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Content Update Feature Spotlight #2 - Return of Sarokkan the Dragon-Touched

By Lugia | Sat 12 May 2018 12:00:00 AM PDT

Welcome back Sarokkan the Dragon-Touched with a twist!



Event Time

22:00 every Saturday

Note: if the boss is not killed, it will leave at 23:00 the next day



Icy Snowfield (429,604) in Primal World (Story Mode)


When Sarokkan the Dragon-Touched is killed, a treasure chest will spawn containing:  Ten Million Big Notes x30


When the boss is killed, six other chests will be spawned randomly at six locations


  1. Primal World (Story Mode): Icy Snowfield(439,612)
  2. Primal World (Story Mode): Northern Luneskan Frontier(451,609)
  3. Primal World (Story Mode): Northern Luneskan Frontier(462,607)
  4. Primal World (Story Mode): Glacial Prison(438,586)
  5. Primal World (Story Mode): Glacial Prison(421,585)
  6. Primal World (Story Mode): Glacial Prison(444,598)


Five of them contain  Ten Million Big Notes x1 and one lucky one will contain  Ten Million Big Notes x30



That’s all for this Feature Spotlight!


Before we wrap things up, we have a big announcement! The PWI: Wonderland Spring Content update will officially release -


May 16th 2018


Want to discuss this upcoming feature or the previous Feature Spotlight? Head on over to the official forums!

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