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Content Update Feature Spotlight #1 – Icebound Underworld

By Lugia | Sat 05 May 2018 08:30:00 AM PDT

A new content update is coming! Take a look at what’s in store with the first Feature Spotlight!


Icebound Underworld


What is it?

A brand new instance coming in the next content update!

Located at Temple of Shadows on the Mainland map (741, 933)


Players who are Reawakening II LV 100 with Shifting Sky I or higher can enter the instance.


This instance lasts for 999 seconds with 19 powerful and mad underworld bosses. The more bosses you fell, the better your rewards will be!


How much time you have as well as how many awards you have will be displayed while you’re inside the instance.

You will need at least 8 party members to start this instance.


How To Enter?


To enter you will need (1) Dark Jade Soulstone.


Players can complete “This War o’ Mine” in Primal World and obtain a “Dark Jade Soulstone”.

You can also obtain a free one every day from the “Unique Reward” Chest at the top of the screen.



When you complete the instance you can receive your rewards from the Icebound Messenger Eli, outside the instance.


  1. From Stage 1 to Stage 9 you can obtain Underworld Glowstone to trade for gears and other items such as Dragon Orb (8 Star), Astrobana Pearl, War Avatar Pack C and more.
  2. From Stage 10 to Stage 19 you can obtain Underworld Goldstone to trade for bless boxes, Nebula Dust Orb, Dragon Orb Ocean and more.
  3. In Stage 5, Stage 10, Stage 15, and Stage 19, the boss can drop items such as War Avatar Pack C, Lv4 Glyph, Mirage Celestone, Dragon Orb Ocean Shard and more.
  4. When Underworld Lord Chenzi is defeated, upon each defeat, you will get rewards such as LV4 Glyph, Dragon Orb Ocean shard and more.



Item Material Material 1 Quantity Material 2 Material 2 Quantity
Primordial Ring Underworld Glowstone 120    
Dull Iceheart Glow Order Underworld Glowstone 150    
Dull Coldblood Rime Order Underworld Glowstone 150    
Nether Samsara Order Underworld Glowstone 140    
Archaic Samsara Order Underworld Glowstone 140    
Astrospira Pearl Lv1 Underworld Glowstone 1    
Astrobana Pearl Lv1 Underworld Glowstone 1    
War Avatar Pack C Underworld Glowstone 1    
Fortifications Essence Underworld Glowstone 2    
Dragon Orb (8 Star) Shard Underworld Glowstone 9    
Dragon Orb Ocean Shard Underworld Glowstone 9 Underworld Goldstone 9
Peerless Blessing     Underworld Goldstone 9
Invincible Blessing     Underworld Goldstone 9
Fearless Blessing     Underworld Goldstone 9
Nebula Dust Orb Underworld Glowstone 4 Underworld Goldstone 4
Dragon Orb 5 Star Underworld Glowstone 45    
Garnet Gem Underworld Glowstone 200    
Sapphire Gem Underworld Glowstone 200    
Citrine Gem Underworld Glowstone 200    
Icebound Jade Box     Underworld Goldstone 2




Item Material Quantity
 ★Chaotic Sign of Frost Primordial Ring  1
★Chaotic Sign of Antiquity   Primordial Ring 1
★★Puzzle Cube Badge·Vain  Shining Iceheart Glow Order 1
★★Puzzle Cube Badge·Vain  Shining Iceheart Glow Order 1
★★Warsong Barrier·Void  Shining Coldblood Rime Order 1
 ★★Warsong Lock·Void  Shining Coldblood Rime Order 1
★★Lion's Roar Helm Nether Samsara Order  1
 ★★Shadow Ashura Hat Nether Samsara Order  1
 ★★Sacred Legate Hat Nether Samsara Order  1
★★Lion's Roar Cloak  Archaic Samsara Order  1
 ★★Shadow Ashura Cloak Archaic Samsara Order  1
 ★★Sacred Legate Cloak  Archaic Samsara Order 1
 ★★Cascade Glow Helm Nether Samsara Order  1
★★Myriad Blossom Helm  Nether Samsara Order  1
 ★★Dragon Rise Hat Nether Samsara Order  1
 ★★Cascade Glow Cape  Archaic Samsara Order 1
 ★★Myriad Blossom Cloak  Archaic Samsara Order 1
 ★★Dragon Rise Cloak  Archaic Samsara Order 1
Dragon Orb (8 Star)   Dragon Orb (8 Star) Shard 100
 Dragon Orb Ocean Dragon Orb Ocean Shard  180

*Please note – Gear produced here will have the BOUND property.


That’s all for this Feature Spotlight!


Want to discuss this upcoming feature? Head on over to the official forums!

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