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The Siege of Neverwinter Returns!

Von Andy (StrumSlinger)
Mi 11 Mai 2016 10:27:00 PDT

The Cult of the Dragon has amassed their forces once more to lay siege to the city of Neverwinter! Sharpen those blades and prepare to defend the city in the updated Siege of Neverwinter! For a list of changes since the last time the Cult of the Dragon attempted their invasion, head to the bottom of this blog.

The Siege will begin: Thursday, May 12 at 7AM PT (or after maintenance)

The Siege will end: Thursday, May 26 at 10AM PT (the event vendor will remain for a few days afterwards)


There is much to be done if you want to save Neverwinter from utter destruction, these efforts include:

Cult Invasion - The Cult was lucky enough to exploit a crack in Neverwinter’s defenses and now they are attacking with everything they’ve got! Fortunately, the craftsman of Neverwinter have banded together in order to help rebuild the city’s barricades. Protect the workers to ensure their work gets finished and the Cult’s forces are pushed back!

Counter Attack - Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Charge into battle against the Cult of the Dragon and decimate their forces!

Dragon Attack - The Cult of the Dragon believes that they have a few scaley aces up their purple sleeves: dragons. Unfortunately for them, the city of Neverwinter has you. Clash with the dragons outside the city walls and forge your legacy in blood and fire!


With this Siege of Neverwinter event will come the chance to obtain Dragon Hoard Coins, Dragon Hoard Coffers, as well as other items used in the Tyranny of Dragons campaign. All of these items will aid you in your quest to defeat the Cult of the Dragon once and for all and help prevent them from unleashing Tiamat!

Writ of Commendations – A daily currency for the event earned by completing daily quests. You may also purchase this item from the Zen Market.

Dragon Cult Insignia – A repeatable currency for the event earned by participating in the Heroic Encounters.

Medal of Heroism – An additional currency earned by participating in Heroic Encounters, turning in Defenders supplies or via the Zen Market. The updated Medal of Heroism Pack now contains 10 medals; up from seven.

Neverwintan Defender’s Pack – Medals of Heroism can be turned in for the Defender’s Pack, which includes one Writ of Commendation, four Dye Packs from Siege of Neverwinter and a chance at rare items such as the Battlefield Medic Companion and Black Horse mount.


Event Rewards

For valiantly defending the city of Neverwinter, adventurers can receive these rewards:

Neverwinter Champion’s Charger - A powerful and fearless warhorse, this trusty charger served well during the Siege of Neverwinter.

Dragon Hoard Coins -  A currency used in the Tyranny of Dragons campaign. This can be used in fulfilling campaign tasks and contributing to the Tiamat Hoard reclamation effort.

Dragon Hoard Coffers - Another currency used in the Tyranny of Dragons campaign. This can also be used in fulfilling campaign tasks and contributing to the Tiamat Hoard reclamation effort.

Quartermaster Enchantment - This utility enchantment causes enemies to occasionally drop a bag of salvage.

Event Companions - Neverember Guard Archer and Battlefield Medic

Event Fashion - Battlefield Medic’s Ensemble and Injured Survivor's Outfit

Event Dye Packs - Veteran and Dragonslayer’s Dye Pack

Updates since the last Siege:

  • A daily repeatable quest has been added for players with Strongholds.
  • A one-time quest has been added from the Stronghold to the Siege of Neverwinter event map. 
    Completing this quest allows Stronghold vouchers to drop in the Siege of Neverwinter.
  • A new mount has been added: Neverwinter Champion's Charger.
    • This mount is Rare quality, and has one Enlightened and two Illuminated Insignia slots.
  • A new pack, Battlefield Scavenger's Pack, is now offered by the Siege Defense Coordinator for four Medals of Heroism, and can include items like Insignias and Quartermaster's Enchantments.
  • Masterwork Crafting resources can now be used in a new task to create Defense Supplies.
  • Medals of Heroism can now be purchased from the Zen Market in packs of 10, increased from 7.  The price remains 350 Zen.
  • Salvager Enchantment has been changed to Quartermaster's Enchantment, and can now increase in rank up to 12.
    • The packs this enchantment drops can now be donated directly to your Stronghold coffer, typically for a greater value than its contents would.
    • The quality of loot given by this enchantment has improved, and having higher ranks of this enchantment also increases the chances for further improved loot, such as Refining Stones.
  • The bonus Hit Points restored by the Champion's Battle Horn have been increased.


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