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Champions Online

Veteran Rewards

By LaughingTrendy
Tue 06 Jan 2015 04:30:48 PM PST


Show off your status with Veteran Rewards! From impressive titles to coveted costume pieces, we've put together these bonus gifts for Champions Online subscribers; the longer you stay subscribed, the more rewards you’ll get, unlocking a new tier every 100 days of active subscription.

Already a Lifetime Subscriber, or thinking of becoming one? Lifetime Subscribers unlock instant access to all Veteran Rewards! Plus, LTS owners and active subscribers get a new costume piece every month

To learn more about the Veteran Rewards program and eligibiliity requirements, check out the Veteran Rewards FAQ below.

Here's what's in store for our dedicated fans:


100 Days

• Stalwart Title
• FREE Full Retcon Token
• FREE Costume Piece – Hammer Bracers
• A 5% Experience Boost Until Level 15
• FREE Item - Heroic Resonance. (When activated, it recharges the character's Health and Energy to 100%. One-hundred-twenty-minute cooldown. Each character on the account receives the item.)



200 Days

• Redoubtable Title
• FREE Character Slot
• FREE Costume Pieces – Wizard/Druid Robes (chest, belt, hips, hood)
• A 7.5% Experience Boost Until Level 15
• FREE Heroic Resonance



300 Days

• Dauntless Title
• FREE Costume Slot For Each Character
• FREE Costume Pieces - Spartan Lion Armor (helmet, bracers, chest, boots).
• A 10% Experience Boost Until Level 15
• FREE Heroic Resonance



400 Days

• Valiant Title
• FREE Full Retcon Token
• FREE Access To Club Caprice VIP Room (with associated benefits)
• FREE Costume Pieces - Epic Revelation Armor (shoulders, bracers, neck, chest, boots)
• A 12.5% Experience Boost Until Level 15
• FREE Heroic Resonance



500 Days

• Tremendous Title
• FREE Full Retcon Token
• FREE Veteran Bag of Holding Most
• FREE Healing Potion
• FREE Therakiel Action Figure



600 Days

• Magnificent Title
• FREE Full Retcon Token
• FREE Inventory Bag Slot



700 Days

• Impressive Title
• FREE Full Retcon Token
• FREE Costume Slot
• 20% Off Tailor Costs



800 Days

• The Stunning Title
• FREE Full Retcon Token
• FREE Costume Slot
• FREE costume Change Token
• 40 Additional Shared Hideout Bank Slots



900 Days

• The Vanguard of Thaar Title
• FREE Costume Set: The Avian Warrior
• FREE MOD: The Veteran's Core of Might



1000 Days

• The Ultimate Title
• Daily Questionite refining cap doubled
• FREE Costume Set: Glowing Tights
• FREE Travel Power: Millennial Flight


Q: How are Veteran Rewards calculated?

A: Veteran Rewards are given out based on how long you've had an active subscription. This information is tallied and stored as part of the existing Perk system in-game. Your subscription must be active for the total required amount of days to complete the associated Veteran Reward Perk. This time is not dependent on consecutive days. For example, if you subscribed for 60 days and canceled your subscription, then reactivated your subscription two weeks later, the first day you are back will count as day 61.

Q: What if I'm a Lifetime Subscriber?

A: All current and future Lifetime Subscribers will gain instant access to all Veteran Rewards, regardless of purchase date!

Q: How high does it go?

A: Veteran Rewards are capped at 1,000 days.



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