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Developer Blog: Undying Lockbox

By Julia (nitocris83) | Mon 25 Jun 2018 10:20:21 AM PDT

Investigating disturbances at the stronghold of a Duchess leads to a mysterious mist enveloping a land haunted by terrors in the night. Barovia is a town easy to stumble upon, the bigger question is: Will you be able to leave once you arrive? Behold, the Undying Lockbox!

This lockbox will be available in the game on June 26!

To open the Undying Lockbox, you’ll need an Enchanted Key. Keys are available from the Zen Market or, if you’re a VIP member, you get one new key for free every day.

Barovia is terrorized by beastly creatures and undead which can travel long distances by changing their form. The Bat Swarm mount allows the user to transform into a swarm of bats streaking through the dark skies.

This Bat Swarm serves as a swift and unique mount to those who may discover it:

  • Legendary mount speed
  • Equip Power:  Hearty Replenishment (+4,000 Life Steal Severity)
  • Combat Power: Bat Swarm (Summon a swarm of bats which release you from most control effects and increase your damage by 5%. Your target will be slowed by 5%, take 5% more damage, cause 5% less damage, have their critical chance reduced by 5%, and have their Action Point Gains reduced by 5% for 10 seconds.)


Barovia is too dangerous of a land to travel alone. Fortunately the Undying Lockbox comes with a Razorwood companion. A powerful twig blight that serves its owner well and will defend you at all costs.

Razorwood Stats:

  • Active Bonus: +25% Combat Advantage. +2.5% Critical Severity
  • Runestone Slots: 3 Offensive Slots
  • Equipment Slots: Neck, Ring, Ring


There is much more in the Undying Lockbox than transformative travel and deadly foliage. Several other packs can be found within: 

  • Cursed Artifact Equipment Pack – May contain artifact equipment such as the Amulet of Tiamat’s Demise, Tiamat Sash, Cloak of Valhalla, or Belt of Valhalla. This pack may also contain an Ultimate Enchanting Stone.
  • Howling Adventurer Pack – May hold many items useful to the heroic adventurer: Greater Stones of Health, Scrolls of Mass Life, Epic Dungeon Keys, Retraining Tokens, Companion Upgrade Tokens, Cubes of Augmentation, and Tears of Bahamut. This pack will strengthen many adventurers for battle.
  • Darkened Night Stronghold Pack – This pack contains Stronghold Vouchers and Barovian Portraits for those who wish to always call Barovia home.
  • Full Moon Enchantment Pack – Has a chance of valuable diamonds, Ultimate Marks of Potency, and enchantments.
  • Bloodied Companion Equipment Pack – This pack may contain Adorable Companion Equipment, or +5 Illusionist Gambit companion equipment which have had their overload slots turned into offense slots, Companion Upgrade Tokens, or Runestones.
  • Variety Fashion Pack – This rare pack can grant a wide selection of fashions and dyes from Neverwinter.


Count Strahd von Zarovich has caused a powerful curse to wash over Barovia. Enter if you dare and you shall be rewarded. But beware, as you may find yourself a permanent resident of Barovia and subject to the cruelty which descends from Castle Ravenloft.


Jared Sears
Systems Designer

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