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Star Trek Online

Scylla and Charybdis Week 1 Reward!

By Ambassador Kael
Tue 23 Jan 2018 10:36:09 AM PST

Each week we’ll roll out a new reward for the Featured Episode “Scylla and Charybdis.” The first completion of this mission on an account this week will grant a Featured Episode Weekly Reward Box. This box gives your choice of an Enhanced Universal Tech Upgrade or a Captain Specialization Point Box, which gives the character who opens it a Specialization Point. The Weekly Reward Box, Tech Upgrade, and Specialization Point Box are all Bound to Account, and may be freely traded between your characters. The Specialization Point Box requires the opening character to be level 60.

The collective resistance to the Tzenkethi’s genocidal rampage has come to a head. Romulan Engineers have developed the Bajor Defense Covariant Shield Array. When a shield facing is depleted, an ejection of plasma is shed from the shield array in the direction of the downed shield, damaging any foes nearby.

The Bajor Defense Covariant Shield Array is part of the Bajor Defense set. The Bajor Defense Warp Core is also part of this set, which is obtained alongside the Denorios-class Bajoran Interceptor, which is part of the 8th Anniversary Event. Collect additional pieces from this set to unlock powerful set bonuses:

Bajor Defense Set

Core Damage Systems (2 piece)

This 2 piece bonus increases Phaser, Disruptor, and Plasma damage.

(3 piece)

Stay tuned for next week’s blog for the reveal!

(4 piece)

Stay tuned for a future blog for the reveal!


Next week we’ll reveal week two’s reward for “Scylla and Charybdis.”

Rob “CrypticRidi” Hrouda

Systems Designer

Star Trek Online



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