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Wonders of Gond!

By Julia (nitocris83) | Fri 21 May 2021 07:00:00 AM PDT

Gear up for Gond, the Lord of All Smiths! The Wonders of Gond event is returning to Neverwinter to help you crank out some wondrous rewards!

Let the engineering begin on Thursday, May 27 at 7:30am PT (16:30 CEST)

The engineering will come to a halt on Thursday, June 3rd at 7:30am PT (16:30 CEST)

How does the event work? As you adventure through Neverwinter, players will be able to collect Wondrous Grommets that will drop from slaying enemies. This tiny mechanical component is so fascinating it will spur players to explore what extraordinary devices one could create by combining more of these items.

Much like the current refinement system, players will combine Wondrous Grommets to create higher tiered items. As players progress through the item ranks, the more refinement points will be needed. Refinement points can only be gained by using Wondrous items such as the Rank 4 Wondrous Gadget, the Rank 2 Wondrous Cog and the Rank 3 Wondrous Sprocket.

In addition to finding the Wondrous items via the creatures of the Forgotten Realms, a limited-time task will be made available for most crafting professions. This Level 6 task allows players to convert unrefined crafting materials into a Rank 3 Sprocket, and at higher tiers of success, a Rank 4 Gadget along with several Rank 2 Cogs and Rank 1 Grommets.

What rewards can players earn? Adventurers will continue to upgrade the Wondrous items until they can create the pinnacle device, the Doohickey. This device can be further upgraded into the Wondrous Doohickey. An idea that was once thought to be complete has now been further improved on; such innovation! Gond would be impressed, if not proud of the ingenuity in the creation of this device.

Even more Wondrous items have started dropping in Neverwinter, in order to help you create these devices quicker.

When slaying Monsters, you will be able to find more than just Wondrous Grommets… Wondrous Cogs, Wondrous Sprockets, Wondrous Gadgets, and even a miraculous Clockwork Gadget have started appearing! The higher the difficulty, the rarer the wonder.

The Creations of Wonder Pack is still attainable by trading in a Doohickey. 

As in previous years, players will be able to turn in event items to the vendor located in the Event Dais in Protector’s Enclave for various rewards:

Creations of Wonder Pack – Cost: Doohickey (Rank 7)

A grand reward for reaching the highest level of craftsmanship and ingenuity during the event. This pack contains a chance to gain the unique Apparatus of Gond or Embellished Apparatus of Gond along with a chance to collect many other items including the Blacksmith companion or the Forgehammer of Gond. A yearly wonder also awaits.

Gond’s Anvil of Creation This is a powerful tool from the smithy of Gond, Lord of All Smiths. It has the ability to create wondrous things that can aid those in need.

Bore Worm – Account (Limited Time)

The Clerics of Gond have delved deep into Undermountain and have returned with parts to recreate the Metal Mage’s large metal construct: The Bore Worm. No longer does it seek to grind you into dust, but it is by no means docile. Ride with care.


Etched Apparatus Doohickey (Limited Time) – summons a Mini Etched Apparatus of Gond that will follow you around.



Apparatus of Gond

Created by the master smiths of Gond as a homage to Kwalish’s famous apparatus, this gleaming beauty is the very latest in giant crab artificing.

Embellished Apparatus of Gond 

This mount is shaped much like its precursor, the Apparatus of Gond, but has a shiny new finish with vents to expose the magical blue glow illuminating it from within.

Blacksmith Fashion Set – Cost: Thingamabob (Rank 6)

Want everyone in Protector’s Enclave to know you’re one of the best craftsmen in Neverwinter? With this fashion set there will be no mistaking your skills. This fashion set features Goggles, an Apron and Blacksmith Pants.

10x Mechanical Altars – Cost: Gizmo (Rank 5)

Sure you can use a normal portable altar, but invoking at the Mechanical Altar will grant additional rewards in the form of crafting resources and assets. This could give you just the boost you need to complete the next event profession task.

Expendable Doohickey – Cost: Gadget (Rank 4)

As a reward for upgrading your event items to the halfway point, you can claim a Doohickey; only it’s less powerful than the rank 7 and is also consumable.

Fizzy Brew – Cost: Clockwork Gadget 
NOTE: This item is currently not available. We hope to have in the store soon. 

Need a drink? This Fizzy Brew was created by the Clerics of Gond to cure common illness such as headaches, colds, or rashes… it ended up not being able to do any of that, but at least it’s a refreshing treat and will grant you Movement Speed and Awareness! Enjoy in your favorite mug!

Toy Apparatus of Gond – Cost: Sprocket (Rank 3)

This one-time-use item will shrink the Apparatus of Gond down to a miniature level for a while.


Zen Market: Wondrous Mechanical Pack

The wondrous box full of wondrous items for an aspiring engineer. This pack contains various parts of Gond, from Wondrous Grommets to Wondrous Gizmoes. This pack will kickstart your Doohickey making journey.

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