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Star Trek Online

Console Patch Notes for 5/14/19

By Ambassador Kael | Mon 13 May 2019 06:05:47 PM PDT


  • Pervil over Pahvo Featured Task Force Operation:
    • Peril over Pahvo is a reimagined Featured Task Force Operation, where five Alliance captains will deal with the invasion events in the Pahvo system.
    • Help implement planetary defense systems to safeguard the planet.
    • This event will last for 3 weeks and Captains can earn an all new reward!
    • Complete the TFO on 14 different days to earn the Terran Guerilla Combat Armor in addition to marks, dilithium, and three Featured TFO Reward Boxes.
    • This box gives your choice of an Enhanced Universal Tech Upgrade or a Captain Specialization Point Box.
  • Terran Guerilla Combat Armor:
    • The Terran Guerilla Combat Armor is a new reward for completing Peril over Pahvo on 14 different days.
    • The Terran Guerilla Combat Armor may be equipped on any character or bridge officer
    • This armor also may be activated to provide a special temporary delay to incoming power, converting all received damage into damage-over-time effects for several seconds
    • Obtaining the Terran Guerilla Combat Armor also provides a costume unlock accessible via the Tailor.
    • For more details, please visit the Peril over Pahvo! blog at:

Command Tier 6 Ships at Any Level:

  • All Tier 6 Starships owned on an account may now be flown by characters at any level, provided they have completed the Tutorial Experience for their chosen starting faction.
  • Level restrictions on the starships and associated reward packs have been removed.
  • Tier 6 Starships flown at lower levels have reduced stats and capabilities compared to their full potential, approximately matching other ships of the same level, and will grow with you as you level up.
  • All starting equipment ("Standard Issue") that comes pre-equipped on Tier 6 Starships has been changed into scaling versions of those items, usable at any level.
  • Faction-based restrictions on Tier 6 Starships have not been altered as a result of this update.
  • For more information, please visit the “Command Tier 6 Ships at Any Level!” blog at:


  • Buying single ships that are part of Mega Bundles no longer block players from buying the Mega Bundle the ships are part of.
  • C-Store Updates:
    • Services is now titles Slots/Services.
    • Appearances is now titled Uniforms.
    • Expansion Packs is now Expan. Packs.


  • Mission journal update:
    •  If you have at least one level 65 character, all of your other characters should now be able to start any mission group they want - you can start the first mission in any section of the journal.
    • This applies to 23c, Century Fed captains after they reach the 25th c. and to Jem'Hadar and Romulan captains after they choose an allegiance.
    • 25 c. Federation and Klingon captains gain this update immediately after the tutorial.
  • Resolved an issue that would cause the final contact (and subsequent Depart System) to disappear and become inaccessible if you closed it with "Not Now" upon completing the Rhi System Patrol.
  • "Facility 4028" accolade "Hologram Master": Resolved an issue that prevented engineers who were Romulan, Dominion, Discovery, or TOS captains from using the console necessary to complete the accolade.
  • Resolved an issue that was allowing the “A Message from the Lukari V” mission to be dropped.
  • Removed duplicate text when Hailing the Temporal Contact in the mission, “Ragnarok”.
  • Resolved a typo with the Isolinear Chip reward description from the mission, “An Inside Job”.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the mission door for “Renegades Regret”, to not display in gold text at high priority.


  • Resolved an issue that causing the EC value for items in the Ship Replicator and Recycled window to not display. 


  • Reputations Mark Trade-In:
    • Reputation projects to turn-in marks for Dilithium have been disabled and replaced by a new store, accessible from the Reputation UI once you reach Tier V in that reputation.
    • The rate is the same as the existing projects; 50 Marks for 500 ore, or 3 Elite marks for 1000 ore.
    • Exchanges on this store may be made in bulk, reducing the time needed to convert excess Reputation Marks.
  • Added a Cross-Faction Bundle:
    • Mirror Crossfield Science Destroyer Equipment to the Lobi Ships & Crew Store and the Agonized Subatomic Disintegrator to the Lobi Space Equipment store for Klingon-Aligned players to purchase.
  • The following items have been added to the Phoenix Prize Pack's associated Claim Store:
    • Epic:
      • Vorgon Ryn'kodan Carrier (T6 Ship).
      • Breen Plesh Tral Raider (T6 Ship).
      • Bajoran Interceptor (T6 Ship).
    • Ultra-Rare: (none)
    • Very-Rare:
      • Voth Phase Decoy Console (Universal Console).
      • Bozeman Engines (Starship Equipment).
      • Sompek Pulsewave (Ground Weapon)
      • Mirror Universe Phaser Dual Pistols (Ground Weapon)
    • Rare:
      • Neal Falconer (Duty Officer).
      • Phoenix Replica (Admiralty Ship).
      • Assimilated Assault Cruiser (Admiralty Ship).
      • I.S.S. Stadi (Admiralty Ship)
    • Uncommon:
      • Starship Emote Pack: "Thumbs Up" and "Thumbs Down".
      • Starship Emote Pack: "Smile" and "Sad".
      • Starship Emote Pack: "Rock," "Paper" and "Scissors”.
      • Starship Emote Pack: "Live Long and Prosper".
  • Lockbox Improvements:
    • Updated the description used by Master Keys.
    • Master Keys now stack up to 100 times, up from 99.
    • Master Keys can now be activated to claim free lockboxes.
    • Lockboxes now stack up to 100 times, up from 20, and can be claimed up to 100 at a time.
    • Lobi Crystals now stack up to 1000 times, up from 999.
  • The price of any Lock Boxes listed on the Dilithium Store has been reduced from 10 dilithium to 0 dilithium. Grab your free Lock Boxes!
  • Resolved an issue that could allow players to open the pack for the Temporal Light Cruiser [T6], D7 Temporal Battlecruiser [T6], or T'Liss Temporal Warbird [T6] if they couldn't fly the starship.
    • For any players in this situation, the ships have been re-boxed in your inventory and can once again be traded or sold.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the M'Chla from appearing in the ship vendor under the Raider list.
  • Significantly increased the damage dealt by Kemocite-Laced Weaponry to be more in-line with expected performance.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the damage modifiers on the Concentrated Tachyon Mine Launcher from increasing its shield damage.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the Federation Type 2 Phaser from getting a modifier when upgraded to gold.
    • This fixes existing items.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the Federation Type 2 Phaser Mk IV from being upgraded.
    • This fixes existing items.
  • The Federation Type 2 Phaser is now eligible for Re-Engineering.
  • The Expedient Care trait now only reduces the cooldown of Kit Module and Captain Abilities.
  • The Expedient Repairs trait now only reduces the cooldown of Bridge Officer and Captain Abilities
  • Resolved an issue that could cause some of the buffs from Reroute Reserves to Weapons or Exceed Rated Limits to affect other weapon firing modes.
  • Resolved an issue that caused Reroute Reserves to Weapons to prevent you from activating other weapon enhancing abilities for several seconds after it ended.
  • Resolved an issue that caused Reroute Reserves to Weapon's icon to be greyed out while it was active.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Superior Area Denial starship trait to not affect some hangar pets.
  • Strike from Shadows - massively increased the damage threshold before the placate breaks.

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