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Developer Blog: Stardock Environment

By Julia (nitocris83) | Fri 26 Jul 2019 07:00:00 AM PDT

Hello adventures! This is Jason, environment artist for Neverwinter, bringing you a short introduction to our newest playable area. We really wanted to give players something different for our next milestone, something that had currently never been done in Neverwinter. With the Design & Environment teams collaborating closely we settled on adventurers heading to Stardock.

The goal here was to give players something visually refreshing and something they wouldn’t expect. Thanks to Halaster and the many portals in Undermountain, it gave us a great avenue for something unique. For the first time we get to look out onto the world in which we travel: Toril!

With the location chosen we set out to create a visually visceral experience for players. With nothing quite like this currently in the game it was definitely a breath of fresh air; not just to create, but to adventure to as well. One of our main goals for this milestone was to let players not only see Toril, but Stardock also. We decided to create a few pieces of content that would share local space with Stardock, letting players see it in the vista while they crush enemies and players alike.


With the creation of Stardock, we have created an additional Arena for players to battle located within the asteroid belt. This was a great way for us to allow players of all levels the opportunity to experience Stardock.

I’m really excited to be able to give the players such a visually exciting experience within Neverwinter. I had a truly enjoyable time crafting Stardock & its arenas, and I hope you all enjoy the sights as well! ‘Till next time Adventurers!

Jason Marquez
Environment Artist

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