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Patch Notes: Version: NW.75.20170306d.4

By Julia (nitocris83) | Wed 15 Mar 2017 08:00:27 PM PDT


Updated Early-Game Experience

After leaving the Sleeping Dragon Bridge, the player will now be brought to an instanced version of Neverwinter and be greeted directly by Sergeant Knox.  The fashion items awarded will be more fashionable than the previous peasant apparel.

Devoted Cleric Updates

The Devoted Cleric has received some balance changes and functionality improvements in this build, and will receive a free respec as a result.  If you want to try out different builds before using this respec, you may use the NeverwinterPreview shard. 


Release Notes

Known Issues

  • Some of Kavatos' new voice-over lines in cutscenes are incorrect.
  • Illusionist's Gambit: There are still spots where the gauntlet can be sidestepped.


Content and Environment

River District

  • Additional missing voice-over has been added.
  • Arcanic Focus: This ingredient has been added to the Daily and Weekly quest rewards.  Drop rates have been adjusted in the dig sites for this ingredient.
  • Arcane Magical Writings: This ingredient has its drop rate increased in the River District's Heroic Encounters.
  • Kabal's Trial: The Lava Galeb Duhr has replaced the Volcanic Galeb Duhr in this instance's reward drops.
  • Rusted Strongboxes are now granted directly, rather than opening immediately on receipt.


Skirmish: Illusionist's Gambit

  • Illusionist's Gambit now awards the standard Rough Astral Diamonds for twice-daily Skirmish clears.
  • Players should no longer be knocked into invisible walls in certain sections of the post-knockout gauntlet.


Dungeon: Spellplague Caverns (Master)

  • The dungeon key chest now has a chance to drop Garb of the Ascended.  This body slot equipment is equippable by all classes, and significantly increases Maximum HP while outside a party, or Life Steal rating while in a party. 


Combat and Powers


  • Eye of the Giant: When this item's power is used outside of combat, it now properly grants 5% damage resistance.


Devoted Cleric

  • Due to the breadth and severity of these changes, Devoted Clerics will receive a free respec upon logging in after this build goes live.
  • The following powers have had their damage increased by 30%:
    • Sun Burst
    • Searing Light
    • Chains of Blazing Light
    • Daunting Light
    • Forgemaster's Flame
    • Divine Glow
    • Break the Spirit
    • Prophecy of Doom
    • Flame Strike
    • Hammer of Fate
  • Ancient Warding
    • Fixed a bug where this power was not triggering after Anointed Army expired.
  • Anointed Action
    • Fixed this power to proc correctly for Divine Armor, Anointed Army, and Guardian of Faith.
  • Anointed Army
    • The amount of damage absorbed by each charge of Anointed Army has been capped at 20% of the target's maximum Hit Points. While the bug for this power was that it was mitigating 100% of incoming damage rather than the original 90%, the power will be left at 100% absorption for damage amounts at 20% of the target's maximum hit points or below, now that the amount absorbed has been capped.
    • The power transferred from the Cleric to party members has been reduced from 50% to 33%. This is due to there still being too much group contribution from a single power that is exclusive to one paragon path. This reduction will be partially offset by their ability to use it in conjunction with Hallowed Ground more easily, now that AP can be generated while it is active.
    • This power no longer grants CC immunity after all blessings have expired.
  • Chains of Blazing Light
    • This power no longer grants AP in Divine mode.
    • Corrected tooltip to communicate that this power increases damage by 15% per charge consumed, not 10%.
  • Condemning Gaze
    • Fixed a bug where this power could debuff more than 15% damage resistance to targets in certain cases.
    • Corrected tooltip to communicate that this is an area effect.
  • Divine Armor
    • Clerics can now gain Action Points immediately after using Divine Armor.
    • Divine Armor no longer grants Damage Resistance. Instead, it grants targets 50% of their maximum hit points as Temporary Hit Points (up from 20%) for 5 seconds, plus an additional 10% per rank, to a maximum of 80% of the target's maximum hit points.
    • Fixed a bug where Divine Armor was not granting additional Temporary Hit Points at additional ranks.
  • Divine Glow
    • Fixed this power to correctly increase in duration per empowered charge consumed.
    • Fixed this power to correctly proc weapon enchantments, racial abilities, and certain set bonuses. This fix should apply to several other powers in the game, specifically those that could target enemies but also had healing components.
  • Flame Strike
    • This power now properly triggers weapon enchantments.
  • Geas
    • Fixed a bug where this power was not granting AP on use.
  • Gift of Haste
    • Fixed a bug where this power could stack in some situations.
  • Guardian of Faith
    • This power now heals targets for 500% of its original amount.
  • Hastening Light
    • Fixed a bug where the Off-Hand Artifact Class Feature for this power was not granting AP to allies. It has also been adjusted to give 5% AP to allies over 15 seconds, down from 10% instantly.
  • Hallowed Ground
    • Clerics can now gain Action Points while Hallowed Ground is active. To compensate for this adjustment, this power now has a 45-second cooldown (can be shortened with cooldown reduction). Ideally, we would like to get rid of these "AP gain blocks" from most, if not all, Daily powers. In cases where the intent is to make a Daily non-spammable, a cooldown allows players to at least have the option to build AP to use their other Daily, if they so desire.
  • Lance of Faith
    • The third hit of this power now deals damage to nearby targets.
  • Living Flame
    • This power has been changed to grant a 5/10/15/20/25% buff to damage dealt for 8 seconds when taken below 30% hit points, rather than only granting the buff while the Cleric is below 30% hit points.
  • Piercing Light
    • Fixed this power to rank up correctly with ranks in Piercing Light.
  • Prophecy of Doom
    • Fixed a bug where this power was not granting AP on use.
    • Fixed a bug where this power did not instantly recharge when it killed an enemy.
    • Fixed a bug where this power did not increase in duration while empowered.
    • Fixed this power to instantly recharge if the target is killed during its duration.
    • Fixed this power to correctly grant AP.
    • Fixed this power to correctly increase in duration per empowered charge consumed.
  • Prophetic Action
    • This power now shields the Cleric against one attack for up to 100% of their maximum hit points, and additionally shields all party members against one attack for up to 25% of their maximum hit points, every 30/27/24/21 seconds.
  • Repurpose Soul
    • Fixed a bug where this power would not proc from certain powers.
    • This power now correctly grants 5/10/15% as described in the tooltip, up from 3/6/9%.
  • Searing Light
    • This power no longer grants AP in Divine mode, as it is not intended for any encounter powers to generate AP in this mode.
  • Templar's Domain
    • Fixed a bug where this feat could only proc once every 5 minutes. There is no longer a limit on the amount of times this feat can proc, and successive procs will refresh its duration (does not stack).
  • Terrifying Insight
    • This power no longer decreases the damage resistance of the Cleric's target. Instead, it now increases the damage dealt by all party members by 8%, with an additional 4% per rank, for a maximum of 20%.
  • Warding Flare
    • This power now shields targets for 10% of their maximum hit points for normal, divine, and empowered versions, rather than an amount based on your weapon damage.
    • This power now ticks every second, improved from every 1.5 seconds.
    • This power now affects up to 5 targets inside the affected area per tick, up from 1 randomly chosen target.  The Divinity version of this power still only affects one target.
    • When empowered, this power also heals targets periodically in addition to shielding them, with the heal increasing by 35% per additional empowerment charge consumed.
    • The empowered version of this power also heals targets in addition to shielding them. The healing amount increases with each charge consumed.
    • The empowered version of this power no longer increases in duration per charge consumed.


Great Weapon Fighter

  • Unstoppable no longer becomes unusable if the player gained a significant amount of Determination in the split second between activating the power and gaining its effects.


Guardian Fighter

  • Supremacy of Steel: This power no longer prevents AP gain while active.


Hunter Ranger

  • Plant Growth no longer has a delay between activation and when damage takes place.


Oathbound Paladin

  • Fixed Aura of Radiance and Aura of Truth to scale properly with additional ranks.



  • The Mount Insignia bonus, Artificer's Persuasion, can no longer be activated if an artifact power is cancelled before activation.
  • Weapon enchantments, set bonus procs, and racial procs now properly activate from powers that have both healing and damage-dealing components (e.g. Divine Glow).


Items and Economy


  • Certain Companion powers that were not triggering Insignia bonuses now properly do so.  The list of addressed powers follows.
    • Lillend's Audio Drain
    • Barbarian Shaman's Howling Wrath
    • Paranoid Delusion's Rogue Melee Attack
    • Siegemaster's Shield Wall
    • Cleric Disciple's Sacred Flame
    • Ghost's Spirit Touch
    • Deva Champion's Smiting Blows
    • Ice Sprite's Twin Ice
    • Regenade Evoker's Pillar of Flame
    • Regenade Illusionist's Mirror Image
  • Energon: This companion now properly plays appropriate animations when affected by crowd control.
  • Remorhaz: This companion now properly gives additional relics when they have an Archaeologist's Trowel.
  • Volcanic Galeb Duhr is once again properly Epic quality, rather than Uncommon.



  • Frosted Glyphs should no longer strike targets you haven't been attacking for 0 damage. This should resolve issues where companions would attack these enemies for no apparent reason.
  • Transcendent Plague Fire Weapon Enhancement: This enchantment's tooltip now correctly shows the damage the secondary AoE does (based on the player's Power and other damage buffs). The functionality has not changed; this is just a tooltip change.
  • Holy Avenger Weapon Enhancement: Clarifications have been made to this enchantment's tooltips.
  • Holy Avenger Weapon Enhancement: This enchantment's bonus damage value on the Transcendent proc has increased to 10%, up from 7.5%.



  • Players who own the Fancy Horse can now add the Uncommon quality Gorgon mount to their stables.
  • Rainbow Starry Panther once again has the proper starry visual effects.  This may address other mount graphical issues with a Visual FX focus.



  • Bounty Store: The Chasm: Scourge and Trickster Bounty Packs now cost 40 Blue Fire Insignias as intended.
  • Endurant Shard of Permafrost has seen a few updates.
    • The effect now persists through death.
    • The cooldown now properly decreases even when logged out.
    • Other combat consumables no longer go on a brief cooldown when the shard is used.
    • In order to prevent locking a consumable tray slot for 18 hours, it is no longer possible to slot this item, it can only be used from the inventory directly.
    • The buff icon now indicates what it does.
  • Mimics now drop more loot!
  • Most healing potions now scale in effectiveness in level-scaled content if the character's level is being increased.


User Interface

Auction House

  • New categories are now visible in the Auction House: Companion Equipment, Mount Packs.


Character Sheet

  • Players can no longer swap out equipment slots while in combat.



  • Certain passive stat buffs in Companion power lists now properly apply to their visible stats.  For example: The 300 Critical Strike provided to the Blue Fire Eye by its power, Focused Attack.



  • If the player holds the Jump key and doesn't release it until after they land, they can now properly jump again before moving.
  • Quest Path toggling is no longer bound to a key by default.  It may still be bound through the Options menu.
    • This change does not affect existing characters.


Zen Market

  • The Featured category is no longer as crowded, and the New category is no longer as dated.


Performance and Stability


  • The "d3d11Enable" command line option has been removed, as setting it to 0 made players unable to log in.
  • Various minor client and server performance improvements have been made.

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