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Neverwinter Bestiary - Red Dragons

By DwightMC | Tue 30 Sep 2014 10:28:16 AM PDT

“There are many tales of powerful dragons raining destruction and pain upon humanity. While many of them may not specify the dragon’s color, chances are they are talking about a red dragon.

Red dragons have a lust for power. They believe that anything can be achieved if one is powerful enough to obtain it. They also aren’t shy when it comes to flaunting their abilities, which quite often results the demise of other living creatures. Red dragons are also intensely drawn to accumulating wealth. They see their immense treasure hoards as material representations of their strength and power, as they probably had to kill something to get it.

When it comes to choosing a lair, red dragons can make due with most terrains, but they prefer elevated places with a natural heat source like a volcano or a geothermal spring. Humanoid communities around a red’s territory can buy themselves some assurance of safety by pledging their loyalty to the nearby dragon. Red’s may possess an unrivaled temper and sense of pride, but they are not above sparing a village if it means regular tributes and a handful of minions. Unlike green dragons, reds are anything but subtle in their conquests.

Red dragons are the largest of the chromatic dragons, which only makes their sense of superiority even stronger. Believing themselves to be the pinnacles of draconic perfection, they are not afraid to attack and kill other dragons just to make a point. Reds are as home in the air as they are on land and they are always happy to oblige a stubborn enemy with their devastating fire breath. This comes in handy, as their trademark rampages take them to all manners of locales and pit them against many different foes.

On the Sword Coast, Karrundax in Mount Hotenow is the most powerful red dragon. However, the dragon Lostmauth on the Isle of Tuern is rumored to possess superior strength and wealth. Having made a few trips to Tuern myself, I can say that the rumors are true. That aside, neither of them is to be underestimated and both are best approached with extreme caution.

I certainly hope my stories have provided you with some measure of sense not to get yourself eaten, should you decide to challenge these beasts. In fact, you’d likely be better off avoiding them all together…of course, where’s the fun in doing that?

Safe travels, adventurer.”

-Lumis Brightpath

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