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March In-Game Events!

By Lugia | Mon 05 Mar 2018 09:00:00 AM PST

Luck smilies upon you this month with some in-game events!


Celestial Tigers Event


Starts: 03/05/2018

Ends: 03/09/2018


The event will be started at the following times on each server! Please note all times listed are PT!


Dawnglory: 10 AM

Tideswell: 4 PM

Etherblade: 5:45 PM

Twilight Temple: 5:45 PM


When the event starts, report to a Keeper of the Tiger to see how you can help. These Keepers can be found near the Elder of every capital city, and at the western crossroad in Archosaur. Remember to speak with the Keeper of the Tiger NPC twice. You will receive a  Celestial Tiger Directive the first time you speak with the NPC, which enables you to do the gem and report quests that are given by the Elders. Speak with the Keeper of the Tiger NPC a second time to accept the main Celestial Tigers quest. You will need to be on this quest in order to get any credit for the other related quests.


Celestial Tigers and Tiger Minions


Phase 1:

During this phase, the Tiger Minions have begun to invade the land. They have rallied together and are awaiting orders to attack, which makes this the perfect opportunity for a pre-emptive strike! It is up to you and the other brave souls to find and slay them. For those of you who are committed to the non-violent way of life, you can also gain Contribution points by collecting Tiger Soul Herbs during this phase.


Phase 2:

After the Tiger Minions have taken sufficient casualties, the Celestial Tigers themselves appear. They too will be found around the cities. Don't take them lightly, for they are much more powerful than their minions. You can also gain Contribution points by collecting Tiger Spirit Herbs during this phase. After the Celestial Tigers have been defeated, the event will end. It is at this point that random contribution points will be distributed amongst the players.


The Spoils of War


 The higher-tier prizes can contain various rare items, including but not limited to:

 Celestial Shard - Can be turned in at any mailbox for great items.

 Celestial Insignia - Similar to Celestial Shards, but they are more valuable and can be traded/sold to other players.

 Demon/Sage Event Card - Can be redeemed that the PW Boutique Agent for 50 Event Points. These Event Points can be used in the Event Boutique, which can be accessed by clicking on the gem icon at the top right corner of the regular PWI Boutique (press O). The Event Boutique has a lot of great items available, including many fashions as well as Silver Guardian/Spirit Charms!

And remember, once the event is over, you will only have 5 minutes to head to a mailbox to claim your prize, so don't delay! 



St. Patrick’s Day Event


Starts: 03/14/2018

Ends: 03/21/2018


Help out the St. Patrick’s Day Envoy! Find him at (556, 628) in South Archosaur.


Complete his quests to obtain a  St. Patrick’s Day EmblemCollect enough of them for a set of time-limited bright green fashion!


 Green Cherry Topper Fashion (female)


 Green Dapper Rose Set (male)



White Day Event


Starts: 03/14/2018

Ends: 03/15/2018


Did you miss Valentine’s Day for your beloved? Send your love on this special day!


Just like the Valentine’s day event, you must make a party with a Female Squad leader and a male party member. This time, pick up the quest at the PW Promotions Agent.

Take the “Pray” item to the designated location (a Heart Shaped area in the southeast of Archosaur) and it will summon a Pray Power Lantern.


This event awards the exclusive  White Day Chocolate, which removes all negative debuffs when consuming.


We hope you enjoy this month’s in-game events!


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