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Star Trek Online

New Research And Development

By LaughingTrendy
Tue 17 Jun 2014 12:00:00 PM PDT

Season 9 Dev Blog #25

  • To: Admiral Jorel Quinn, Earth Spacedock
  • From: Commander Jenna Romaine, Memory Alpha
  • Re: Suggested Updates to Research and Development

Congratulations on the rededication of ESD. The SCE teams did quite a job rebuilding so quickly! Starfleet engineers thrive on adversity and challenge, and the recent Undine assault on Earth provided both of those in abundance.

The weeks since the attack have shown us just how vulnerable Starfleet security was. While we were focused on the Borg and the Klingons, the Undine were learning our secrets. They were our crewmates, our colleagues … even our friends. And they still may be among us.

Commander E’genn and Doctor Cooper revealed themselves. How many others stayed silent?

But my job isn’t to promote paranoia. It’s to provide solutions.

Egg and Eric were involved in almost every area of Starfleet Research and Development. Egg was our liaison to new officers. He knew about every breakthrough we made almost as soon as it happened. Doctor Cooper was the lead of our Dyson research team. Before that, he was heading up Starfleet-funded research projects on Borg and Iconian technology. We must assume that the Undine know all that they did, and that Undine scientists and engineers are already working to create counters to the most advanced technology we have.

I propose we advance the curve.

Even before the attacks on Earth and Qo’noS, my teams were working on a whole new system for Research and Development. We’re going to wipe away everything that came before – everything the Undine know – and start fresh. We’ll have new technology and new options. We’ll open up R&D to captains who haven’t worked with it before and see what they can do.

I propose that we even consider sharing these advances with the Republic and the Empire, although I expect they’re both working on something similar already. We can’t be the only ones who see the only way to move is forward.

I’m sending the full details via courier. It’s too sensitive to send over subspace. Zara should arrive at ESD sometime in the next twelve hours, and she can brief you on our project.

It’s a new day, Admiral. Let’s make it a good one. 


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