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Get Bonus Rewards from the Zen Market

Von DwightMC | Fr 12 Dez 2014 10:09:00 PST

Have you explored the Neverwinter Zen Market? It contains a variety of helpful items to aid you on your Adventures through the Well of Dragons. To get you even more prepared for the Well of Dragons and the fight against Tiamat, we're excited to announce the start of a promotion to get you more rewards with your purchase!

Starting now until Monday December 15, 2014, whenever you spend a certain amount of Zen in Neverwinter, you’ll be rewarded with many exclusive items including in-game titles, companions and the rare High Forest Bear mount.

Spend Rewards Starts: Friday December 12, 2014 at 10 AM PST (Pacific)

Spend Rewards Ends: Monday December 15, 2014 at 10 AM PST (Pacific)

How does it work? Unlike previous promotions where players are rewarded for simply transferring Zen into Neverwinter, this promotion will reward players when a certain amount of Zen is spent in the Zen Market during the promotional period. Each “tier” will reward you with all of that tier’s items and all subsequent tiers as well. Rewards will be given out on 12/18.

**This promotion includes all purchases from the Zen market including Zen obtained from the AD Exchange.

As an added bonus, for a limited time you’ll also receive bonus Jewelcrafting resources when you open Profession Asset packs, more information can be found here.

What are the rewards you could receive?

15,000 Zen spent – Now’s your chance to own one of the rarest mounts in Neverwinter! For every 15,000 Zen spent, not only will you receive all the rewards below, you will also receive the High Forest Bear mount. **This mount can only be obtained once per account, but will be available at the rewards claim agent and can be claimed by any character on the acount. Once players hit this spending level they will no longer be entered into the raffle for the mount. 

9,000 Zen Spent – Players who spend 9,000 Zen during the promotional period will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win the High Forest Bear mount, plus they will also receive all the rewards below. UPDATE: We selected the 20 winners of the High Forest Bear - check the Reward Claims Agent to see if you won!

6,000 Zen Spent – Spending 6,000 Zen during the promotion will reward players with the Aranea companion. Normally found in the Feywild Lockboxes, this unique companion is an intelligent, shape-shifting giant spider with innate magical abilities. This can be yours when you spend 6,000 Zen in the Zen Market. Players will also receive the rewards listed below.

3,000 Zen Spent – Players who spend 3,000 Zen during the promotion will receive a Storm Rider companion. This warrior of ice and thunder was trained from birth to slay Giants, which makes this unique companion an excellent partner to aid you in your battles.

500 Zen Spent – Spending 500 Zen, during the promotion, will reward players with the Dragon Ascendant title along with a Neverwinter Vanguard Pack.

Are you excited for your chance at owning one of rarest mounts in the game? Let us know in the official Neverwinter Forums.

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