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Star Trek Online

Risa, Where All Your Dreams Come True!

By Ambassador Kael | Mon 27 Jun 2022 09:00:00 AM PDT

Once again, the resort world of Risa opens up its beaches and its activities to visitors from all across the galaxy. The weather-control engineers have been hard at work, making sure that you get a golden summer sky, and touch-ups bring new color and detail to your favorite bungalows. In addition, there are a plethora of new rewards that you can earn this year by participating in all of the regularly-scheduled holiday activities! Come to Risa on all platforms from June 30th at 8am PT to July 30th at 10am PT to get your hands on these new prizes!

By participating in an activity every day you can earn the Cnidarian Defender [T6]. This magnificent creature is a space-traveling life-form that has agreed to work with tiny, planet-bound beings like ourselves so that we can explore the galaxy together!

In addition, this year the Risians have chosen to honor the Andorians with a suite of new rewards and devices that pay tribute to that wintry moon and its blue and white inhabitants. Starting this year, you can acquire...

Andorian Cold Weather Operations Kit Frame:

This kit frame gives you complete immunity to cold—an excellent advantage when fighting the Breen—and in addition is built with a capacitor to improve the defensive capabilities of your EV suits. When you activate an EV suit, it receives significant bonuses to defense for one minute. The capacitor then recharges for three minutes before it can activate again.


Andorian Summer Squall Kit Module:

Summers on Andoria are relatively pleasant... if you enjoy lots of snow and icy mix. The "summer squall" replicates these conditions by creating a swirling blast of ice, snow, and slush in an area. Foes caught in that area are slowed and lose friction, causing them to slip and sometimes to fall down. In addition, they suffer ongoing cold damage and reduced perception, as well as a penalty to their own ability to hit their targets (which reduces their outgoing damage).


Andorian Blue Bores Powerboard:

This high-speed, high-responsiveness powerboard follows the color scheme of the Andorian Blue Bores baseball team.


Andorian Blue Bores Floater:

This top-end floater has the color scheme of the Andorian Blue Bores baseball team.


Andorian Blue Bores Home and Away Baseball Uniforms:

Show your appreciation for the team that never quits on account of rain or snow with baseball outfits themed for the Andorian Blue Bores.

Andorian Blue Bores Vanity Shield:

Put your love for your new favorite baseball team on display with a vanity shield for your ship!


Andorian Caracal:

A genetically-tweaked caracal with Andorian characteristics, designed to help it survive in the snow. The Andorian caracal has the telltale blue coloration of Andorian natives, as well as a pair of sensitive directional antennae to aid it with navigation in snowstorms.

Andorian Tribble:

This blue-and-white furred tribble has developed an extra-dense inner coat that keeps it warm in the coldest of weather. The tribble reminds its owner of the deep cold of Andoria and the ushaan-tor duels, and gives its owner a small bonus to cold damage, melee damage, and damage resistance.

We hope you enjoy your Andorian summer on Risa and we'll see you on the beaches... hopefully without any unexpected snowstorms!


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