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Star Trek Online

Foundry Challenge Results!

By Ambassador Kael
Tue 08 Jan 2019 09:30:00 AM PST

In late 2018, we kicked off a Foundry Challenge to celebrate the release of Victory is Life, and now it's time to announce the results! We had a lot of entries from very, very talented people, and we were blown away by the stories you tell in the Star Trek universe. The requirement was to tell a story for a Jem'Hadar or Cardassian Captain, and our winner has done that to a T. So without further ado, congratulations to XR-377, and their winning mission, "Flowers of War, Thorns of Peace." XR-377 was kind enough to make the mission twice, once for Federation Captains and their allies, and once for Klingon Defense Force Captains and their allies, so all of your characters should be able to play it. In addition to winning a T6 R&D Promotion ship of their choice, the mission is joining our roster of spotlit missions. Thanks again to everyone who entered!


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