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Guild Alliances Coming to Xbox One on August 9

Автор: Andy (StrumSlinger)
Срд 27 Июл 2016 09:00:00

In our continued effort to improve the quality of life for Neverwinter, we’re releasing a new update for Xbox One on August 9. The Maze Engine: Guild Alliances will contain several improvements to existing systems or content.

As the name states one of the major system changes will be guilds and strongholds. Previously, smaller guilds had a rough time donating to their coffer and keeping up with larger guilds who would unlock boons and gear at an accelerated pace due to their membership. We’re introducing alliances as a way for more adventurers to play together, organize events and to strengthen their stronghold. For more information on how alliances work, head to our developer blog below.

Developer Blog: Bringing Guilds Together

A second major change coming will be Sword Coast Chronicles: a campaign of campaigns, if you will. This storybook-like interface will seamlessly mesh all campaigns together so adventurers won’t be intimidated when they hit level 70. Sword Coast Chronicles will guide new adventurers through the recommended order of post-70 content and will contain unique rewards.

Developer Blog: Sword Coast Chronicled

In the meantime, start deciding which guilds you’ll want to ally with. Also, collect those Glorious Resurgence Lockboxes before a new one roars in with Guild Alliances.

Discuss on the official forums


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