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Champions Online

Infernal Lockbox - Now Live!

By trailturtle | Fri 24 Oct 2014 02:26:35 PM PDT


Hope you’re not already frightened away by all our Halloween festivities as the Infernal Lockbox is now live - complete with a new ghost train vehicle and tools to skeletalize your hero!



Fearsome fashion aficionados, make sure to check out the new Skeleton aura and costume. The Skeleton Aura skeletonizes your character, so that your jackets or headbands are worn by the skeleton. The Skeleton costume set works similarly, but lets you have only the skeleton pieces you desire – so your skeletal hero can have fully-alive hands, for instance.




The Infernal Engine is a special vehicle of a new type: the Ghost Train. The Engine is a flying train, leaving a trail of fire behind its wheels. It comes equipped with mods for Singularity Bomb and Heavy Cannon, both Mark 2, and has the Minigun power baked in.

The vehicle is also equipped with a total of 8 equipment slots: 4 weapon, 2 Defensive and 2 Support. This is a Mark 2 vehicle, so it's turbo-powered and ready for action.

There will be one other Ghost Train available soon, in the Drifter Salvage store, so make sure to collect your Salvage from lockboxes! This other Ghost Train will be less menacing, more of a mundane train.


Here’s a complete list of all possible prizes from the lockbox:

-Infernal Engine vehicle (Mark 2)

-Skeleton costume set

-Skeleton Aura

-Legion’s Armor Pack

-Footprints Aura

-Carrion Flies Aura

-Mercenary’s Armor Pack

-Rare Modification Case

-Vehicle Modification Case

-Crate of Drifter Salvage

-Crate of Questionite

-Modification Supply Case


Additionally, each lockbox includes 2+ Drifter Salvage, plus a boost for XP, Resource, or Crafting gain.

This lockbox is now LIVE. Make sure to use up your keys!

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