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Neverwinter: Stronghold Boons - Dev Blog

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Thu 30 Jul 2015 10:00:00 AM PDT


Stronghold Boons

Howdy Everybody! I am Ken “Graalx3” Burd and today we will cover the way that you gain access to the Boons of Stronghold.  In the forthcoming Strongholds expansion players gain access to Boons, not from individual effort, but from the effort you and your guild puts toward building specific Boon structures. Each of the normal Boon structures grant every member of the guild access to a Boon as the structures reach Rank 1, Rank 3 and Rank 5, giving a total of three Boons. PvP Boon structures grant access to Boons at Rank 3 and Rank 5.  There are 7 normal Boon structures and 2 PvP Boon structures for a total of 25 Boons.  You won’t be able to build all of the Boon structures so your guild officers will have to pick which Boons are most important to the guild.

You can access your Stronghold Boons from the Boons tab of the Character Sheet.  These Boons are divided into four categories: Offense, Defense, Utility, and PvP.  The Boons for which your guild has built the requisite rank of Boon structure are displayed in color. The Boons provided by buildings your guild has not built, or buildings that have not reached the requisite rank, are greyed out.  You can make one available Boon from each category Active, granting you its effects at all times. This allows you to have one Offense, one Defense, one Utility and one PvP Boon active at any one time. You can switch your active Stronghold Boons to other available Boons for no cost whenever you are not in combat.

This displays what your Guild Stronghold Boons page will look like if your guild has three Boon structures at Rank 4: a Barracks, a Temple and a Stable. In the Offense category you have the choice between Power Bonus, made available by having a Rank 3 Barracks, and Armor Penetration Bonus, made available by having a Rank 3 Stable.  In this example I have selected Power Bonus to be the active Boon so I am getting a bonus to my Power statistic at all times. At any time I am not in combat I could switch to the Armor Penetration Boon to get a bonus to that statistic instead. The same goes for the Defense category where I have the choice between the Defense Bonus Boon and the Life Steal Bonus Boon and the Utility Category where I have the choice between the Gold Bonus Boon and the Injury Resistance Boon. Since my guild has not built a structure that grants a Boon in the PvP category, I cannot make any of those Boons active.

And that’s how you get and select your Stronghold Boons.  I’ll go into details of what the Boons do, as well as which structures they require, in my Structure Guide blog post.

Ken “Graalx3” Burd

Senior Systems Designer

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