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Celebrate with Daily Gifts!

By Julia (nitocris83) | Thu 20 Jun 2019 07:00:00 AM PDT


Neverwinter is celebrating its 6 year anniversary, which means Lord Neverember has planned more than just a speech! In addition to the Protector’s Jubilee event that will run from 6/20 to 6/27, he has graciously offered a full week of free items! Take a look at the schedule and claim details below – and make sure to thank him when you get the chance.

Note: All items will be available in their claim location at 10am PDT on their scheduled date and will be removed when the new free item begins*



Free Gifts

Claim Location

Thursday 6/20

Refinement Pack

Zen Market (free tab)

Friday 6/21

15x Companion Upgrade Tokens

Zen Market (free or companion tab)

Saturday 6/22

60x Seals of the Crown

Rewards Claim Agent (promo tab)

Sunday 6/23

3x Preservation Wards

Zen Market (free tab)

Monday 6/24

Bahamut’s Scale & Claw 

Zen Market (free tab)

Tuesday 6/25

5x Scrolls of Life
1x Stone of Health

Zen Market (free tab)

Wednesday 6/26

3x Genie’s Gift

Rewards Claim Agent (promo tab)

*With the exception of the Russian Drider server. Please see Russian blog for schedule.

Don’t embarrass Lord Neverember by not claiming the gifts he provided! They’re only up for a limited time, and by limited, we mean one day each. He only asks you to take part in the Protector’s Jubilee during the celebration to show your unwavering enthusiasm for Neverwinter’s six-year anniversary!

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