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Star Trek Online

PC Patch Notes for 1/25/18

Von Ambassador Kael
Mi 24 Jan 2018 18:20:24 PST


  • The Crossfield, Walker, and Sarcophagus class starships now have access to all standard faction materials in the starship customization interface. 
  • Scylla and Charybdis:
    • Changed the start dates for the week 2 – 4 rewards to start on the next 3 Thursdays instead of Tuesdays.
    • Resolved an issue where some parts of VO were overlapping.
  • Sound effects for weapons from Star Trek: Discovery sound more like as they do from the show.
  • Shield visuals no longer appear over the "glass" areas of the Sarcophagus ship. 
  • Resolved an issue with Discovery weapons shooting from the center of the ship.
    • This also resolved a similar issue with Discovery Disrupter weapons.
  • Resolved an issue which caused the Overload FX to not play on new beam weapons in the Discovery Lockbox.
  • Added correct icons to some of the new items released in the 8th Anniversary update.


  • Vulcan Hello Starship Trait:
    • Resolved an issue that prevented the "Vulcan Hello" Starship Trait from granting any Shield Penetration increase while active.
    • Also updated the tooltip to correctly display +20% instead of +2000%.
    • Resolved an issue that caused the tooltip to display incorrect Shield Penetration values.
    • Resolved an issue that prevented this power from granting any Shield Penetration while active, and reduced Shield Penetration value from 20% to 10%
  • Honored Dead Starship Trait:
    • Resolved an issue that caused stacks of this trait's bonus to be applied based on Pre-Resist Damage.
      • It now correctly tracks only Post-Resist damage.
    • Reduced magnitude of bonus received from each stack from +20 Damage Resistance Rating and 2% Hull Regeneration to +10 Damage Resistance Rating and 1% Hull Regeneration.
  • Obfuscation Screen:
    • Resolved an issue causing duplicated text on the description.
    • Updated description of Obfuscation screen passives description to be more accurate.
  • Updated House Mo'Kai Raider pets to use Sensor-Linked Disruptor weapons instead of generic Disruptor weapons.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Integrity-Linked Disruptor Dual Cannons and Integrity-Linked Disruptor Dual Heavy Cannons to be missing their stat bonus. 
  • Resolved an issue where the Integrity-Linked Wide Arc DHC's had the Sensor-Linked proc by mistake.
    • This also updates existing items.
  • Re-Engineering: Updated new Deflector modifiers to not say "for 1.2 seconds" and not go offline with the captain’s secondary deflector.
    • Updated new secondary deflector mods to not say "for 1.2 seconds".
  • Resolved an issue where the Lorca Maneuver would teleport the player backwards twice if the player was in reverse.
  • Added faction-specific warnings to the reward packs for the Discovery Lockbox Starship Traits.

Known Issues:

  • The new emotes from the Anniversary event are not unlocking for the whole account.
  • The Force Verify button is not functioning in the launcher.

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