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First Time Spender Package

Von Shalenak | Mi 13 Feb 2019 11:00:00 PST


Good news everyone! We've updated our First Time Spender Package with new and better rewards!  Charge certain amounts of Gold for the first time and receive exclusive prizes.  The more you charge, the more you'll receive!

How to Redeem

After charging Gold to your account and if your cumulative total of Gold charged meets a First Time Spender tier requirement, then spend at least 1 Gold at the in-game Boutique on the character you wish to receive the rewards on.  The rewards will then be sent directly to your in-game mailbox for you to collect and enjoy!

  • Each First Time Spender Package tier can be redeemed only once per account.
  • Rewards received through your in-game mailbox will be bound to your character (cannot be traded with other characters).
  • Please allow up to several hours up to one day to receive your rewards.
  • Please make sure your mailbox has enough room to properly receive your rewards!

Here's what you can get!


Tier 1 - your first 20 Gold (cumulative)



  • First Time Buyer Pack - Contains the following:
    • Ancient Gift x5
    • Hyper EXP Stone x5
    • Perfect Devilslaying Insignia x1
    • Auto Recovery Stone x1
    • Teleport Bell x1
    • Perfect Teleport Stone x5
    • Platinum Guardian Charm x1
    • Platinum Spirit Charm x1
    • War Avatar Pack C x5
    • Aurora Mount
    • Hungry Honey Bear Pet Egg
  • Ten Million Coins
  • Event Gold



Tier 2 - your first 50 Gold (cumulative)

  • + War Avatar Treasure Box x5
  • + Perfect Pack x1 - Contains the following:
    • Primordial Blood x2
    • Holy Pill x5
    • Squad Signet x2
    • Faction Signet x2
    • Foxy Smiley Set (7 days)
    • Teleacoustic x40
  • + More Event Gold
  • First Time Buyer Pack
  • Ten Million Coins


Tier 3 - your first 100 Gold (cumulative)

  • + War Avatar Treasure Box x5
  • + Single Silver Pack x1 - Contains the following:
    • Tienkang Stone x20
    • Tisha Stone x20
    • Holy Pill x40
  • + More Event Gold
  • War Avatar Treasure Box x5
  • Perfect Pack x1
  • First Time Buyer Pack
  • Ten Million Coins



Tier 4 - your first 200 Gold (cumulative)

  • + War Avatar Treasure Box x10
  • + War Avatar Chest: S x1
  • + Runemaster Ancestral Dragon
  • + More Event Gold
  • Single Silver Pack x1
  • War Avatar Treasure Box x10
  • Perfect Pack x1 - Contains the following:
  • First Time Buyer Pack
  • Ten Million Coins


That's not all!

If you have ever bought and spent gold in PWI before, you will also be receiving these gifts! We value you as our players, and wanted to include you in on this program as well! We hope you enjoy it, and see you in-game!



Thank you for your continued support for PWI.  We hope you enjoy this update!


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