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Home Sweet Homestead Sales

Von enelimm
Mi 05 Apr 2017 10:00:00 PDT


This week, we’re putting a ton of Homestead items on sale as well as some Starchart items, Mysterious Chips and more!

Unless otherwise stated, all sales run for the duration listed below!



4/05/2017 @ 1:00 AM Server Time

4/19/2017 @ 1:00 AM Server Time




Home Sweet Homestead!


This week, the following homestead items are on sale :

  • Garden: Autumnrouge
  • Garden: Mistflower
  • Garden: Rockbamboo
  • Garden: Lilytuber
  • Terrain: Vivid Spring
  • Terrain: Endless Dunes
  • Terrain: Silver Coat
  • Terrain: Flaming Grove
  • Terrain: Paradise Island
  • Terrain: Sky Castle
  • Biome: Sky Castle
  • Biome: Paradise Island
  • Aether: Sky Castle
  • Aether: Paradise Island
  • Ultimate: Maple Mansion
  • Ultimate: Bamboo Garden
  • Minor Homestead Supply Bag
  • Major Homestead Supply Bag
  • Minor Homestead Supply Crate
  • Major Homestead Supply Crate
  • Bloom Whisper Stone
  • Artisan Heart Stone
  • Professional Trophy Chest


Give life or seasonal feels to your Homestead with the Garden and Terrain items. You can change the overall look of your Homestead with the Biome and Aether items. Add new buildings with the Ultimate recipes. Finally, get your basics done with a sale on the basics – supply items, stones to change your Homestead name or your Workshop mastery and a trophy chest to add additional decorations.


Pick up some Starchart items with a sale on Nebula Dust Orbs and Starseeker Powder.

Get a boost in active points with the Extreme Action stone and the Intense Action Stone. The Extreme Action Stone will also summon a Messenger of the Future upon use.

Mysterious Chips will be going on sale today as well! Use them to get high grade materials at the Mysterious Merchant or trade them in for General Summers Tokens at General Summers.

And finally, pick up some flyer enhancement items with a sale on Wind Widgets, Featherswept Wings and Wings of Luminescence.



Cleaning out the Closet!


This week, a few select fashion items have been moved from Sale into Hot in the Fashion tab and have a permanent price reduction! The following prices listed below are for the entire set, so if you are buying individual pieces be sure to check them separately! NOTE : this is a permanent change in price, these will not change after the sale date!


Female Fashion

Lollipop Set – 5 Gold (Set)
Summer Pattern Set – 1 Gold (Set)


Male Fashion

Nobleman’s Set – 12 Gold (set)


Thank you for playing PWI and we’ll see you in-game!


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