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Star Trek Online

PC Patch Notes for 7/12/18

By Ambassador Kael
Wed 11 Jul 2018 06:04:53 PM PDT


  • An item has been added to the Promotional tab of the C-Store called: Featured Episode Weekly Reward.
    • This can be claimed once per account and is the weekly reward received when playing a Featured Episode.
    • This is to make up for this reward being missing from the second week run of “Home”.
  • Home:
    • Resolved an issue that caused the Jem'Hadar soldiers with Dukan'Rex to not assist in combat while aboard the Hur'q ship. 
    • A special cutscene for Gamma Recruits now plays at the end of this episode.
    • Resolved an issue where the 2 Piece Bonus set for the episode rewards was not working.
    • Resolved an issue where the Morphogenic Console did not provide a damage bonus to rear arc fire.
    • Made small updates to the cutscenes throughout.
  • Summer Event:
    • The Liquidators baseball outfits are now available for Remans.
    • Resolved an issue where some baseball hat options were missing for Remans.
    • Baseball Hair for Jem’Hadar, tucked hair, has been disabled from being used for anything except for Baseball Caps.
    • The Moonglow Caracal has its correct new look now.
    • All Risa Floaters now animate and play fx properly.
  • Resolved an issue which was causing some players to crash on the login screen.
  • Beams no longer clip through parts of the Vorgon Ytijara Dreadnought when fired.
  • Resolved an issue which caused Cardassian mouths to look incorrect when opening.

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