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Patch Notes: Version: NW.105.20181121b.1

Автор: Julia (nitocris83) | Ср 05 дек 2018 14:04:50



Workshop and Quest Flow

  • Artisans now apply to the workshop in less predictable time ranges.
  • Lessons Learned: The tea delivery is no longer quite as difficult to reach for smaller characters.
  • Running a Workshop: An issue has been resolved where this quest could not be completed under certain circumstances, due to the step "Take Your Item from the Delivery Box" not advancing.
  • The appearances of several artisans have received minor touch-ups. Sadly, the Makeover profession is only for NPCs at this time.
    • No, this does not mean a Makeover profession is actually in the works.

Crafting and Crafted Items

  • Alchemy: Flask of Potency, Major Flask of Potency, and Superior Flask of Potency are once again properly available to craft.
  • Alchemy: Dye packs for Control Wizard, Devoted Cleric, Great Weapon Fighter, Guardian Fighter, Hunter Ranger, Scourge Warlock, and Trickster Rogue are once again properly available to craft.
  • Alchemy: Propolis Varnish is now properly available to craft.
  • Cotton Petasos now hide characters' hair, which resolves clipping issues.
  • Crafted capes and mantles now properly change the character's appearance when equipped.
  • Forgehammer of Gond: The required item level and equip level were listed incorrectly. During the fix, we changed the required profession level to equip the hammer, but the stats have not changed.
  • The items "Electrum Raid Necklace" and "Electrum Raid Necklace +1" have had their stats adjusted. Recovery on these items has been replaced with critical strike.
  • Various profession tasks now properly repeat when set to repeat.


  • Artisan recruitment items granted by legacy slot unlocks no longer incorrectly state in their tooltip text that Alchemists will apply for non-Alchemy professions. (The functionality is still the same.)

Masterwork Quests

  • Alchemical Extravagance: This quest now refers to Aqua Regia instead of Concentrated Aqua Regia. After all the construction nearby, it had lost its concentration.
  • Masterwork Blacksmithing recipe books are no longer incorrectly labeled Weaponsmithing recipe books.

User Interface

  • Collections now state profession level 70 instead of 25 for masterwork items.
  • The "Current Order" and "Current Gathering Tasks" windows now allow previewing of an active task's current Focus and Proficiency.
  • The Order button is now disabled if the player tries to input 0 orders.




Release Notes


Content and Environment

Acquisitions Incorporated

  • Certain competing VO lines in certain quests have been told to chill out and give each other some space.
  • Convention Infiltration: Quest progress now consistently functions for folks with the party leader's version of this quest.
  • Convention Infiltration: Ralvortix now audibly snores when defeated. It'll be fiiiine.
  • Orientation: The hallway before the ride is now a little more well-lit.


  • Icewind Dale Relic Vendor no longer inexplicably shows up in the Stronghold near the temporary vendors.
  • The event text for Double Professions has been updated to match its new functionality.
  • Two Weapons are Better as One: This quest is now gone for good.



Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • Trickster Rogue: One with the Shadows can no longer stack with itself or linger after using an Encounter power.


  • The Broom can no longer sweep bosses off their feet.

Item Powers

  • Cowl of the Dead: This item's knockback power no longer works in PvP.
  • Mane of the Manticore: This item's damage is reduced in PvP.
  • Phials are no longer usable in PvP.
  • The damage dealt by the new Waukeen and Tymora's artifacts is now more in line with other similar artifacts.

Mount Insignias

  • The Traveller's Treasure insignia bonus now properly gives rewards.



Items and Economy


  • Black Ice Forge tasks no longer give deprecated items.
  • Chult Patronage Token: This item's text no longer incorrectly refers to River District information.
  • Chult Patronage Token: The task to create this token now properly completes.
  • Flask of Brewing and Tarokka Deck can now properly be equipped simultaneously.
  • Fleece awarded by Illusionist's Gambit has been renamed to Enchanted Fleece.
  • Guard Drake can now be discarded.
  • Items that go into the Vampire Hunter Kit no longer get into a state where they can't be claimed / opened again.
  • Rewards from defeating the Deep Crow now drop for all players instead of just one.
  • The Mechanical Pack (from Wonders of Gond) no longer awards outdated professions materials, and instead gives gold.
  • The Vault of Piety (Invocation store) no longer awards outdated professions materials.



User Interface


  • When withdrawing gold from the Shared Bank, the confirmation now shows the correct value.


  • When claiming Acquisitions Incorporated boons, tooltips for the individual boons now display.

Character Select

  • The first time a new player logs in, the Character Create screen is now brought up instead of Character Select.


  • When attempting to send a "tell" from the "My Party" interface, the tell is now addressed to the correct person.


  • Loadouts should now be consistently swappable if you have a free retrain available, but our eyes will be open for reports to the contrary.


  • "Show Low Level Quest Indicator" now defaults to "On."


  • When attempting to open a pack and there are no valid results, an appropriate error message now appears.

UI Scaling

  • The Change Instances window now displays properly at UI scale >1 and with Guild and Party columns.
  • The Chult campaign now displays properly at UI scale >1.
  • The Collections window now displays properly at UI scale >1.
  • The Dread Ring, Underdark, PvP, and Portobello's Game campaigns now display properly at UI scale >1.
  • The scoreboard no longer flickers at UI scale >1.

Zen Market

  • The default category header size is now taller, and categories on sale no longer overlap their first subcategory.



Art, Animation, Audio, and Effects


  • Companions and Soul Puppets no longer decide to snooze after being idle for a short time.
  • The localized version of Wiggins the Undead Intern's summon lines is now more ghostly.


  • Deep Crow mount audio now has a smaller audible radius, meaning the wing flap in Protector's Enclave can no longer be heard from super far away.
  • Lady Begum no longer has a line that doesn't make sense in context in the French locale.




  • Various fixes have been made to text in the French, German, Italian, and Russian locales.



Remaining Known Issues

We know there are more, but here are some of the highlights.

  • Requirements for certain items at the Stronghold Bloomery and Goldsmith structures currently state that they require outdated Masterwork professions, but at least now function correctly.


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