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Christmas Pack-a-Palouza

Von Lugia
Di 05 Dez 2017 10:00:00 PST

Bring in some of your favorite Chance Packs during Christmas time!


Voting Start: 12/5/2017 @ 10:00 AM PT

Voting End: 12/8/2017 @ 00:00 PT

Sales Start: 12/20/2017 @ 1:00 Server Time


Survey Link – VOTE NOW!


What items are considered Chance Packs?


Items that would fall into the category for this event are packs that contain the following in their droptables:

  • Perfect Token of Luck/Lucky Coins/Iceshard Coins
  • Perfect Token of Best Luck/Golden Coin
  • Citrine/Garnet/Sapphire Gems
  • Scroll Of Tome


Droptables can scale up or down, have different items, different cosmetics or no cosmetics and would still fall under this category.

The following packs/chance items will NOT be available to be voted on or written in as an option –

  • Fortune Key
  • 9th Anniversary Pack
  • Japanese Chance Packs 5-8
  • Vyn Ren’s Treasure
  • 2017 US Chance Packs 1-3
  • Japan Lottery 1-4
  • Emerald Relic of Spirit/Emerald Relic of Heaven
  • Rouge’s Hidden Chest
  • Aqueous Scroll
  • Tinker’s Trunk
  • Dragon Orb Packs
  • Mirage/Gem/Flowing Crystal/Battle Pet/Mysterious Chip Packs
  • Chance Packs older than the original Anniversary Chance Pack (such as old fashion only packs)
  • Other miscellaneous “pack” type items that do not include the basic, staple drop items listed above or have specific event-typed purposes (Such as Misc. PvP competition packs or Soulgem Packs)
  • Packs that contained “banned” items OR items with NPC exchanges that don’t exist this version OR old gear exchange items that are not commonly used.


NOTICE: Any written responses for these Chance Packs will not be taken into consideration.




Only the Top 5 Chance Packs will appear in the Cash Shop.

If it is a brand new pack (never been sold before), it will appear at the standard entry sales price.

The sale will last for one week from December 20th @ 1:00 Server Time to December 27th @ 1:00 Server Time, so plan accordingly!


Make Your Voices Heard!


Casting a vote will unlock free goodies for everyone!


500+ votes:

 Ancient Gift x5

 War Avatar Pack S x2


Neueste Beiträge Mehr

Ladet auf und gebt während der Aktion Gold aus, um euch „Heller, guter Wein“ zu sichern!
Schnappt euch bei dieser Aktion ein paar Drachenkugeln und Seelenstein-Pakete!
Werft einen Blick auf die Boni in der kommenden Aufladeaktion!

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