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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online: Na'kuhl Lock Box

By LaughingTrendy | Fri 08 Apr 2016 10:00:00 AM PDT

Infiltrators and saboteurs, rogue agents of the Na'kuhl have become a scourge of the timelines that must be stopped at all costs. Temporal agents from many timelines have faced off against these dangerous and determined foes, and few have managed to escape the confrontations unscathed. Their ability to manipulate the local timestream has resulted in tactics and abilities never seen before, and makes stopping their machinations a difficult task to accomplish. As if that weren't enough, they have proven unscrupulous enough to make widespread use of biological weapons!

Despite the ferocity of such foes, brave agents from across the timestreams have been making headway in the ongoing battles that rage throughout time itself. Perhaps turning their own technology against them will be enough to reverse our fortunes back in favor of the Temporal Accords.

The Na’kuhl made their first appearance in the two-part Enterprise episode “Storm Front.” Having been tossed into Earth’s distant past, Captain Archer and his crew came face-to-face with these nefarious time travelers as they attempted to undermine Earth’s history, and prevent the eventual formation of the United Federation of Planets. Aside from their opposition to the Temporal Accords the television shows were never able to delve into the background of this apparently-villainous people. The potential for storytelling was ripe for exploration in Star Trek Online, and so we leapt at the opportunity to explain their history and motivations.

After losing their homeworld to the machinations of the Tholian Assembly, the Na’kuhl people underwent a terrible transformation as they were forced into refugee status amongst the stars. They hold the Federation responsible for this loss, since it was they that failed to fulfill their promise of protecting the Na’kuhl. Now, across multiple timestreams, some of the refugees and remnants of this once-peaceful people have become assassins and shock troopers with a larger purpose of destroying the Temporal Accords, and using time travel to erase the tragedies of their past.

Throughout the numerous confrontations players have had with the Na’kuhl, you have seen the extent of their unique abilities, and some of the interesting ways they utilize time manipulation to serve their needs. And now, with the introduction of the Na’kuhl Lock Box, these powerful abilities and more can be obtained and used against them in this fight for Time itself!

Upon opening a Na’kuhl Lock Box, players may find themselves fortunate enough to win a Na'kuhl Tadaari Raider [T6].  No ship in the Na’kuhl fleet is more representative of their focus on speed and agility. These Raiders employ hit and run tactics by combining their incredible speeds with Battle Cloak technology.

Tadaari Raiders come fitted with both a Lieutenant Universal/Intel and a Lieutenant Commander Universal/Pilot specialist bridge officer seat. They are also equipped with a Plasma Discharge Array Universal Console, which is capable of firing an unfocused short-range Plasma Barrage in a wide arc up to twice in rapid succession. Enemy starships caught in either blast will suffer heavy plasma damage and become vulnerable to further hits from any subsequent Plasma Barrage.

Finishing the Starship Mastery path on the Na’kuhl Tadaari Raider [T6] grants captains access to the following Starship Trait:

Spoils of the Victor

  • While slotted, defeating any enemy will grant a Hull and Shield Heal over time effect.
  • This can occur once every 20 seconds.

Available on the Lobi Crystal Store, players will now be able to purchase a Na’kuhl Daemosh Science Vessel [T6]. The Daemosh is known for the confusion it can cause on the battlefield through use of misdirection and subterfuge. It is capable of employing a great number of science abilities to wreak havoc and weaken its foes and like all Na'kuhl ships is capable of activating a Battle Cloak.

This starship features a Lieutenant Commander Tactical/Intel and a Lieutenant Engineering/Pilot specialist bridge officer seat, as well as a Temporal Distress Beacon Universal Console. When activated, the Na’kuhl vessel will call in a Time Slip Duplicate of itself from another timestream. While the duplicate is in place, the caster is immune to all damage. However, the effects end immediately if the Time Slip Duplicate is destroyed.

After achieving level 5 in the Na'kuhl Daemosh Science Vessel's Starship Mastery, you will unlock the following Starship Trait:

Scavenger Beam

  • Increases damage of Tractor Beam
  • Tractor Beam restores your own Hull over time

Finally, the Na’kuhl Lock Box also contains a chance to win the Na'kuhl Acheros Battlecruiser [T6]. This incredibly rare Tier 6 starship has a small chance to be rewarded in place of Lobi Crystals when opening the lock box. Every box has the chance of containing this ultra-rare prize, in addition to any other prize you also receive, giving exceedingly lucky players the opportunity to acquire two separate ships from opening a single box.

The foreboding silhouette of the Acheros-class Battlecruiser was designed to instill fear into those that behold it. This agile battlecruiser is capable of appearing out of nowhere to deliver a devastating barrage of weapons fire, thanks to its ability to use Battle Cloak. The Acheros is not as durable as many ships of its class, but it compensates by having a very high level of maneuverability.

This starship features a Lieutenant Tactical/Pilot and Lieutenant Commander Universal/Intel specialist bridge officer seat. It is also outfitted with an Unstable Entanglement Platform Universal Console. Once deployed, this fearsome device will draw in nearby enemies with a powerful tractor beam. Once an enemy starship gets close to the platform, it will explode dealing heavy kinetic damage that bypasses a portion of enemy shields. Additionally, after this platform explodes or is otherwise destroyed, it will leave behind a harmful radiation cloud that deals heavy shield damage over time as well as some shield penetrating radiation damage.

Completing level 5 in the Na'kuhl Acheros Battlecruiser's Starship Mastery will grant access to the following Starship Trait:

Temporal Ally

  • When damaged while a shield facing is dangerously low, a Temporal Ally appears.
  • When Temporal Ally is summoned, become briefly immune to damage.
  • Temporal Ally also fights alongside you for a moderate duration.

All three of the aforementioned consoles may be fitted on any Na’kuhl ships, and will offer additional set bonuses if so equipped. Equipping two of the consoles grants a passive increase to Plasma Energy and Plasma Projectile damage as well as a recharge reduction for all Tactical, Intel and Pilot bridge officer abilities. If all three consoles are equipped, the vulnerability bonus inflicted by the first hit of a Plasma Barrage is doubled, making all subsequent Plasma Barrage hits that much more deadly.

Players may also fine a Console - Universal - Plasma Wave within the Na’kuhl Lock Box. This universal console, though not part of the aforementioned set, may be equipped on any starship, granting it a powerful forward facing attack that requires a few seconds to charge up. This console also passively increases outgoing plasma damage (from all sources) and Weapon Subsystem Power.

Four new Genetic Sequences (Trait Unlocks) may also be rewarded as prizes, each giving new tactical options in combat. Each of the following four (4) Trait Packs can be obtained by Captains:

Active Rerouting (Ground)

  • Activating any Kit Module has a small chance of restoring a moderate amount of Shields.

Volatile Defenses (Ground)

  • When damaged by a Foe within melee range, issue a burst of Radiation Damage that hits all nearby foes. (Once per 10 sec)

Automated Rerouting (Space)

  • Activating any Bridge Officer Ability has a chance of restoring a moderate amount of Shields.

Volatile Plating (Space)

  • When damaged by any Torpedo or Mine, issue a burst of Radiation Damage that hits all nearby foes. (Once per 20 sec)

Based upon salvaged Na’kuhl technology, three entirely new Universal Kit Modules can also be rewarded when opening a Na’kuhl Lock Box. These modules can be equipped by captains of any Profession, in any Module Slot.

Crawler Swarm

  • Summon a number of mobile biotoxin mines that will seek out nearby foes before exploding
  • Explosions deal Kinetic damage and leave behind a harmful Toxic cloud briefly

Biotoxin Injection

  • Only usable in Melee range
  • Deals a large amount of Toxic Damage and reduces the target’s movement speed
  • If used from a Flanking position, the foe will also be Stunned for a long duration

Phasic Shroud

  • Grants a large amount of Temporary Hit Points
  • While the TempHP is in place, you also gain increased Dodge and a small amount of Stealth.
  • Your movement speed is slightly reduced while this is active

After learning about the diabolical warfare being waged by their future descendants, some daring Na’kuhl from the 2410 timeline have decided to resist these efforts and enlist with the forces defending the galaxy and the Temporal Accords. These Na’kuhl Warfare Specialist Duty Officers possess unique Active Roster Abilities that will all occasionally restore your health (or hull) during combat. Each Warfare Specialist will grant this bonus from one of the following types of ability activation:

  • Tactical Bridge Officer Abilities
  • Engineering Bridge Officer Abilities
  • Science Bridge Officer Abilities
  • Kit Module Abilities
  • Captain Abilities

The final new prize being introduced within the Na’kuhl Lock Box is a Chronoplasma Weapon Pack. Each time this package is opened, you may choose whether to receive a random Beam, Cannon or Ground Weapon. These plasma-energy weapons cause a localized agitation of space-time upon impact, sometimes manifesting as a superheated burning which causes damage over time and also slows the enemy’s movements by causing a sort of temporal “friction” at the impact site.

In addition to all of the aforementioned prizes, new items are arriving on the Lobi Crystal Store!

Captains may choose to acquire a powerful new ground weapon – the Na’kuhl Assassin Plasma Blade. This melee weapon is infused with plasma energy, causing additional plasma damage with each strike. In addition to this, the tertiary attack (usually reserved for palm strikes) is replaced with a cone-area ranged attack that can damage and Expose multiple enemies. If targeted at an Exposed enemy, this attack automatically changes into a devastating cylinder blast, sending high-intensity plasma energy at a long range to damage everyone in a straight line, and to Exploit the primary target.

If wielding their weaponry is not enough, you may also choose to outfit yourself in a Na’kuhl Operative Uniform. This package contains various uniform pieces and accessories seen worn by Na’kuhl ground forces, and can be mix and matched with other existing uniform pieces. It can be worn by any species and any gender.

Lastly, to support the recent addition of the Admiralty System, the Lobi Crystal Store will now be offering Admiralty System Booster Packs, purchasable from the Devices & Consumables tab. Each package costs only 5 Lobi, and in return will reward you with three (3) Assignment Pass Tokens, as well as a chance at a random T6 1x-Use Admiralty Ship.

The Na’kuhl Lock Box will, like its predecessors, include a chance at winning a Full-Size R&D Pack, as well as many different numeric boost and bonus pools. However, in the interest of continuing to improve the perceived value of opening each Lock Box, we have decided to remove a number of less-desirable numeric boosts, and distribute those odds out to other more sought-after prizes. Duty Officer CXP Bonus Pools, R&D Experience Bonus Pools, and Catalysts have all been removed, leaving only the remaining prizes:

  • 35,000 Fleet Credit Bonus Pool
  • 25,000 Fleet Credit Bonus Pool
  • 150 Fleet Mark Bonus Pool
  • 100 Fleet Mark Bonus Pool
  • 750 Reputation Mark Bonus Pool
  • 500 Reputation Mark Bonus Pool
  • Dilithium Mining Claim – Extra-Special VIP Customer
  • Dilithium Mining Claim – VIP Customer
  • Salvaged Technology (2)
  • Salvaged Technology (1)

We’re excited to release these new offerings into Star Trek Online with the release of the Season 11.5 Update landing on April 12th, 2016.

Jeremy “BorticusCryptic” Randall
Staff Systems Designer
Star Trek Online

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