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Star Trek Online

Weekly News Recap July 3rd, 2015

By LaughingTrendy | Fri 03 Jul 2015 12:00:00 PM PDT



A lot has been happening over the course of this week! Make sure you didn't miss anything with our News Recap blog. We feature this week's news as well as what we've been reading. Now is the perfect time to sit back and catch up on the latest news!


Star Trek Online Recap

Check out all the news from Star Trek Online over this past week as well as what we're reading around the web!

Our Latest News


  • Tales of the War #11 - The Iconians have taken far too many of our brothers and sisters. While the fallen are in Sto'Vo'Kor, we shall not join them yet. There is work to be done, Warriors
  • Bonus XP Weekend - We’ve doubled our efforts to give Captains the necessary experience to deal with the Delta Quadrant. This weekend you'll be able to enjoy twice the amount of experience
  • Livestream Featuring Aron Eisenberg - Aron Eisenberg, best known for his role as Nog from Deep Space Nine navigates our new featured episode with the help of LaughingTrendy and Captain Geko
  • Time in a Bottle Week 3 Rewards - Check out this week's rewards that you can get when you play our new Featured Episode "Time in a Bottle" featuring a variety of rewards including the Ferengi Dance
  • Fleet Armada System - We're excited to announce our new Fleet Armada system! The only way we can survive against the Iconians is if we band together all of our forces


What We're Reading


  • Livestream Featuring Aron Eisenberg! - Join Aron Eisenberg, best known for his role as Nog from Deep Space 9 along with Community Manager LaughingTrendy and Lead Designer Al 'Captain Geko' Rivera as they play Star Trek Online's latest Featured Episode.
  • Star Trek Las Vegas Costume Contest - Are you ready? It's time to dust off your uniform, Captains! Star Trek Las Vegas Costume Contest entries are now open
  • Deep Space Nine 20th Anniversary Trailer - To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of one of my favorite Star Trek television series, celebrate with this amazing fan-made trailer
  • NASA's Space X Analysis - NASA discusses the Space X launch earlier this week, as well as the new Pluto flyby
  • Priority One Podcast - Battlecruiser in a Bottle! P1 discusses the latest Featured Episode as well as analyze the ships from
  • G & T Show 198 - G&T Show covers a plethora of news in the world of Star Trek. Celebrity news, STO news, the history of Borg and more
  • Tribbles in Ecstasy 173 - Tribbles meets up with LaughingTrendy and discuss Aron Eisenberg, the forums, and geek over all things Trek
  • Foundry Roundtable 104 - Dose of Doom discusses Foundry Missions, starring multiple Foundry authors and guests


Neverwinter Recap

Check out all the news from Neverwinter over this past week as well as what we're reading around the web!


Our Latest News

What We're Reading


  • WeLoveFine Shirt Contest - Submissions are closed and now it's time to rate.
  • Dragon+ App - Dragon+ is your official mobile source for all-things Dungeons & Dragons. This free app has everything you want to know about D&D in one easy place.
  • Elemental Evil Minis - Collect all 44 figurines from Elemental Evil, the newest set of randomly sorted monsters and heroes in our exciting new line of D&D miniatures.
  • Out of Context D&D Quotes - Just like the title says, take a look at some out of context quotes.
  • Wizards' D&D June Survey - Things not going right in your campaign? Take this survey so WotC knows!


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