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Star Trek Online

Command the Courage of the Future!

By Ambassador Kael | Thu 22 Jul 2021 09:00:00 AM PDT

From the minds of Starfleet’s most inventive engineers of the 32nd century, comes a ship unlike any other – the Courage-class Command Science Destroyer!

From July 27th at 8am PT (17:00 CEST) to August 17th at 10am PT (19:00 CEST), we are running a promotion that will provide an additional bonus when opening a Research and Development Pack, or a Duty Officer Pack.

When you purchase either Pack from the C-Store and open it, you will receive either 10 Lobi Crystals or a Special Requisition Choice Pack - Tier 6 Promotional Ship Choice Pack in addition to the pack's normal contents.

We are excited to announce a brand new addition to this impressive list of Tier-6 Starships that are included Promotional Ship Pack: Courage-class Command Science Destroyer (T6)

Courage Command Science Destroyer [T6]

Centuries of starship design tradition from races across the Milky Way galaxy have allowed certain aspects of their construction to be matters that are designed by-rote, and rarely questioned or re-examined. Deflector dishes and emitters are mounted in the front, while impulse engines belong in the back, as an example. However, once in a while a group of ship designers decides to be courageous and inventive enough to buck trends, and explore new possibilities. The Courage-class is the culmination of similar exploration, as a starship designed to treat directional bias as a matter of purpose and forethought, rather than an afterthought.

This unique vessel is supported by a series of subsystems that allow the ship to transform its capabilities by reversing its direction. In its default configuration, a large secondary deflector and specialized set of sensors and emitters fuel the ship's scientific pursuits. However, by reversing its orientation, the ship's systems are redirected into a bulwark of defensive tactical capabilities that would not be out of place on its battlecruiser peers.

This ship's default configuration features a Lt. Commander Tactical / Command Bridge Officer Seat, and a Commander Science / Command Bridge Officer Seat. While transformed into Tactical Mode, these seats swap into a Commander Tactical / Command Bridge Officer Seat, and a Lt. Commander Science / Command Bridge Officer Seat.


Ship Details:

  • Tier: 6
  • Faction: Federation or Federation-Aligned
  • Required Rank: Must Complete the Tutorial
  • Hull Modifier: 1.45
  • Shield Modifier: 1.15
  • Fore Weapons: 4
  • Aft Weapons: 3
  • Device Slots: 3
  • Bridge Officer Stations: Lt Commander Tactical / Command, Lieutenant Engineering, Commander Science / Command, Ensign Universal, Lt Commander Universal
  • Consoles: 4 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 4 Science (scales with level)
  • Base Turn Rate: 10
  • Impulse Modifier: 0.2
  • Inertia: 65
  • +5 Weapon Power, +15 Auxiliary Power
  • Can Equip Dual Cannons
  • Console - Universal - Force Translator
  • Experimental Weapon Slot (Tactical Mode Only):  Coherent Integrity Projector
  • Sensor Analysis (Science Mode Only)
  • Subsystem Targeting (Science Mode Only)
  • Secondary Deflector Slot (Science Mode Only)
  • Federation 32c. Cloaking Device
  • Inspiration Abilities:
    • Turn the Tide
    • Against All Odds
    • Battle Preparation
  • Starship Mastery Package (Science Vessel)
    • Enhanced Particle Generators (+Exotic Damage)
    • Advanced Shield Systems (+Shield HP)
    • Enhanced Restorative Circuitry (+Healing)
    • Reactive Shield Technology (+Shield Regen/Hardness)
    • Directional Bias (Starship Trait)


Admiralty Stats

  • Eng: 20
  • Sci: 59
  • Tac: 48
  • Special: 2.5x BONUS from TAC

Transformation - Tactical Mode

The Courage-class utilizes a unique directional matrix to allow the ship to quickly transfer its functionality between being focused on Science and Research, and being a resilient Destroyer. The ship's default configuration is outfitted for scientific pursuits, but it can be quickly reconfigured on the fly by switching into Tactical Mode.

When this transformation is initiated, the ship's orientation will be reversed. The ship's Shield Systems will lose integrity while this power is instead rerouted to Hull Integrity (-Shield Capacity, +Hull Capacity). Access to Sensor Analysis, Subsystem Targeting, and the ship's Secondary Deflector Dish will be disabled, while the Experimental Weapon becomes available.

  • Enables Tactical Mode:
    • Upgrades Lt. Commander Tactical/Command station to Commander Tactical/Command
    • Enables Experimental Weapon
    • +20% Maximum Hull Capacity
  • Disables Science Mode:
    • Downgrades Commander Science/Command station to Lt. Commander Science/Command
    • Disables Secondary Deflector, Sub-System Targeting, and Sensor Analysis
    • -20% Shield Capacity


Console - Universal - Force Translator

This technology suite is capable of translating the force of your starship's forward movement, combined with its mass, into destructive energy that can be immediately released upon nearby enemies. This energy translation stops all movement of your starship briefly, but is made more dangerous based on how massive your ship is (represented by Max Hull Capacity) and how quickly it was traveling at the time of activation (represented by Flight Speed).

This console also provides a passive bonus to Damage from Energy Weapons (based on Auxiliary Power) and Maximum Hull Capacity.

Hull Capacity Bonus calculations capped at 300,000
Flight Speed Bonus calculations capped at 300


Starship Trait - Directional Bias

When damaged from the forward 180' arc, the energy will be redirected into the deflector dish, manifesting as increased Damage for Exotic Damage Bridge Officer Abilities. The stacks built up from incoming damage are expended and reset when activating your next Exotic Damage Bridge Officer Ability.

When damaged from the reward 180' arc, a portion of the expended structural integrity field is reabsorbed as power that is spent on passive Hull Regeneration, or can be spent to increase the Healing from Bridge Officer Abilities. All built up bonuses are expended and reset when activating your next Hull Healing Bridge Officer Ability.

  • When Damaged from Front: +5% Bonus Exotic Damage from Bridge Officer Abilities (max 10 stacks, once per sec)
  • All "Front" stacks reset when activating Exotic Damage Bridge Officer Abilities
  • When Damaged from Back: +1% Hull Regeneration and +5% Bonus Outgoing Hull Healing for Bridge Officer Abilities (max 10 stacks, once per sec)
  • All "Back" stacks reset when activating Hull Healing Bridge Officer Abilities



Experimental Weapon - Coherent Integrity Projector

The Coherent Integrity Projector leverages your ship's structural integrity fields to generate a harmonic projectile that deals heavy kinetic damage to your target. A portion of this damage will bypass the target's shields. The damage inflicted by this weapon scales proportionally to your Maximum Hull Capacity at the time it is fired (scaling starts at 100,000 and continues up to 250,000).



In addition to this new startship, opening this Special Requisition Choice Pack - Tier 6 Promotional Ship Choice Pack will give the recipient a choice of any Tier 6 ship found in any previous Research & Development or Duty Officer Promotional Pack. 

The player fortunate enough to win this ship pack will be presented with a choice of claiming a package containing this exciting new starship, or any one of the following ships:


Inquiry Class Battlecruiser [T6]


La Sirena Heavy Raider [T6]


Vulcan Experimental
Scout Vessel [T6


Freedom Class
Exploration Frigate [T6]


Discovery Era Constitution
Miracle Worker Flight Deck Cruiser [T6]


Discovery Era D7
Miracle Worker Flight Deck Cruiser [T6]


Krenim Annorax
Science Dreadnought [T6]


Elachi Sheshar
Intel Dreadnought Cruiser [T6]


Elachi Sheshar
Command Dreadnought Cruiser [T6]


Jem'Hadar Strike Ship [T6]


Jem’Hadar Recon Ship [T6]


Special Requisition Pack -
23rd Century Tier 6 Ship





The Special Requisition Pack - 23rd Century Tier 6 Ship opens into one of the ships below, depending on faction:

Temporal Light Cruiser [T6] – Constitution Class (Starfleet Only)

D7 Temporal Battlecruiser [T6]
(Klingons Only)

T’liss Temporal Warbird [T6]
(Romulans Only)


There are even more ships you could win, like:

Son’a Collector Science Dreadnought

Amarie-Class Smuggler’s Heavy Escort

Tzenkethi Tzen-tarr Dreadnought Carrier

Vaadwaur Miracle Worker Dreadnought

Mirror Crossfield Science Destroyer

Hu'rq Vecrid Hive Dreadnought Carrier
You might also get the Special Requisition Pack – 26th Century Dreadnought Cruiser, which opens into one of the ships below, depending on faction:

Universe Temporal
Heavy Dreadnought Cruiser
(Starfleet Only)

Durgath Temporal
Heavy Dreadnought Battle Cruiser
(Klingons Only)

Valkis Temporal
Heavy Dreadnought Warbird
(Romulans Only)





Note: Only newly purchased Research and Development or Duty Officer Packs packs will offer the chance to win the Special Requisition Choice Pack - Tier 6 Promotional Ship Choice Pack during this promotional event. Packs purchased before or after the event will not offer bonus Lobi or the Special Requisition Choice Pack - Tier 6 Promotional Ship Choice Pack. Packs purchased during the event, but opened after the event ends, will still benefit from this promotion’s bonus rewards.

Here is some information about the Research and Development Pack:

These packs feature a myriad of materials to give you a head start with our latest Crafting System update. With numerous Crafting Materials (ranging in rarity from Common to Very Rare), R&D Components galore, and a variety of R&D Catalysts, these packs offer tons of opportunities to start crafting with a bang!

The C-Store features both single packs and bundles of four, so Captains can buy multiple packs at a discount.

Research and Development Pack – 300 Zen

  • This pack includes:
    • 15 Common, Uncommon, Rare or Very Rare R&D Materials
    • 15 Uncommon, Rare or Very Rare R&D Materials
    • 6 Rare or Very Rare R&D Materials
    • 4 Very Rare R&D Materials
    • 3 Mk 2 or Better R&D Components
    • 3 Mk 6 or Better R&D Components
    • 2 Mk 10 or Better R&D Components
    • 3 Random R&D Catalysts
    • 4 Random Upgrade Accelerators


Research and Development Pack Bundle – 1000 Zen

  • This pack includes:
    • 4 Research and Development Packs
      • (You will receive 4 separate packs when making this one purchase, NOT 1 pack that unpacks 4)


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