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Star Trek Online

STO - Veteran Rewards

By PWE_BranFlakes
Mon 30 Dec 2013 12:27:00 PM PST




We know you have a lot of options when it comes to how you spend your time. That's why it means so much to us that you choose to spend it with Star Trek Online. To show our appreciation, we've put together these great Veteran Rewards for anyone who's been a Star Trek Online subscriber for 100 to 1,000 days with new reward sets every one hundred days.

To learn more about the Veteran Rewards program and eligibility requirements, check out the Veteran Rewards FAQ below.

Here's what's in store for our dedicated fans*:


100 Days

- Stalwart Accolade and Title

- FREE Full Respec

- FREE Costume Piece - Veteran Badge

- A 2% Skill Point and Officer Skill Point Boost



200 Days

- Redoubtable Accolade and Title

- FREE Extra Ship Slot

- FREE Costume Piece - Special Veteran Uniform Option

- A 3% Skill Point and Officer Skill Point Boost

- FREE Odyssey or Bortasqu' uniform Veteran Jacket



300 Days

- Dauntless Accolade and Title

- FREE Character Slot

- FREE Ship "Firework" emote

- A 4% Skill Point and Officer Skill Point Boost



400 Days

- Valiant Accolade and Title

- FREE Full Respec

- FREE Access to The Captain's Table

- FREE Unique Small Crafts - Captain's Yacht (Fed), DujHod Chariot (KDF) and Commander's Gig (Rom)

- A 5% Skill Point and Officer Skill Point Boost



500 Days

- Relentless Title

- FREE Extra Ship Slot

- FREE Exclusive Costume Piece (Fed): "Jupiter" Uniform Variant

- FREE Exclusive Costume Piece (KDF): Shoulder Cape

- FREE Exclusive Costume Piece (Rom): Romulan Admiral Uniform

- FREE Faction Specific EV Suit



600 Days

- Magnificent Title

- FREE Vice Admiral Ship Token

- FREE Full Respec

- FREE Costume Slots (set of 2)



700 Days

- The Impressive Title

- FREE Android Bridge Officer

- FREE Character Slot

- A 5% Skill Point and Officer Skill Point Boost to your Team



800 Days

- Vigilant Title

- NEW! Ship Upgrade Token (claimable once per account)

- FREE Mugato Companion

- 1000 Dilithium Refinement Every 48 Hours (Doff Mission)



900 Days

- Guardian Title

- FREE Exclusive Starship "Material"

- FREE Exclusive Uniform Variant

- FREE Full Respec



1000 Days

- Starfleet Veteran (Fed), Empire Veteran (KDF), and Republic Veteran (Rom) Title

- FREE Exclusive Veteran Starships

- Manticore Heavy Destroyer (Fed)

- Duvqu' Heavy Destroyer (KDF)

- Dinaes Heavy Destroyer (Rom)

- Chimera Heavy Destroyer (Fed)

- Peghqu’ Heavy Destroyer (KDF)

- Daeinos Heavy Destroyer (Rom)

- FREE Starship Slot

- Three Exclusive Forum Titles to Choose From

- Starfleet Veteran

- Empire Veteran

- Republic Veteran



Veteran Rewards FAQ


Q: How are Veteran Rewards calculated?

A: Veteran Rewards are given out based on how long you've had an active subscription. This information is tallied and stored as part of the existing Perk system in-game. Your subscription must be active for the total required amount of days to complete the associated Veteran Reward Perk. This time is not dependent on consecutive days. For example, if you subscribed for 60 days and canceled your subscription, then reactivated your subscription two weeks later, the first day you are back will count as day 61.

Q: How do I check the number of days subscribed?

A: While you can check your Veteran Reward Perks in game to view your progress, this is not the most accurate view. The definitive tracker for all Veteran Rewards is in your very own User Account area! To look at this information simply log into the official website and click the "My Account" link in the upper right corner. In the Products box, under 'Subscriptions' you will see the line "Subscribed For:" with a number of days listed. This is the official tracker for your Veteran Rewards.

Please note that only active subscription time will advance the "Subscribed For:" time tracker and determine rewards allocation.

Q: What if I'm a Lifetime Subscriber?

A: All current and future Lifetime Subscribers will gain instant access to all Veteran Rewards, regardless of purchase date!

Q: How do I claim my rewards?

A: While all of the Veteran Rewards are automatically unlocked when you log in for the first time after meeting the required number of days (or after purchasing a Lifetime Subscription), some take additional steps to claim and use on a specific character. Click here to view our support page that contains a full breakdown of the redemption process for all available reward types.

*Subject to change


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