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Star Trek Online

New Items in Mudd's Market!

Von Ambassador Kael | Di 17 Mär 2020 09:00:00 PDT

Friends! Loyal Compatriots! It is once again a message from I, Harcout Fenton Mudd, your greatest living friend, confidant, and of course dealer of all things rare and fantastical. I come to you today to let you know that yes, once again I have escaped Federation Custody, and that despite their best efforts, no one can track me to my current location - except for you, that is! And what a location I have discovered. Here in the bountiful plains of - well, let's leave that part our secret, shall we? - I have discovered a portal to a most fascinating place. It is an alternate dimenison, where things are very much like our own, but different! I escaped there with a cache of uniforms worn by the Federation Admirals of that universe, and I can now pass those on to you at a great savings! But that's not all, no no. Madams, Gents, everyone in between, I have in my possession a fleet of Vulcan Scout ships from the era of the first Klingon War, restored to pristine condition and outfitted with modern comforts! And, if fashion is what you seek, I have on hand a collection of the finest leather armor, sourced from a completely different portal to a completely different alternate universe! You may not believe my stories, but I'll tell you what's truly unbelievable - these deals.

Mudd’s Market is being updated on PC! We're adding three new items, the Kelvin Timeline Admiral Uniform, the Vulcan T'Pau Scout Ship, and the Terran Guerilla Combat Armor! The whole store will be 80% off from March 19th to March 23rd!


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Captains auf allen Plattformen können ein kostenloses Paket mit Borg-Waffen und einem Brückenoffizier erhalten, jetzt auf dem PC und ab dem 9. April auf den Konsolen!
Ab heute gibt es 15% Rabatt auf Hauptschlüssel und das Schlüsselring-Paket ist im C-Store erhältlich.
Vom 2. bis zum 7. April können Captains auf dem PC von Bonus-ZEN profitieren und außerdem 20% Rabatt auf ALLES im ZEN-Laden in Anspruch nehmen!

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