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Patch Notes: NW.115.20190729e.20

Von Ambassador Kael | Di 27 Aug 2019 11:25:27 PDT

Patch Notes: NW.115.20190729e.20

Known Issues

  • Oathkeeper Paladin: Prayer of Opportunity and Critical Touch can sometimes incorrectly proc while outside of combat.

Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • Barbarian (Sentinel)
    • Blood Fury now properly reduces the rage cost of Primal Fury to 0 while Unstoppable.
  • Paladin
    • Prayer of Opportunity and Critical Touch no longer have a chance to proc while outside of combat.
    • Valorous Strike and Oath Strike can no longer build action points when they don't strike a target.


  • Players, under certain circumstances, no longer have a chance to deal an immense amount of damage.
  • Resurrection Sickness should now properly be applied in all cases where a player is brought from Near-Death back into combat.

Items and Economy


  • Incorrect versions of the Baby Deep Crow companion and the Baby Gorilla companion, from the Magnificent Resurgence Lockbox, have been replaced with the correct version. Players who used and named the incorrect version should now have all the associated companion powers.


User Interface

Gear Preview

  • Items can no longer be previewed from the "Inspect Player" screen; this had not been working correctly.


Animation, Audio, Character Art, and Effects

Visual Effects

  • A portion of Halaster's lava ring no longer has a chance to hide underground.
  • The visual effects of Halaster's ultimate ability now consistently dissipate when the character releases.




  • The Italian locale now properly has localization for one of the Module 17: Uprising panes on the Home Page.


Performance and Stability


  • Inspecting a player's companion right as they leave a map no longer crashes the client.

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