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M21 Overview FAQ!

By Julia (nitocris83) | Thu 03 Jun 2021 10:09:40 AM PDT

Greetings Adventurers,

M21 introduces a variety of changes to Neverwinter, from leveling to UI to adventure zones. Over the next several weeks we will be going over these updates but we wanted to put together an introductory FAQ to accompany the module Preview release.


New Class: Bard

Check out the Bard Overview Blog for more information on this class!

Does the introduction of a new class mean there will be more combat changes coming?

No new combat changes. The combat changes were for game wide balance and the long-term health of the game. The new class was to bring a new way to play the game and to bring players one of the most requested, if not the most requested, additions to the game.


Character Level & Leveling Experience

What happened to my character’s level? 

You are now level 20, which is the max level.



Levels in Neverwinter were a big focus when starting out but then when reaching endgame, the focus turns to item level. That was a tough transition for a lot of players which left them feeling lost and confused on how to advance further.

On top of that over the years the levels expanded to continue the journey with new progression which pulled the game further from the core of D&D.

As we looked to improve the leveling experience, we felt it was a good time to connect better with D&D while also helping players understand what to focus on to improve their character. That brought us to bringing the levels back to 20 and have them be milestones that mark progress in your journey which all ties in better with core D&D gameplay. Those milestones are now a linear journey with new tutorials, changes to gear, and a better experience for new players learning Neverwinter.


Should I do anything special to prepare for the live launch of the level change?

There is nothing to prepare or get ready ahead of time, keep having fun. If you are at endgame currently, you will see your level become 20 but everything will play as it did when you were 80. If you weren’t yet at level 80, you will become level 20 and there will be a gear pack in the reclaim store to help get your item level to 20k which is where endgame starts now.


How does this impact my stats/gear/etc.?

There are no changes to stats. The only change you may see is some older gear that may now have a higher item level than it did before.


What happens if I was mid-way leveling to max level?

You will be set to level 20 and will find a gear pack on the reclaim agent. At that point you will be 20k item level and you can either jump into the endgame or feel free to go back and finish up any leveling content you haven’t done yet.


How has leveling in game changed?

Leveling has been reworked to make it shorter, have better tutorials, and better prepare the player for endgame both with gear and knowledge. If you’ve leveled before you’ll see many zones you know well, but with a different flow.


Content Vaulting & Adventures

What happened to certain adventure zones? 

Certain former leveling adventure zones have been “vaulted”, meaning we’ve removed them from the leveling flow and access to players. Vaulted adventure zones may return at a later time in a different format.



In streamlining the 1-20 leveling flow we wanted to have a focused player experience to help new players learn how to play the game while providing a fast track for veteran players to get to epic-level content faster. Vaulting specific leveling zones helped us improve the leveling experience on the remaining zones.


What happens if I was progressing through a now vaulted zone?

If you’re in a now-vaulted zone, you will be teleported to Protector’s Enclave. You will also be boosted to level 20, and receive an item pack with all the necessary gear for a level 20 character.


What happened to all the rewards related to vaulted zones? If any rewards are also gone, do we have a plan to bring them back somehow?

A lot of the rewards were adjusted to make sure the player is geared out well while leveling. Some rewards that were no longer needed were turned off so new ones no longer drop. They still exist and can be repurposed in the future if that is ever wanted or needed.


What is the Adventure System?

In short, the Adventure system is a feature which allows players to earn additional rewards for completing a set of missions. Each leveling zone has an associated Adventure, and certain older campaigns have been converted into Adventures. We’ll be discussing Adventures in more detail in an upcoming blog.



We will have opportunities in the near future for players to ask additional questions. We will be updating this FAQ to reflect player concerns and inquiries and hopefully provide more in-depth insight into the development of Module 21. We would be remiss if we did not provide an answer to one very important question now, though:

When can I cash in Lord Neverember’s Promissory Note?

Lord Neverember certainly has the means to cover the Promissory Note! As you well know, a noble’s word is his bond! He just needs to move some resources around to cover the expense. Which will happen any day now. Yup, aaaaaany day.


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