random refreshing.
  • Cultivation Traits of different quality cost different amount of Potential.
  • A purchased Cultivation Trait has a Star Grade of 1 Star.
  • Three same Cultivation Traits can be upgraded into a Cultivation Trait of higher Star Grade, up to 3 Stars.
  • Cultivation Traits from the same territory or same class can be taught together to gain a growth bonus.
  • The remaining Potential will be cleared every day.
  • Every day you can select six Cultivation Traits from those you already own to teach. When the combination is selected, click "Teach" to give the Celestial Infant the Growth for the combination. After that, Purchase Cultivation Trait, Sell Cultivation Trait, and Upgrade Zenith Pool actions will become unavailable. The Celestial Infant cultivation time will end at 24:00 every day. If you don't complete the Teach action, the chance will be wasted for the day.


Celestial Infant Growth

  • After completing Teach for 15 days, the Celestial Infant will be awakened as a Celestial Child with an intrinsic quality.
  • “Growth" determines the Celestial Infant's quality, which can be, from lowest to highest, Mundane, Royal, Imperial, and Sacred.
  • An awakened Celestial Infant can devour Crystal Extract to gain Revelation Points, which can further improve its quality and star grade.
  • If a Celestial Infant is awakened as one you already own, then it will be automatically converted and added as its Revelation Points. The number of Revelation Points is determined by it's quality. Mundane/Royal/Imperial/Sacred qualities can be converted into 1/10/100/1000 Revelation Points.
  • A Celestial Infant's quality and star grade determines its Max Level. A Celestial Infant with a higher Max Level can have higher skill levels and better attributes.
  • Celestial Infant Crystal Extract can be acquired by developing your Celestial Infant, looting from instances, or purchasing from the Boutique.


Celestial Infant Attributes

  • Every Celestial Infant has a unique set of attributes. Its Attack, Defense, Health, and Crit are only affected by the Celestial Infant's intrinsic quality, star grade, and level.
  • The Celestial Infant's Attack Level is your character's Attack Level plus Defense Level and multiplied by the Celestial Infant's Attack factor; its Defense Level is your character's Attack Level plus Defense Level and multiplied by the Celestial Infant's Defense factor.
  • The Physical Penetration of Celestial Infants of physical classes is your character's Physical Penetration plus Magic Penetration; the Magic Penetration of Celestial Infants of magical classes is your character's Physical Penetration plus Magic Penetration.
  • Attack Interval, Channel Time Reduction and other similar attributes are fixed for the Celestial Infant, which are not affected by your character's equipment.
  • Spirit, Highest Level and other similar attributes of the Celestial Infant are the same with your character's corresponding attributes.


Celestial Infants & Celestial Incarnation

  • You can choose any awakened Celestial Infant to guard you. You can choose to incarnate as the Celestial Infant itself, and fight with its attributes and skills. Celestial Infants of different classes have different attributes and skills. The skills, especially those of melee classes, can be cast while moving, which are very helpful in dealing with all sorts of situations. When you incarnate as a Celestial Infant, you will be cleared of all buffs and debuffs and have your Health fully recovered, and your attributes will be replaced by those of the chosen Celestial Infant.
  • In Celestial Infant state, you will not be affected by negative effects such as Attack/Defense/HP Reduction, nor can you receive positive effects such as Attack/Defense/HP boost.
  • In Celestial Infant state, you can use Celestial Infant skills, Genie, skills granted by gear, as well as all sorts of Elixir.
  • In Celestial Infant state, when you cast skills or are attacked, you can trigger weapon's special effects.
  • In Celestial Infant, if you are killed, your original character will also be killed.
  • When the Incarnation ends or canceled manually, you will revert to your original attributes. Your HP will be converted based on the remaining Celestial Infant HP. You will also be granted Spirit of Assault and Spirit of Defense effects.
  • The Incarnation lasts 30 seconds, with a cooldown of 30 minutes.


Celestial Infant Stat Bonus

  • As every Celestial Infant reaches a certain level, your character will gain an attribute bonus granted by the Celestial Infant.


Celestial Infant Daily Quests

  • The Growth of a Celestial Infant can be achieved by gaining Potential. You can talk to Potential Agent Greencko in Nicada city to take the "Celestial Hair Knot" quests to gain Potential.
  • The Celestial Hair Knot series quests include: Celestial Memory, Celestial Snacks, Celestial Fostering, Celestial Field Trip, and Celestial Nuema. You can refresh and take any of these quests. Each refresh costs 1000000 Silver Coins. Complete one of these quests to win 20 Potential Points.
  • Please note that you can only get one reward from the Celestial Hair Knot quests, which means you can gain at most 20 Potential points per day. This daily cap will be reset at 00:00 every day.
    • (Due to the quest refresh mechanism, if you have reached Pious Sky I on the same day you updated the game, you will need to spend 1 million Silver Coins to refresh the quest list to see the Celestial Hair Knot quests. If you don't want to spend the money, you can come back tomorrow and the quest list will be automatically refreshed then.)


Celestial Infant Daily Quests

  • The Growth of a Celestial Infant can be achieved by gaining Potential. You can talk to Potential Agent Greencko in Nicada city to take the "Celestial Hair Knot" quests to gain Potential.
  • The Celestial Hair Knot series quests include: Celestial Memory, Celestial Snacks, Celestial Fostering, Celestial Field Trip, and Celestial Nuema. You can refresh and take any of these quests. Each refresh costs 1000000 Silver Coins. Complete one of these quests to win 20 Potential Points.
  • Please note that you can only get one reward from the Celestial Hair Knot quests, which means you can gain at most 20 Potential points per day. This daily cap will be reset at 00:00 every day.
    • (Due to the quest refresh mechanism, if you have reached Pious Sky I on the same day you updated the game, you will need to spend 1 million Silver Coins to refresh the quest list to see the Celestial Hair Knot quests. If you don't want to spend the money, you can come back tomorrow and the quest list will be automatically refreshed then.)


Cross-Server Battle Royale Mode: Chrono Hunt

During the turbulence of time and space, there are countless shattered realms existing in the paralleled dimensions. A substance called Chrono Flux serves as the core to support the reality of this realm. It can be used to make magical instruments to control time and space and to control the flow of time. Once an abundant amount of such substance is accumulated in a world, it would trigger the collapse of that world. This include Perfect World, even if it is protected by the Gods. A group of individuals called the Chrono Hunters travel between such realms, harvesting this substance and bring it back to Perfect World to fetch a high price. Their profiteering runs would definitely doom the Perfect World with destruction. Yes, you have to stop them. You need to risk your lives and venture to those realms, and bring back Chrono Flux and Chrono Grit back to Perfect World and give them to Chrono Researcher for proper management and study. He will extract the dangerous ingredients from the substance so they would no longer pose a threat to us. You will be handsomely rewarded for your help.


  • Reawakening II LV100+
  • Aware of the Myriad or Aware of the Void
  • Mirage Sky I or higher

How to participate:

  • The event is available every day from 12:00 to 24:00 (9:00 to 24:00 during the first week the event goes live).
  • Chrono Hunt can be entered in squads of 3. You can talk to Royal Guard Ramore (350,600) in Neverfall in Western Continent individually to enter matchmaking. If you enter matchmaking individually or in squads less than 3 players, the game will automatically add players.
  • Each character can enter matchmaking for 10 times per day.
  • If you have already entered a session, you have to wait for the session to end before you can enter matchmaking again.
  • When the system notifies the player to enter battlefield, it means the matchmaking has been completed. If the player neglect to enter the battlefield or leave before it is completed, he will suffer from a penalty for future matchmaking.
  • If a player wants to enter a new matchmaking session, he has to wait for the previous battle to end. If a penalty is issued, then the player has to wait for 10 minutes after the previous battle ends before he can enter matchmaking again.



  • After a successful matchmaking, the player squad will enter standby area, and then they can manually select their spawn site, and they can choose if they want to use the default "Royal Outfit". Royal Outfit can improve your gear to a level equivalent to Advanced Light Blessing in Battle of Survival.
  • When the preparation is done, player squad will be teleported to the selected spawn site. If no spawn site is selected, they will be teleported to the default one.
  • In a short while after entering the battle, the first "Exploration Area" (safe zone) will spawn. Everywhere outside the Exploration Area will become "Collapse Area" (danger zone). The danger zone will slowly shrink toward the safe zone, and anyone exposed in the danger zone will take damage.
  • In the battlefield, flyers and mounts are disabled, and jumping height is limited. Beside teammates, no player info can be viewed.
  • After entering the battle, the players will have no usable items. They will need to kill monsters of different levels to loot items of different qualities.
  • There are six types of monsters in the battlefield, dropping 3 types of items: Buff Items, Potion Items, and Skill Items.
  • There are 5 types of Buff Items, each type has 4 grades. 3 lower grade items can be combined into a higher grade item. Grade 4 items can only be acquired by killing high level monsters.
  • There are 4 types of Potion Items: Supply Items, Enhancement Items, Auxiliary Items, and Detection Items.
  •  The Skill Item "Chrono Print" provides 8 powerful skills.
  • All squads will be ranked the moment the last surviving player is killed. The reward will be sent via mail after the match. Each week players can win up to Chrono Grit x1000 and Chrono FLux x5. The reward cap will be reset at 24:00 every Sunday.


New Northern Realm Main Quest – Glacier City Mystery

Destiny once again spreads its uncanny wings. This time, you are the master of destiny.

When you received the order to head to Glacier City, you stood outside a small settlement, gazing upon the majestic architecture of the ancient capital, without realizing that you will met this attractive and unique woman...

Would there be feelings between you two?

Who would make the sacrifice?

You forged ahead hand in hand with a determination.

You are irreplaceable to each other.

She had a beautiful name, Astarina, as well as a sweet smile. She didn't talk much, but when she looked at you under the Glacier Tree, you believed she was an angel. As she brandished her blade, charging at monster while chanting the powerful spells, you started to realize she was in fact a mighty champion that would shake the land. You have traveled a lot, yet her company was still a new and thrilling experience. Together you slew the monsters that threatened the village of Navinor and with her help, you finally got to enter the Glacier City. She unknowingly introduced you to the city and her friends, as well as the heads of the three regimes. However you knew your true purpose here as an agent of the Divine Defenders/Imperial Vanquishers to stage a coup.

As you completed an investigation task involving a dark energy leak, Astarina went missing under mysterious circumstances. You looked for her together with her best friend Shelly, only to find out that she was a scion of the Frost Emperor, who was required to activate the most ancient and powerful energy instrument...

The activation of the energy instrument brought more disturbances to the Northern Realm. As the last surviving blood of the Frost Emperor, Astarina became a target of all forces. Even the Frost Emperor himself wanted to lure Astarina to his camps, with the intention to restore his own power. The key figure in his plans was the person closest to Astarina, Shelly.



  • Your character can enter Northern Realm
  • Reawakening II LV105
  • Celestial Saint
  • Royal Sky I and above
  • Must have joined an Allegiance


After your character has entered an Allegiance, you can talk to Marshall Anatoli (for Imperial Vanquishers) or Marshall Hooper (for Divine Defenders) for the quest Glacier City Mystery - Sudden Promotion.

The story in this expansion has a non-linear open-ended structure. There are five critical narrative nodes, at which choices you make would affect the following plot. You choices would lead the protagonist toward different destinies. During the process, you will experience different twists and meet different people. Your choices would even affect their fate.

There are five endings in the Glacier City Mystery arc. They are: Glacier Dominance, Elemental Advent, Fly in Pair, Sacrifice for Justice, and The End of Snow. When you complete the quest at a story node, you will win Soul Split Panacea and Soul Sunder Elixir. For each ending you completed, you will win rewards as listed in the following chart.

After collecting five ending tokens, you can talk to Arbor Spirit in Glacier City to trade for a permanent title: Glacier Accomplishment (Title Attributes: Physical Attack +30, Magical Attack +30, Physical Defense +90, Magical Defense +90)

To enable the narratives, we designed a portal that can send you back in time so you can meet with Astarina and Shelly all over again.

Each time when you have completed an ending, you can talk to Fountain Spirit in Glacier City Level 4 to take the quest Glacial Cycle, and then wait for 24 hours to go back to the start. You can then talk to Marshall Anatoli (for Imperial Vanquisher) or Marshall Hooper (for Divine Defender) to take the quest Sudden Promotion and run the quest arc again.

Please Note:

  • It's not an easy task to complete all five endings. You will need to complete the entire process every time you complete the Glacial Cycle quest.
  • The first time after you have completed the quest First Goal Completed, you can enter Glacier City.
  • Because of the Tundra Campaign event, from 10:00 Tuesday to 9:00 Wednesday every week, you cannot enter Glacier City.


New Tomb Delve Instance – The Whispering Mausoleum

PW 1310
The young wife of the Baili clan, Zo Vanyo, died during childbirth, but her second son survived. The clan patriarch Baili Feron named him Zesian.

Baili Feron suffered a bitter time, since his only son Baili Sanu died two month ago, and now his daughter-in-law passed away as well.

He only had two living blood relatives left: his oldest daughter, Zesian's elder sister, Baili Yeoh, and the newborn child Zesian.

"At least I have a son..." He thought.

Baili Feron was always busy tending to administration and military tasks, and that leaves Baili Yeoh as Zesian's de facto caretaker. Though she was only 4 years older than Zesian, she was devoted in protecting and taking care of her brother. Besides them, Feron had also adopted a 5-year-old boy, Basam.


The One of Separated Souls

As Zesian turned three, Feron was very concerned since he never talked. He invited a travelling taoist to do a divination for his kid in order to find what the problem is.

The Taoist discovered that Zesian was born to be the so-called One of Separated Souls. He wasn't supposed to be born in the first place, but his spirit was so stubborn that he killed his mother to survive the childbirth. Moreover, he would not stop there, but would also doom everyone around him to secure his own survival. The reason that he hadn't speak was not because of physical disabilities, but that his souls was separated into several independent individuals, and that they were fighting each other trying to establish a dominance. One of his souls had already started to develop a new consciousness. The taoist knew no way to cure this spiritual aberration, so he suggested they kill him to rid the world of a potential threat, as well as relieving him of his future agony. No one could tell how many deaths he would cause to the clan.

However, Baili Feron would never do something as absurd as killing his own offspring and only heir to his power. At his request, the taoist performed a ritual and buried a soul charm in Zesian's body, keeping his struggling souls calm for the time being.

With his turbulent souls tethered, Zesian grew healthily and exhibited great potential. He became intelligent and mighty, and learned how to rule and command from his father. The soul charm worked its magic, as far as they were concerned.


The Assassination of Baili Feron

PW 1323

As Baili Feron planned to take Zesian on a hunting trip, he was set up by one of his own ministers, who was bribed by the winged elves. They waded into an ambush unknowingly. To give Zesian the chance to escape, Feron faced the elven soldiers with only a handful of companion riders.

Seeing his father devoured by the enemies, Zesian's rationality suffered a meltdown, and the soul charm could no longer keep his inner demons at bay. One of his souls, "Dread", broken free, and turned him into a fearsome avatar of sheer violence, Dreadnaught. He tore through the enemy rank and killed everyone of them. All of Baili Feron's bodyguards witness this massacre, dumbfounded and terrified.

Even though Zesian defended Feron, he was too badly injured to be healed. The word spread fast about the battle, and how the young lord-to-be killed everyone like a monster. Even Baili clan's own officers and ministers were terrified by their future master. Baili Feron had no choice but to entrust Zesian to the one person he can trust at this point, his adopted son, Basam.

PW 1324, Baili Feron died. The City of Heaven's Tear was occupied by the winged elves. The leaderless Baili clan was at lost and plummeted in power and prestige.

Baili Feron was an upright and respectful person during his lordship, and he had made a lot of friend. Many of them offered to help foster Yeoh and Zesian, but Basam followed Feron's instructions and brought the two to the reclusive swordmaster, Mo Rayin.


The Suicide

Though Basam was just an adopted child, he grew to be a loyal and mighty right-hand to Feron. He was eventually promoted to the commander of Feron's bodyguards. However, the day when Feron was killed, he was sent on a secret mission, away from those he was supposed to protect.

Basam was five years older than Zesian, and Zesian always respected him like his own brother. Basam grew up together with Yeoh and Zesian, forming a great bond with the two. He had special feelings about Yeoh. Feron even promised to marry the two in a half-serious joke. As Feron was killed, no one would ever bring up the matter of this marriage again.

Basam always held himself responsible for Feron's death, and felt guilty in front of Yeoh. The girl wanted to cheer him up, but never knew how to do that. Basam believed Yeoh would never forgive him. After he escorted the two and arrived at Mo Rayin's place, he left a letter and cut his own throat as an act of apology.

Yeoh was devastated by Basam's action, and determined never to marry in her life. She opened the letter Basam left for her, and there was only one sentence written in it, "Be on guard near Shin Jonha."

For Zesian, he had lost another kin. His grief took the best of him, and another soul broken free from the charm.


The Training

PW 1324

At first, the humans knew only to hack and slash with their weapons savagely without any techniques, until one day someone called Mo Oshie invented the first sword technique, the Formless Technique. After that, many great warriors developed their own martial arts and swordplay. They all venerated Mo Oshie as the precursor swordmaster. Mo Oshie created the Blade's End sect, and recruited only one student. After that, the Blade's End sect carried on this one-master-one-student tradition generation after generation. The sect forged two powerful swords, and the master and the student were in possession of them respectively.

Mo Rayin was the current master of the Blade's End sect. He was a good friend to Baili Feron, to a point that he even gave the student's sword to Feron as a token of friendship. Mo Rayin had a candidate of a student, called Shin Jonha. However, Mo Rayin sensed some kind of ruthlessness in his heart, and didn't want to take him in. Shin Jonha kneeled at his door for two days and two nights, and only after that Mo Rayin agreed to allow Shin Jonha to stay with him. However, he never taught Shin Jonha any swordplay, but only some chants and philosophies to cultivate his character. His kept Shin Jonha at arms length on the excuse that he couldn't teach him because the student's sword was absent.

Having learned of Baili Feron's death, Mo Rayin was in great grief. He accepted Feron's last request to foster Yeoh and Zesian.

After a short period living together, Mo Rayin found out that Zesian was in fact quite talented in sword art. As they brought the student's sword back to him, he once again determined to recruit a student. He summoned both Shin Jonha and Zesian, and told them that he believed Shin Jonha was not fit for learning martial art, and that he decided to recruit Zesian as his student. However, he allowed Shin Jonha to stay as a common apprentice, continuing to teach him everything except sword techniques.

Mo Rayin tutored Zesian like his own son, and taught him everything he could. Talented and hardworking, Zesian quickly developed a man-sword bond. During his trainings, Zesian's admiration and respect toward Mo Rayin touched something inside, and another soul broke free of the charm.

Three peaceful years had passed, and under very mysterious circumstances, Mo Rayin died when he was meditating.


The Truth

PW 1327, Mo Rayin died.

At this point, Zesian was already 17, a mighty and promising young warrior. Though at 21, Yeoh was only a young lady, her grief and worries took a great toll on her, that she even had grey hair.

After arranging a proper burial for his master, Zesian decided to join the army just like his grandfather. He discussed with Yeoh and Shin Jonha about their future plans. Shin Jonha offered to go with Zesian, so he could go on to serve him. Yeoh was quite concerned, for she remembered Basam's warning.

Without any clues, she didn't tell her brother anything about the warning against Shin Jonha. Zesian and Shin Jonha successfully got enlisted, and for their capabilities and hardworking, they received great appreciations from their superiors. Yeoh was happy for the, yet she still believed that Basam would never warn her without a proper reason. She could only tell her brother "not to trust anyone" without specifying anything.

Yeoh was talented in singing and dancing, so she established a troupe of entertainers and traveled across the land. Wherever Zesian's battalion was garrisoned, she would take her troupe somewhere nearby. The locals got to know that she was the great warrior Baili Zesian's brother, so the troupe could always get a huge audience.

Another five years had passed.

One day, Yeoh's troupe came to the army encampment to perform for the garrison. Her dance mesmerized the soldiers.

After the performances, Shin Jonha, Yeoh and Zesian sat down to drink together. Yeoh still had doubts against Shin Jonha, but as the little party went on, she let her guard drop.

No one knew that Shin Jonha had drugged their drinks, knocking Zesian and Yeoh out cold. Shin Jonha severed Zesian's hamstrings, rendering him incapacitated, and delivered unconscious Yeoh to the general of the army, Hu Leun, who had become to covet her.

When Zesian woke up, he was shocked by what happened, and asked Shin Jonha why he would do this.

Shin Jonha finally revealed his true intentions, which was to seek revenge against Zesian who took everything from him. He even told Zesian that it was him who poisoned Mo Rayin.

Outrageous and helpless, Zesian looked around for his sister, only to find no one.

Shin Jonha sighed that he was planning to take Yeoh for himself, yet he had to gain the favor of the general, so he send her his way.

Zesian felt like he was struck by a lightning.

Shin Jonha raged on about leaving Zesian alive, and that was because he wouldn't allow him to die that easily. He wanted Zesian to see when everything was taken from him.

As extreme hatred and anger amounted, one of Zesian's souls, Ire, manifested. Though motionless, Zesian could manipulate his sword with his psyche, and punctured Shin Jonha's heart in just one swoop. His rage was so out of control that the entire encampment was destroyed.

As all the tents were shattered, Zesian saw a scene that he could never forget. Yeoh, wearing but slivers clothes of a torn dress, cut her own throat with a dagger. He squirmed toward her, wailed to the top of his lungs. His cries sounded like dragon roars that even shook the heavens.

In the mist created by soul energy, it seemed as if Yeoh was dancing in ethereal form.

The soldiers around them wanted to help Zesian, only to be pushed back by the energy.

"Hu Leun, I will be back!" Zesian claimed, and use his sword to carry Yeoh. In front of all, a man, a woman, and a sword ascended into the dark sky.


The End of No Feeling

The army general Hu Leun was always arrogant and tyrannical. He was hiding in his tent while Yeoh killed herself and Zesian asked for him. The words "I will be back" haunted him like a nightmare. He thought he could send his soldiers to hunt down Zesian, yet no one knew where to find him. He had to find a way, or he would never sleep in safety. He remembered the sound of Zesian's wailing, which was like dragon roars.

He immediately abandoned his post and returned to the capital, reporting to the Emperor about what happened. He didn't know that the Emperor had already received a lot of reports about his misdeeds. His leaving post gave the Emperor the chance he need to dispose of him. The Emperor stripped Hu Leun of all his titles and command and dumped in the dungeon. He sent words out to Zesian that he had gathered all the top doctors in the land that could cure him. He also decreed that the Baili clan was innocent and wronged. He had pardoned Zesian for killing fellow officers and destroying the encampment. Ultimately, Zesian could have Hu Leun at his disposal.

Zesian traveled to the capital aboard his sword, and in front of everyone he cut Hu Leun in half. The Emperor promoted him to the Marshal of the Western Garrison, but forbade him to return to the capital without being summoned. Zesian was glad to take the offer, since he would never wanted to come back to this land of grief. He took his garrison to the western frontiers, a no man's land where he could hide from the crowd. The Emperor gave Yeoh a grand burial ceremony near the capital.

Zesian bid farewell to his sister, and set off for a semi-reclusive life in the western deserts.

He now firmly believed that he was destined to get everyone around him killed, just as the taoist had foretold.


Lord of Sandchasm

PW 1346

Nine long years had elapsed like the quicksand in the western realm. The Emperor's health condition degenerated a lot, and he tried several times to summon Zesian back to the capital. Zesian knew what he was planning: to eliminate all opposition for his appointed successor. Zesian refused the Emperor's calls on the excuse of the war that raged on in the western frontiers. In the end, the Emperor cut the supplies to the western garrison to force Zesian to submit.

In the same year, the Frost Emperor returned to unite the Northern Realm, and set his next target on the Midlands. The Emperor dispatched the bulk of his army along the northern border to cope with a potential invasion. Meanwhile, Zesian, who was always loyal to the Emperor, claimed his independence as well. He created the Souless Empier and set the capital in the city of Sandchasm. Next up, he started to muster his army and posed to march toward Midlands. The Midlands Emperor was furious and worried, for warfare at two fronts was not a good prospect for his empire. He sent a messenger bird westward, and not long after, Zesian called off his invasion, and redirected his army to build a mausoleum for him.


The Separation of Souls

PW 1346

After Zesian had created his own empire, he took the advice of his court sage and decided to relocate Yeoh's tomb to his capital. As he returned to her tomb in Midlands, he saw that a bush of flowers grew on Yeoh's sarcophagus. There were ten flowers in total, seven white, one yellow, one purple, and one red. Zesian brought the sarcophagus, as well as the flowers, back to Sandchasm.

Zesian's court sage told him that these flowers represent someone's souls, and they had to grow parasitic on Yeoh's corpse and feed on the residue of her spirit. Zesian's expression was complicated. He knew that these flowers are him. Since then, Zesian started to see in his dreams all those he knew, Baili Feron, Basam, Mo Rayin, Baili Yeoh, and of course the foes, Shin Jonha, and Hu Leun.

Since that day, Zesian started to behave erratically. He would talk to himself one second, and suddenly demand everyone to hurry up and build his mausoleum the next. Sometimes he would murmur words such as "battlefield", "conquest", "empire", and such, while at other times he would even speak in a woman's voice. Everyone believed that he had gone mad. Only the sage knew that he was under influence of a soul disorder. His remaining souls struggled to take dominance, and thus enabling him to manifest different identities. The sage grinned, and sent a messenger bird eastward.

This madness didn't last long. Soon, Zesian resumed a calmed state, and holding a white flower in his hand, leaving his castle while singing a child's song. He entered his mausoleum, and never came back out.

Without a leader, the city of Sandchasm soon fell to desolation, and eventually became a ghost city. As its name had foretold, the city was buried in a chasm under the sand.

Some explanations:

Imperial Soul

One of Zesian's three remaining souls. It was this soul that gave Zesian a dragon's roar when he wailed for his sister. General Hu Leun saw this, and wanted to warn use Zesian's Imperial destiny as leverage to force the Midlands Emperor to kill him. However, the Emperor didn't had the confidence, and decided to appease him for the time being. After that, he resorted to powerful magic in hope to subdue Zesian.

During the nine years when Zesian was stationed at the western frontiers, the Midlands Emperor made thorough preparations. He planted the soul flowers on Yeoh's sarcophagus, so in case Zesian rebelled against him, he could have a contingency plan. Besides, he has arranged his own agents around Zesian to monitor him.

As the Emperor's health condition degenerated, and the Frost Emperor posed to invade Midlands, he planned to unleash Zesian against the Frost Emperor so the two can killed each other. However, under this pressure, Zesian's Imperial Soul manifested, and control his character, urging him to create his own empire.

Martial Soul

This is the one soul that resembled Zesian's true identity most. Zesian was born a warrior, and thus his Martial Soul would manifest from time to time, helping him to make some effective but cruel tactical decisions.

Consort Soul

The most deviated one of Zesian's three remaining souls. It had always existed, yet never manifested.

This was also because Zesian never had the chance to grew up beside his mother, and instead was raised by his sister. Besides, he rarely socialize with other children of both genders, which allowed the same gender to intrigue him. That was also the reason why he would had a good feeling toward Shin Jonha, and trusted him.

When Zesian's three souls all broke free in the end, the Consort Soul also manifested, sometimes even taking full control, pushing him to act womanly.

Soul Flowers

The main factor that pushed Zesian's already unstable mentality over and off the ledge. It was also the contingency plan the Midlands Emperor prepared against Zesian.

The flower seeds must be watered with the target's blood, and when they budded, they had to be planted on someone close to the target so they could feed on their mutual bond. When the flowers blossomed, there would be ten of different colors. Every time a flower turned white, it meant that the target had lost one soul. When all ten flowers turned white, the target would be deprived of all his souls, and thus became a senseless walking corpse.

This method was rarely used, since there were few who were like Zesian. When the Soul Flowers were planted, he had already lost some of his souls, and thus his remaining souls would be so disturbed that they had manifested all together.

As more and more adventurers started to explore the western frontiers, the lost history of that area also started to resurface. What intrigued everyone most was the great Mausoleum built at the border of t the Midlands and the Western Continent. It was Zesian's final resting place, the Whispering Mausoleum.

Whispering Mausoleum is a new dynamic instance. It has shunned the traditional design of existing instances, and build upon the foundations of Quicksand Maze to create a whole new randomized instance system. The map, scenes, monster, boss, and other elements in the instance are all randomly generated, giving you a new experience every time you challenge it.


Whispering Mausoleum Requirement:

  • Players that are higher than Reawakening II LV100 and Pious Sky I can go to the Gate of Cycles in Western Continent, and talk to the Soulless Wanderer to enter the instance.
  • It costs a Whispering Mirror to enter the instance, which can be crafted at the Soulless Wanderer with Silent Sea Sandgrain and Dawnlight Feather.


Whispering Mausoleum Reward:

  • Soul Stone, Zenith Skull, Zenith Skull Shard, LV7 Glyph, LV4 Glyph, Neverfall Squire's Badge, Nebula Dust Orb, Skyhigh: Ether Jade, and more


Other Adjustments

Skill Learning

  • The cost to learn sage/demon version skills is changed to 2 million Silver Coins, and Skillbooks are no longer required (skills that are already learned are not affected).
  • The cost to learn Celestial Sage / Celestial Demon and Aware of Vacuity skills (exclusing Φ, Ω, Σ skills) is changed to 10 million Silver Coins, and Skillbooks are no longer required (skills that are already learned are not affected).
  • Removed the crafting for Sage / Demon / Aware of Vacuity skillbooks.
  • Removed the looting for Sage / Demon / Aware of Vacuity skillbooks.
  • Removed the crafting for Sage / Demon / Aware of Vacuity skillbook material items.
  • Removed the Skill Book Pack option from the monthly card exchange at Karma Messenger in South City.
  • Removed Skill Book Packs from VIP Cash Shop.


Gold Hunt Quest Adjustment

  • Completion conditions for Basic Gold Hunt Quests are changed to:
    • Kill Tyrant Prince Mushi (Flowsilver Palace)
    • Kill Lord of Disaster Soulshriek (Icebound Underworld Level 10)
    • Kill Great Advisor Natya Veda (Dawnlight Halls)
    • Kill Lord of Paradise (Uncharted Paradise)
  • Completion conditions for Advanced Gold Hunt Quests are changed to:
    • Kill Night Templar Kivon (Icebound Underworld Level 15)
    • Kill Ancient Evil: Lethal Vengeance (Twilight Library)
    • Kill Shining/Dull Twilight Treasure (Cloud Abode)
    • Kill Ultimate Whispering Relic (Whispering Mausoleum)


Gold Hunt Reward Adjustment

Basic Gold Hunt Reward are changed to:

  • Kill Tyrant Prince Mushi (Flowsilver Palace) and Lord of Disaster Soulshriek (Icebound Underworld Level 10)
    • Newly added guaranteed War Avatar Pack: A x1, and possible Bounty Nice Guy Card x1; lowered the Silver Coin reward.
  • Kill Great Advisor Natya Veda (Dawnlight Halls) and Lord of Paradise (Uncharted Paradise)
    • Newly added guaranteed War Avatar Pack: A x1, and possible Bounty Nice Guy Card x1; slightly lowered the Silver Coin reward.

Advanced Gold Hunt Reward are changed to:

  • Kill Night Templar Kivon (Icebound Underworld Level 15) and Ancient Evil: Lethal Vengeance (Twilight Library)
    • Newly added guaranteed War Avatar Treasure Box x1
  • Kill Shining/Dull Twilight Treasure (Cloud Abode) and Ultimate Whispering Relic (Whispering Mausoleum)
    • Newly added guaranteed War Avatar Treasure Box x1 and possible Soul Guide Incense x1
  • Head Hunter's Treasure Chest: the number of Tier 6 Nuema is increased from 5 to 10


Instance Entrance Requirements Adjustments

  • Removed the Dark Jade Soulstone from the rewards of WC: Legend of Treasures, WC: Fairy Operation, WC: Cloud Top Dragon, and PW: This War o' Mine. Dark Jade Soulstone can be claimed everyday from Icebound Gatekeeper Hak.
  • Removed the pre-requisite quests for Heaven's Tear a thousand years ago. Players can go there when they reach LV70.
  • Removed the required Heroes' Blood for Unicorn Forest
  • Removed the pre-requisite quests for Tremolo's Adventure Kingdom. Players can go there when they reach LV80 and Aware of Vacuity.
  • Removed the pre-requisite quests for Morai. Players can go there when they reach LV90 and Aware of Vacuity.
  • Removed the pre-requisite quests for Tuc Su Toxin. Players can claim it when they reach LV95.
  • Removed the pre-requisite quest for entering the Door to the Human World. Players can enter when they reach LV100 and Reawaken at least once.
  • Removed the pre-requisite quests for High-level Endless Universe. Players can go there when they reach LV100.
  • Removed the pre-requisite quest for Western Continent. Players can go there when they reach Reawakening II LV100 and Mirage Sky I, and the server has reached First Contact historical phase.
  • Removed the pre-requisite quest for Dawnlight Halls and Dawnlight Feather. Players can enter when they reach Reawakening II LV103, Twilight Sky I, and Chaotic Soul, and the server has reached First Contact historical phase.


Morai Quest Adjustment

  • Removed the quest in Morai to trade Immolation Order with Influence.
  • For Active Quests, the Morai quests will no longer be included.


Quicksand Maze Quest Adjustment

  • A quest is added to Thunderdrum in Quicksand Maze to claim Immolation Order for free once per day.
  • A quest is added to Thunderdrum in Quicksand Maze to purchase Immolation Order.
  • Added the crafting for Celestial gear.
  • At the entrance to Quicksand Maze, added Celestial Gear Crafting, Celestial Weapon Reshape, and Celestial Gear Reforge.


Spiritual Cultivation Quest Adjustment

  • For Celestial Sage and Celestial Demon, the quests to enter Heaven's Tear, Unicorn Forest, and Valley of the Scarred are changed to be completed in the world map.
  • Chaotic Soul (Sage) and Chaotic Soul (Demon) no longer need to be completed in the Seat of Torment, Abaddon, and Undercurrent Hall
  • The mined Shard of the North for Celestial Saint is relocated from Warsong City to Icebound Underworld
  • Shard of Creation mined for Celestial Saint is relocated from Lunar Glade to Twilight Temple Revisited I



  • Removed all skillbooks (all 47 of them)
  • Added items:
    • 10 Mounts: Stonehide Skyhowler, Venomous Sand Lord, Divine Tiger Sage, Gold Mechanical Rhinoceros, Bean Bun, Snout of Treasure, Blackfire Warlion, Sho the Ninja Frog, Rageflame Kirin, Skyblaze Dragon
    • 16 Fashion sets: Spring Rain Male Fashion, Dragon Shadow Male Fashion, Athletic Male Fashion, Celestial Bard Male Fashion, Gloomy Noire Male Fashion, High Celestial Male Fashion, Master Archer Male Fashion, 2008 New Year Male Fashion; Spring Cloud Female Fashion, Silvery Jade Female Fashion, Celestial Bard Female Fashion, Gloomy Noire Female Fashion, High Celestial Female Fashion, Star Love Female Fashion, Timely Rabbit Female Fashion, 2008 New Year Female Fashion


 The Paragon quests to kill Century Golden Toad, Tyrant Prince Mushi, and Pathkeeper Bajan are changed to Ocean Pillar Iron, Lord of Paradise, and Lord of Disaster Soulshriek

The Virtuoso quests to kill Belle Leun, the Mad Princess, Ocean Pillar Iron, and Lord of Paradise are changed to Natya Veda, the Great Advisor, Night Templar Kivon, and Ancient Evil: Lethal Vengeance


Glacier City Mystery Quests Adjustment

  • Hand of Gold and Silver is changed to be able to trash.
  • Curing Blindness requires to kill 5 monsters instead of 10.
  • Lowered the difficulty for the monsters in Glacial Sanctum for Glacier Dominance, Elemental Advent, and Fly in Pair endings.
  • The final boss Astarina in Sacrifice for Justice and The End of Snow endings is now immune to Reposition effects.
  • Fixed the issue that when completing Glacial Cycle quest, the character model is not displayed in the pop-up menu.


Accessory Gear Upgrading

  • Players who own Max Rank 9 Rings can use 1 Dream Spirit Jadepad at Light Envoy Jade Snow to upgrade it into new T17 Ring "Ring of Heavenly Profanity".
  • Players who own Celestial Resonance Ring and Exotic Chaos Belt can use 2 Jaden Crystals at Light Envoy Jade Snow to upgrade it. Wearing both Heavenly Resonance Ring and Abnormal Chaos Belt can activate set bonuses.
  • Players with Destroyer and Battle pendants can complete Reshape at Light Envoy Jade Snow for the first time to gain enhanced attributes. Puzzle Cube Badge·Broken can be upgraded into "Destiny" and gain greatly enhanced attributes. The upgraded "Destiny" can be equipped together with Destroyer or Battle to active set bonuses.


Fixes and Updates

  • At Resistance Force Leader in Primal World, you can directly use Golden Splendor to craft Flowsilver Coin
  • Newly added VIP3 Privileges: For VIP3+ players, they will not have level limit when matchmaking for Chrono Hunt.
  • Solo instance Heavenfall Temple has its reward changed: the Warsoul stones are removed, and newly added a large amount of EXP.
  • Fixed the issue that when a "Bound after equip" gear is equipped for the first time, the floating tooltips is incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed the issue that Venomancer's pet would automatically cast buff skills.
  • Fixed the issue that when a character is in Stealth mode, it can not be attacked.
  • Fixed the issue that when viewing Player Info, Cosmos Conduit is not displayed.
  • Fixed the issue that Moonlight Crystal skill Limitless Transform's Opportunistic Wait effect is not applied.
  • Changed the stack limit of Jade and Soulgem purchased from the Merchant from 1000 to 9999
  • Fixed the issue that certain Goldfoil items would cause the client to crash.
  • Fixed the issue that player characters may fall below the floor in Quicksand Maze and Quicksand Maze.
  • Fixed the mechanism how Venomancer's Soul Link skills deal damage to targets so they match the description.



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