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Sunset Valley Announcement

Par enelimm
mar. 22 déc. 2015 10:00:00 PST

Want to have fun and relieve some stress during the holidays? We are opening the new Sunset Valley event on December 23rd as a special holiday present for our players! Every Wednesday and Thursday at 7pm PST the gates of Sunset Valley will swing wide for all who are qualified to enter.



To participate in this epic tank battle, players must be above LV100 and in possession of Cultivation level: Aware of the Myriad or Aware of the Void.


Event Details

Five minutes before the event starts General Helian will appear in Archosaur (548,678). Speak to him and choose to enter: Sunset Valley (cross-server)

General Tigerheart awaits within. Let him know you are on your way to Sunset Valley and you will be able to choose which tank you want to enter the event with:

  • The Hammer of Stone
  • Greataxe of Flame
  • Crossbow of War


After tank selection and joining battle, players are randomly placed in the Order of Dusk or the Order of Dawn. The matching system places players from all servers randomly into one of the two teams.


Battle Information

When you pick one of the tanks, keep in mind that each of the tanks is created to be able to easily destroy one of the other two tanks. That means that any tank type you pick is strong against one tank and incredibly weak against the other.

If your tank is destroyed in battle, you are given the option to select which tank you would like to use again. This allows you to seek vengeance and pick the tank that will destroy whatever tank just killed you.

There are yellow and white EXP orbs scattered throughout the battlefield. During the battle, tanks can earn up to three levels. With each new level tanks become stronger and gain more abilities.

Teams earn points for destroying the other team’s tanks. More points are awarded if the tank destroyed is higher level and also if players are able to perform multiple consecutive kills.

When the event ends, rewards can only be collected from the mailbox in the cross-server area.

Rewards include Gold Fusion stones. Two of these stones can be used to purchase a Glory Force Pack which contains a War Avatar Pack: C and a Holy Pill.


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