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Siege of the Underworld – Phase 3

By Lugia | Wed 20 Jun 2018 10:00:00 AM PDT

Lord Chenzi now walks the earth! It is up to you to banish him back to the Icebound Underworld! He is nigh invulnerable, so what’s the only power that can defeat him? A lot of luck, of course (and a lot of persistence)!


How this works

The Wrath of Lord Chenzi is a community boss fight event where the community can inflict damage upon Lord Chenzi every day by performing certain actions.  Rewards are given out to the community in the form of redeemable codes when Lord Chenzi’s health reaches certain levels.  You have until the end of July 3rd to deal a total of 666 Million HP to successfully send Lord Chenzi back to the underworld!

  • Each Fortune Key used deals 10,000 damage.
  • Each Lucky Coin consumed deals 1,000 damage.
  • Each Underworld Goldstone spent at Icebound Messenger Eli deals 500 damage.
  • Each Underworld Glowstone spent at Icebound Messenger Eli deals 100 damage.

The community’s progress will be updated every day via Facebook and Twitter!



Lord Chenzi's Remaining HP


499 500 000 (75 %)

Dragon Orb Pack x3

Ancient Gift x5

333 000 000 (50 %)

War Avatar Pack S  x7

166 500 000 (25 %)

War Avatar Chest:A x5


War Avatar Chest:A x7

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