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Neverwinter: New Howling Hatred Lockbox!

By Andy (StrumSlinger)
Thu 01 Oct 2015 09:00:00 AM PDT

The Howling Hatred Lockbox is the newest elemental-themed lockbox and the last to be named after a Cult of Elemental Evil. Read more

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Last Chance: Crushing Wave Lockbox

By Andy (StrumSlinger)
Wed 05 Aug 2015 10:14:22 AM PDT

The Crushing Wave Lockbox surges into Neverwinter with an unusually fast snail! Read more

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Neverwinter: Bonus Companion Rewards!

By Andy (StrumSlinger)
Fri 19 Jun 2015 10:18:00 AM PDT

For a limited time, you can get complimentary companions with select purchases in the Zen Market! Read more

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Enchanted Key Sale and Lockbox Resurgence

By DwightMC
Wed 27 Nov 2013 10:04:00 AM PST

Have you been hoarding lockboxes leaving them unopened? Now is your chance to clear out your inventory and unlock some great items. For a limited time, Enchanted Keys (single and 10-packs) are 15% o... Read more

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