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CTA: Gate Crashers

Автор: Julia (nitocris83) | Срд 02 Окт 2019 07:00:00

The foulspawn of the Chasm have sent a horde of enemies to take over an important teleportation gate. The defenders of the Scar Keep have called out to all adventurers to help in the defense of this pivotal point in Neverwinter. Go forth and make sure no intellect is devoured in the return of CTA: Gate Crashers!

The crashing of gates begins Thursday, October 3 at 10am PT

The gates will close Monday, October 7 at 10am PT

Note: Gate Crachers is the 6th CTA of this year’s Alliance of Heroes Season. For Season rewards, please go to the CTA Seasons Event blog.


If you successfully defeat Cephalon, some unique items may drop:

*NEW* Cephalon Vanity Pet


Intellect Devourer - This poor wretch still retains some humanity after its dark transformation by evil sorcery was interrupted before its horrible consummation. Now, it strives to do good deeds and honor what it remembers of its former existence.

Bluefire Transmutes – Change your weapons to match the sinister environment of the Chasm.

Bluefire Dye Pack –The good news is, you won’t need to be caught in the Spellplague to look this menacing! Just apply these dyes and you’ll fit right in on any visit to the Chasm.

Will you rule the Spellplague or become a victim of it?

nw-news, nw-launcher,

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