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New Event: Tales of Old!

By Julia (nitocris83) | Mon 11 Feb 2019 09:59:32 AM PST

Gather around Adventurers! Nipsy, the wandering minstrel, has a tale for you…

Introducing “Tales of Old”, a recurring event that challenges you to explore classic dungeons while increasing the difficulty each time you choose to continue!

The first Tales of Old event “The Lair of the Mad Dragon” will run Thursday, February 14 (7:30am PT) to Thursday February 21 (7am PT) on PC!*


Event Overview

When a new Tales of Old event begins, players (level 15+) will be able to talk to Nipsy, the traveling Tabaxi, near the event dais in Protectors Enclave. Listen to Nipsy’s tale and enter the dungeon if you choose to accept the challenge! Upon completing the first run, players will be greeted by Nipsy and offered an option to run the dungeon again with increased difficulties or finish the story. Choosing another run will automatically queue the group to the next difficulty of the dungeon. Finishing the story will return players to Protectors Enclave.

Note:  If players continue but fail they lose a chance at getting the main currency but any currency they have collected from chests they retain



The dungeon difficulty is modified through various ways: Embellishments, Difficulty Modifiers, Lives, Timer, and Power Ups. 

Embellishments: Embellishments will add a disadvantage to the dungeon, making it harder for your party to finish the story. These challenges are chosen by Nipsy so listen to what they have to say closely.

Difficulty modifiers: these will display above the embellishment and increases the basic difficulty of the dungeon in various ways.

Lives: Your group will have a max number of lives on each run. Every time a player enters a near death state, a life is lost. When all lives have been lost, the run is considered a fail.

Timer: Each run has a total time that, once it expires, will cause the mission to fail.

Power-ups: Spending time exploring a dungeon can be deadly, but it can also be reward. You may randomly find certain items during your run that can assist you and your group with success!



Successfully completing a dungeon awards a new currency, Coins of Tales Told. The amount of currency will depend on the difficulty tier of the dungeon upon completion. Successfully completing a full 5 runs of a dungeon will award the maximum daily amount of Coins of Tales Told. Players can use this currency to obtain the Envenomed Storyteller’s Journal and Poisons.

Open treasure chests throughout the dungeon to obtain Trinkets of Old. This currency can be used to purchase the Chest of Tales Told which can contain:

  • Chartillifax (vanity pet – Obtained during Lair of the Mad Dragon only)
  • Hrimnir (vanity pet – Obtained during Frozen Heart only)
  • Woven Tales Enchantment (Rank 8 or 9)
  • Blood Ruby
  • Companion Upgrade Token
  • 10,000 to 20,000 Rough AD
  • Minstrel’s Fancy Shirt, Pants, or Hat

An additional currency, Fabled Chapters, is earned by reaching the minimum contribution level for the event and is used to purchase season rewards. Fabled Chapters can be used to obtain:

  • Scarf of Embellishments Artifact Equipment
  • Sash of Embellishments Artifact Equipment
  • Box of Astral Diamonds (contains 3000 rough AD)


Will you sit and listen to these great tales of old or are you up to experiencing them yourself?


*Tales of Old will arrive on Console at a later date.

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