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Patch Notes: NW.90.20171107g.2

By Ambassador Kael | Mon 20 Nov 2017 04:41:29 PM PST

Release Notes


Content and Environment



  • Merchant Prince's Folly: Archer guards are no longer stuck holding their bow drawn after combat ends.
  • Tomb of the Nine Gods
    • Players must now successfully "Find Temple Entrance" before they can unlock the related respawn campfire and open the door.
    • Players now consistently receive loot from the final boss if they die during a successful attempt.
    • Respawn locations have been updated for a smoother experience when dying.



  • Various minor text issues have been addressed.


Combat and Powers



Classes and Balance

  • Cancelling a power with charges before the attack goes off no longer incorrectly consumes a charge.
  • Guardian Fighters and Oathbound Paladins should no longer sometimes activate their Block / Sanctuary powers without gaining the benefits.



  • Lightfoot Thief: This companion's Active Companion Bonus no longer ticks several extra times on the first damage tick.


Items and Economy



  • The Skull Lord Staff now properly deals an appropriate amount of damage based on its tooltip.



  • All Chult rings no longer give their triggered stat buffs to Companions.
  • Attempting to salvage some gear no longer incorrectly shows the Convert Refinement Points window.
  • Black Ice Crafting: The Guardian Fighter task for Elemental Alliance Assault Greaves now actually exists, functions, and requires Alliance Assault Greaves.
  • Pioneer Equipment can now properly be purchased for other classes from the vendor in Port Nyanzaru.
  • Sandy's Assault Pants
    • The dazing effect of Sandy's Assault Pants is no longer applied intermittently.
    • A placeholder buff icon is no longer displayed while the effect is on cooldown.
    • Known Issue: The Daze does not currently require a hit of 15% or more of the character's maximum health.
  • The epic dungeon Kessell's Retreat no longer has a chance to grant more Astral Diamonds than expected.


Zen Market

  • Dragonborn Race Reroll Bundle can now only be purchased once per account, as there's a separate Race Reroll purchase for 1500 Zen.
    • This bundle is also unable to be purchased if the player had already purchased the Dragonborn Legend Pack.


User Interface



  • A player's handle is now displayed in Guild Activity and Donation Log entries.
  • Alts can now properly be added to the guild if it is at max players, but not max characters.
  • Guild Management: Search now properly shows its results immediately.
  • Resource values are now displayed in Donation Log entries.
  • The commands "ExportGuildActivityLog", "ExportGuildBankLog", and "ExportGuildDonationLog" now exist.
  • When a search in the Guild Logs is cleared, it actually clears the search string in the box too.
  • When searching for guilds, there is now an option to choose whether to show only guilds with someone online who has invitation privileges.



  • When Inventory Icon Size is set to Small, items can now properly be moved between the Bank (or Guild Bank) and the inventory.



  • Completionists rejoice / lament!  There's now an option under HUD settings to show low-level contact indicators, for things such as low-level quests.



  • Artifact Equipment is no longer automatically included when selecting "Choose convertible equipment" in the Refinement Point Conversion window.
  • The end of the Refinement bar now properly shows endcap art.
  • When refining in bulk, it now shows a prompt if the player has an item with slotted enchantments, kits, or jewels.


Art, Animation, and Audio



  • Bulette mount: The spawn-in animation should now be smoother.
  • Civilians should sink into the ground less frequently when walking up stairs.
  • Deinonychus mount: Several clipping issues have been addressed or improved.
  • Gas Spore mount: The spawn-in animation no longer double-plays.


Character Art

  • The "Layered" hairstyle no longer stretches in weird ways while on a mount.





  • Several minor localization issues have been addressed in French, German, Italian, and Russian locales.




Demo Play

  • The camera path editor should hopefully be available again.


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