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Cyber Monday Sale: 50% Off Everything!

Por Andy (StrumSlinger) | Seg 30 Nov 2015 10:00:00 PST

Lord Neverember is forever kind! He sees that some of you missed our Black Friday sale and has decided to hold a Cyber Monday sale where everything in the Zen Market is 50% off.

Cyber Monday Sale starts: Monday, November 30 at 10am PST

Cyber Monday Sale ends: Tuesday, December 1 at 9:59am PST

Here are a few popular items that you can purchase:

Enchanted Keys – Why, yes indeed, Enchanted Keys are part of this massive sale! For PC adventurers, the new Glorious Resurgence Lockbox awaits while the Crushing Wave Lockbox lurks for Xbox adventurers.

New Companions – We rolled out new companions for both PC and Xbox last week. If you wanted to try them out, now’s your chance!

The Grazilaxx Companion Bundle has proven to be quite the popular purchase as we see many a mind flayer running around in PC. Having him around aids you in your Underdark adventures by increasing the amount of Demonic Ichor you gain! Also, who doesn’t want a mind flayer as a companion?

For Xbox adventurers, the new Crab companion has crawled in. The Crab’s Active Bonus gives you a 10% chance on dealing damage to root the target for 3 seconds. Pretty strong pincers there!

VIP – One of the major things we implemented into Neverwinter this year is on sale, as well! For all those who want to get to the next rank or to even extend your VIP time, now’s your chance.

Get your shopping gear equipped, for the next 24 hours will make even Demogorgon go mad! And please thank Lord Neverember while you’re at it.

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